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  1. Alvin Kamara 2018 Season Outlook

    not all of us waited 'til the season started
  2. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    hung up his hat, so to speak ...
  3. Leonard Fournette 2018 Season Outlook

  4. Leonard Fournette 2018 Season Outlook

    Tom Coughlin is a slam dunk HoF guy. amazing job he's done down there, this blueprint reads "SUPER BOWL OR BUST"
  5. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    interesting, never heard that one - seeing as how it happened late in the week (Thursday, iirc), seems a bit of a stretch, no? think something would've tipped prior to - hmmm.
  6. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    agree about the power of influencing the draft from the 12 hole ... when i have been there i've always played it this way: first pick is BPA, second pick is my reach special - yeah, ya gotta stretch there, because it's a loooong wait back - start runs, scoop specs, piss off the dude at 11, etc ...
  7. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    the issue that throws me off of AB is white knuckiln' all season on two injury fronts: his and Ben's. guys like OBJ, Julio, Keenan, AJ - their QBs never miss games (the WRs mentioned do/have, but not the QBs) ... believe Dalton was the only one over the past few seasons to miss a game. Nuk? hell, he hung up "Nuk" games with and without Watson ... having his QB back now makes me covet him as #1 WR on my board. Watson same injury risk as Ben? dunno, everything was such an abbreviated sample for him last season. AB is a machine, no doubt, and he has been ridiculously productive ... but the extended mileage on Ben gives me juuuust enough pause. can't see pulling the trigger on a WR in the 1 hole.
  8. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    quickie on the 1 hole slot, in ppr ... you can wrap Gurley with the likes of McKinnon/CMac on the 2/3 turn ... those two RBs should snag a ton of passes, ergo giving you two defacto WR2s and slightly making up for your lacking at the position. or you could wrap Gurley (or Bell/Zeke, etc) with the Baldwin/Hilton combo at 2/3 (or one of those and pair with one of Kelce/Ertz) then load the eff up on RBs as you see fit.
  9. 2018 RB Rankings

    i've mocked this exact scenario out from the 11 hole quite a bit ... was snagging the likes of Thielen/DT on the comeback, but their ADP is rising, and chances are no go on scooping either once we hit draft night. that said, would love to start off with those two RBs, hellz yesh ... but might be inclined to go LF/Keenan instead ... lotta time left to hash this ish out.
  10. 2018 RB Rankings

    easy peasey for me: Fournette/MGIII/Cook/Hunt.
  11. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    APs 2012 MVP season isn't even top 20 in terms of FF rb since the year 2000 ... guys like Steven Jackson and Edgerrin James rank higher in said metrics ... because they (like Barkley) can be on the field FOR ALL DOWNS/DISTANCES/SITUATIONS. AP was a beast of a player, so please don't all come crying up in here with yer knickers twisted ... just pointing out that his deficiencies in the passing game were abysmal .... Barkley is better equipped as a rookie to dominate in today's NFL ... so, yeah, calling him "the next AP", in terms of all around chops, is actually a disservice.
  12. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    yeah, Hoodie adds a whole extra dynamic to everything, i s'pose where for art thou Zach Sudfeld/D.J. Foster?
  13. Alvin Kamara 2018 Season Outlook

    good stuff here. AK probably could be "workhorse" timber, but we'll never know under the Payton regime. but no denying this cat's chops, that's for damn sure.
  14. Sony Michel 2018 Season Outlook

    fixed for troof.
  15. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    DHC schtick >>>>>>>>>>> Axe Elf schtick.