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  1. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    if available - Ivory or Yeldon would be much better bets than Woody
  2. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    keep the game competitive so BB keeps slingin' - got it?
  3. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    and more than likely no Hopkins, either ... he may throw less than he did in week one (21 passes)
  4. Latavius Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    confirmed? sauce?
  5. Dede Westbrook 2017 Season Outlook

    DeDe/Bortles are very dicey plays if Hopkins sits - how the hell are the Texans gonna move the ball and make a game of this? we may see 45 carries from Ivory/Yeldon/etc
  6. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    in the two full games with JG: 20 targets, 14 recs., 205 yds so, average 10/7/102 - that's 17 ppr. TDs are great, of course ... but that noted production is huge for a guy most of us grabbed off waivers the past week or so.
  7. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    i predicted both with 15+ over in the Lat thread ... that was before the news on the decimated TE corps. Vikes may also be down an o-lineman, so, even with the Bangles sucking quite badly, it may be dialed down just a bit for Lat - those TEs do a great job at run blocking, too.
  8. Jerick McKinnon 2017 Season Outlook

    because if his shoulder is good to go he's gonna get a lot of PPR burn soaking up Rudolph's targets (he's not gonna play, nor is the backup TE ... hell, even the third string TE is nicked).
  9. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    fair enough - we just saw this flesh out Monday night with Brady @ Miami ... he is only 7-9 in his career when heading down there. on a sidenote, competitor that he is, i betcha he plays 3 more years just to get over .500 in Miami
  10. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    fixed for accuracy. this unit is a shell of what BB usually faces, they are struggling vs the pass, to put it mildly.
  11. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    his father passed away yesterday, this on the heels of his infant son's passing a few weeks ago thoughts and prayers out to him and the family, these occurrences really put everything else in it's proper perspective.
  12. Blake Bortles 2017 Season Outlook

    JORDAN-ESQUE ... ore After playing really well in probably biggest game of career, Bortles just told me spent Sunday night throwing up with flu and probably lost 10 pounds. Feeling good now. #Jaguars #ASJax 11:26 AM - 13 Dec 2017
  13. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    oh, nonononononono ya din't Cleats ... SAY IT AIN'T SO!11!1! Mularkey/Bad - Hue/Worse
  14. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    not necessarily, Schefty/Rap/etc usually trip over themselves to announce any nuggets, and teams are usually quite out front in proclaiming CLEARED FROM PROTOCOL