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  1. We are in need of two experienced GMs willing to take over our inactive teams.What we are looking for: Willing to join our league Discord Experienced, Active and Competitive Able to adopt to rule changes GMs willing to express their opinion We have a veto system use it, but be ready to back it up What we are not looking for: People that are scared of trading. If receiving 3-5 trades offers in a week or in any given day, gives you a panic attack - stop reading now GMs looking to cheat our system or rules What can you expect: A competitive league ran by two Commissioners that have ran keepers leagues for over 9 years now. High volume amount of trading, even during off-seasons. 5 Teams out of our 12 managed over 20+ trades each last season alone. Discord that is active almost 24/7. Due to some of our members in different countries. Our Discord is mainly used like any other chat-box you have in most fantasy leagues. We've setup an area for trade blocks, rules, on going trading, banter and so on. Most GMs are willing to help out a fellow GM with questions, trade advise and so on Golden Plan Wavier Wire Bidding aka Beard Bucks Fairly active off-season Basic League Overview: Fantrax H2H Most Cats Scoring categories: Skaters - G, A, PIMs, SoG, SPT, Hits, Blocks, TKs, FoW, D-Pts, Total TOI Scoring categories: Goalies - Starts, W, GAA, Saves, SV%, SO 12 Teams 25-man roster (4C, 8W, 6D, 2G, 5 Reserve, 5 IR) 8 Keepers for following year Cost is $30.00 USD to enter and $6.66 for your share of the Premium League fee. Teams in need of a GM:Within the links below are the teams. You should be able to see them, if not let me know please. Scrolling down within the link you will be able to see what draft picks each team has as well. Team 1: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/z48j2jhejx0qlimq/team/roster?teamId=zv7jqc7yjx0qlin9 Team 2: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/z48j2jhejx0qlimq/team/roster?teamId=sdpf6edijx0qlin8 Feel free to ask me any questions here or send me a private message. Thank for your time.
  2. I sent you a pm on this board. Hopefully you get it. I don't use the forums here often, so I not sure if you did. Let me know.
  3. Fantrax is one of the best places if not the best for running a paid league.
  4. My Co-LM and I have run Keeper Leagues for over 8 years now. This season we've moved our Keeper League from ESPN to Fantrax. In doing so we've lost a few more GM's than the usual year-to-year replacements. The core of the League has been around since the start or from other Leagues we've ran for over 8 years. We are now in need of 4 new owners.If you are looking for a set it and forget it Keeper League, this is not for you. We want active owners that are willing to trade, banter, vote and veto trades. You also need to be open to change and have an opinion - don't be shy! Our league is a high volume trade league to say the least. One owner alone had 17 trades last season, another owner had 19. Not everyone is expect to trade to that extreme, but expect trades and know you are expected to put in the effort to make your team better. A bit of info: League is on Fantrax Keeper League - Keep 8 12 Teams Draft date - Not set yet. Hoping to be drafting before Sept 29th 30$ Entry Fee, 23.34$ of the Fee goes to the League Prize. 6.66$ helps pay for Fantrax premium fee (so we can add interesting categories and features) Head-to-Head - Most Categories is a Win Minimum number of games played for Goalies each week is 3 Roster: 4 Centers, 8 Wingers, 6 Defenseman, 2 Goalies, 5 IR, 5 Bench Scoring and Cats: https://imgur.com/a/jlMJf Prize Money: https://imgur.com/a/Qiquk Teams in need:** Team 1 https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/s4ginbp6j5molazt/team/roster?teamId=dy9ix8q8j76rrihg** Team 3 https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/s4ginbp6j5molazt/team/roster?teamId=idfkdntgj76rrihg** Team 5 https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/s4ginbp6j5molazt/team/roster?teamId=w4crd1pfj76rrihg** Team 6 https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/s4ginbp6j5molazt/team/roster?teamId=m98w2x3bj76rrihgEvery team here has AT LEAST a solid 8 keepers. Without question some are lacking in areas, but a good GM should be able to bring them up to snuff quickly at the draft and with trading. If you are up to the challenge or need more info drop a post below or send me a private message.
  5. Not to be a a**... But that's really rough looking team. That owner went for Brain Elliot with the 10th over all pick. Good lord, doesn't even have Elliot anymore. The following picks don't get much better. Not even hindsight, that team would of been better off letting espn auto drafting. This is why you don't drink and draft. Free bump for you at least. Good luck!