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  1. Basically he was saying the painter who accused him of standing naked behind him of being broke with a lot of kids and trying to get money. He then asked someone in the group to dig up info on her and then posted a picture of her and her kids and said look how broke they are. Now people are taking this as him somehow threatening her kids, which I think is ridiculous. People see what they want to 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Might have to change Leonard 3.4nette's nickname with Minshew at QB
  3. I don't think anyone can assume he's going to get 10 carries a game. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. I think it's even less appropriate to extrapolate based on 6 yards a carry. You getting this guy confused with Barry Sanders? Lol That said, sure he could get you 30-60 yards a game and maybe a TD here and there. That's not really start worthy to me though. Hence, I consider him a handcuff
  4. Yeah I'd prefer Mattison right now. Dude looks like a beast and Cook is certainly not immune to injury
  5. It's simple. If you have someone useless sitting at the end of your bench and there isn't someone better available, just put this guy on your bench for now. With how fragile Kerryon is, it's worth a shot. I'm just treating him like a handcuff. I think expecting anything else is silly.
  6. While I agree with your overall point, I'm not surprised the guy rejected the trade. If Andrews finishes as this year's Kittle (a top 3 tight end, which is highly possible but certainly not definite), in a draft that is roughly equal in value to a pick in the 24-30 range. Aaron Rodgers would most likely be drafted in the 36-50 range (in leagues that don't reach for QBs early).
  7. Unless he's just totally panicking and willing to take all bench players or Hooper and a bench player, I'd just stay put if I were you. I highly doubt the offers listed above would get accepted.
  8. The answer to whether a trade should be vetoed or not is no 9 times out of 10. Just because YOU think a trade is UNFAIR doesn't mean it is COLLUSION. When a trade is executed, one owner should only have to convince the other owner that a deal is fair, not the other 9 or 11 members of the league.
  9. Not trying to start a flame war. I am really trying to understand the psychology of why people always ask if a trade should be vetoed or not. If you have the opinion that a trade should be vetoed if YOU deem it unfair, can you please explain why to me? I genuinely want to understand. If you share my opinion that trades should only be vetoed in obvious instances of collusion, I don't need to hear from you lol, you're not my target audience here. Should a trade not be between the two players making it? Why do you feel the need to deem a trade as fair in your eyes in order for it to go through? Vetoes shouldn't be used unless you have serious reason or proof to believe two teams are cheating to stack one team ( for example, if the two owners are husband and wife and it is blatantly obvious what they're doing by giving up a top 5 rb for a 25th ranked wr or something similar). You shouldn't even consider vetoing a trade of Mark Andrews for Aaron Rodgers (just an example I recently seen). Like why even ask about that? Of course that's not collusion. I honestly think the majority of the time people veto trades because they are jealous that they didn't get one of the players involved in the trade at the same price.
  10. The Yahoo trade evaluations are based off the weekly projections in the Yahoo database, which are complete garbage lol. Base a trade off your instincts, not what yahoo projections show you
  11. I bet if I asked 100 people that knew you for dirt on you I could formulate a narrative of how you're a garbage person too. Everyone has dirt on them Also, if I was one of the best wrs of all time and multimillionaire I'd like to think I would be an angel but I can't guarantee you I wouldn't go full out Rick James 😂
  13. Man I'm getting tired of all these AB stories coming out. Like yeah, the rape allegation should obviously be taken seriously and looked into. But all these other stories coming out, trying to make AB look worse are just plain stupid. For example, several "credible" websites have headlines about AB farting in his doctor's face. If you watch the actual TMZ video of this, he's literally just getting checked out by his doctor, farts loudly and makes a couple jokes. It wasn't in his face or inappropriate. How stuff like this is getting headlines is ridiculous. If you ask me it seems like people are pissed the Patriots didn't sit him and the NFL didn't put him on the exempt list yet so they're just throwing whatever they can at him to try and get the NFL to act. Like what is the point of all these people coming out and saying oh he owes me money or oh he farted in my face etc. We get it, he's not a very good person and immature. That doesn't have much to do with a rape allegation though and it's just ridiculous to me.
  14. They just dropped 50 points in my league for me. Think they deserve their own topic lol
  15. Zeke vs. Dolphins next week. This is going to be glorious