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  1. Doug Martin 2018 Season Outlook

    the Muscle Crampster? again? really? will once again delight in the BS being shoveled up in this thread - when will you people ever learn? 🚽
  2. Doug Martin 2018 Season Outlook

    NVM see below
  3. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    that is pretty damn awesome, will do! thanks for the tip, Merry Christmas Gurley Nation! 🎄
  4. 2017 Champs! Post here

  5. 2017 Champs! Post here

    congrats, man! and welcome to this insane lil' "hobby" of ours ... i can see you worked hard to put a 'chip team out there, nice work after losing DJ - you learned a very valuable lesson - NEVER STAND PAT - always be looking for the tweaks and trades and ww scoops that can make even the slightest of differences. i churn the bottom of my roster constantly (if ya ain't churnin' ya ain't learnin') simple as A B C (Always Be Churning). enjoy this one, it's a great feeling, in'nit? Merry Christmas!
  6. Mike Gillislee 2017 Outlook

    he wasn't active for the first one @Buffalo, so, unless he chucked orange peels and nasty cuss words from the bench don't know how that would qualify as "first" revenge game ...
  7. Jaguars @ 49ers

  8. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

  9. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    ****clears throat*** AHEM.
  10. Kapri Bibbs 2017 Season Outlook

    username doesn't check out and while their D has been stifling to RBs on the whole, they are bound to be gassed today, as their offense looks very bleak, and will prolly have that D on the field often. road game, nothing to play for ... eh, this is not exactly the same parameters/defense as it was in week 2 vs Zeke.
  11. Kapri Bibbs 2017 Season Outlook

    Ogunbawe and Hillard, both just activated the past couple days. Bibbs will see 20+, barring a cataclysmic booboo.
  12. Nick Foles 2017 Season Outlook

    as per this latest AccuWeather look the winds should be calmed down quite a bit throughout the game.
  13. Kapri Bibbs 2017 Season Outlook

    the blurb actually stated that Hillard was activated to take Trent Williams vacated spot ... but, still, its telling that they opted for an rb over all other positions.
  14. Kapri Bibbs 2017 Season Outlook

    RB Kenny Hilliard added to active roster ... Perine not declared out yet, but this move leads one to believe he's sitting.
  15. Kapri Bibbs 2017 Season Outlook

    Perine said he's good to go, Gruden said "well see" - dunno how coach is on practice = playing, but leaving Thurday and missing Friday doesn't seem like a "go"