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  1. how dare you and @Corleone bring logic and facts and tangible reasoning up in here!!1!!!1! didn't you get the memo, fellas?
  2. fair enuff ... but i don't think for one f'n second that i'm chasing - i believe i'll be replicating. second round, after i secure my stud RB, is my price for poker ... if he's scooped by then, so be it - i'll live.
  3. this. he elevated ypc to 5.1 (from 3.9 in '17), and yds per catch to 9.3 (from 8.2) the recency bias on MGIII is hysterical, but, what can ya do
  4. wowwwwww! predicting a guy to regress ftom 5,000/50, huh? don't go toooo far out on that limb now, ya hear?
  5. and the counterpoint to that is all the schlubs who ate ish this year following that strategy with the likes of DJ/Bell/Howard/Collins/Ajayi/Drake/DT/Gronk/ARob/Freeman etcetcetc. you make it appear as if waiting on a QB and filling other slots is fait accompli to success, while ignoring that the terrain in those rounds is frought with trememdous peril. 'Homie is the surest thing in the draft. period.
  6. plz don't be so condescending ... i've been at this gig as long as any of you posting here. i get it. see my previous posts ...since you seem to have not paid them any mind, lemme refresh. .. 1) i never reached for a QB 2) i will not take him in the first 3) mid to late second is where i would pull the trigger, provided he lasts that long. if i score one of my top ranked RBs in rd one, then, yeah, i'll more than likely wrap with 'Homie. no one ever had as complete a first season as a starter. it's fact. all the tools are there in abundance. so is the support.
  7. amazing, because, ya know, everyone pro Mahomes here is saying "GUARANTEED 'CHIP ZOMGGG!!!1!1! #1 OVERALL FTW!!!1!1!"
  8. so your 2018 season consisted entirely of one game? nice. hey, i won two 'chips in '17 with Bortles as my starter in week 16 ... would i have gotten there riding him all year? no chance - Watson's injury put me on the stream, and i was very fortunate in my guesswork at other positions. your point is cute, but severely misses the bigger picture.
  9. he gave the biggest statistical/points advantage of any of the positions .. wound up providing 7+ pts per game edge over the next QB (Ben in most leagues, iirc). that's more than an advantage, that puts opposition at a legit handicap. would i reach in the first? prolly not ... i have never reached for a QB in all my years ... but if he makes it past mid second, and i'm on the bored? yeah, im'ma go.
  10. wherein the QB whisperer found his perfect 10 - the Reid offense never looked so explosive; even with key components (Watkins/Hunt) missing for long stretches - side note - the vid will remind you of just how remarkable Hunt was in this scheme. back to 'Homie ... majority of us intrepid bare backers were handsomely rewarded with 'chips, as the likely 2018 MVP joined the ultra-exclusive 5,000/50 club ... not too shabby for a kid we all probably snagged in the double digit rounds (10,13,10 for me in my three leegs). the arm strength, the mobility, the savvy ... the total command of arguably the leeg's best offense - backed by the full confidence of one of the most innovative minds to ever coach - a transcendent pairing, and methinks we are just scratching the surface - yeah, i expect a string of epic seasons, the surrounding cast/support is nothing short of lethal. first QB off the board without question ... but how high will you reach?
  11. RBs i would prefer before him: Gurley, Zeke, Saquon, CMC, MGIII, Kamara, Conner, DJ. WRs i prefer before him: Nuk, Davante, 'Reek that puts him at roughly #12 overall, imo. definite back end o'the first rd for me if i'm there. i love that Cleveland offense, and this kid is set up for a super sophomore gig.
  12. 2019: 286/1317/11, 36/283/1 322 touches, 1600 total yds, 12 TDs. see ya after the Belmont Stakes - Happy New Year!