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  1. befitting for a bowling ball with butcher blades, no? 🤷‍♂️
  2. their o-line is much improved with the run blocking, but not enough to make DWash relevant ... Richard is a proven commodity and the big "get" here if he's available
  3. bingo. let's also grasp that Bilgewater's "deep" ball is roughly 15 yds 🤣 yeah, that ain't gonna cut it in this scheme. you can look down through the entire Brees era with Payton and they've always had that field stretching BOOM bastid who would blow the eff up every so often ... Henderson, Meacham, Stills, Ginn, Tre'Quan, etc Brees kept defenses honest and feasted underneath because he could launch a bomb to any of that group and burn ya real quick for six - ergo, guys like Colston and Moore and MT and Graham had the benefit of that threat of the top being taken off on any play ... Bilgewater possesses no such repertoire- his arsenal is a pop gun, at best - defensive schemes can roll in now and focus more on the intermediates, etc .... Tedward is not capable of striking that long distance fear into any opponent - the field has shrunk a great deal for the Saints WRs - credit to Brees that even at his advanced age he could still get it there with hreat power and accuracy - the backup will not.
  4. didn't say i was laying it, just relaying the info 🤷‍♂️
  5. i get the logic here, and it's sound enough .... but - you gotta factor Hoodie/McD/Tom into those 24 snaps and know that if AB's out there, he's getting burn. same as Hollywood Brown in week 1 vs those same lovable Dolphins ... only 14 snaps but put up a season's worth of numbers for some WRs out there ... the devil is in the detail, and that detail was supreme coaching and a punching bag opponent (Miami in both cases).
  6. YEAH, BUT ... HAYWARD!!1!!!1 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
  7. they had a couple nice hookups in the exhibition stanzas this summer - intriguing cat as of this moment in Stillers history.
  8. lotta foosball (both tackle and magick) left to play, of course .... but i like that call even more as we approach week tres.
  9. Vegas lines for tonite: -150 to score o82.5 yds rushing (-140) o2.5 receptions (-125)
  10. this right here ^ Conner's freaking leg could've fallen off and been bionically reattached by a team of six yr old wunderkinds from Sri Lanka and we would never know because - THIS IS BABY BEN'S DAY!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!!!!!111!1!!1!
  11. oh, i never said it was a bad or good thing ... just that folks not wanting to see how obvious it was are flat out oblivious to what they pulled off.