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  1. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    hilarious looking at the two coaches ... Teflon Tomlin all like "uhhhhh", and Reid bein' all giggity with his chart of scripted plays - a house sitter and an innovator - night and freakin' day
  2. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Ekeler is a dynamic cat who keeps drives elongated, and eats up chunk yardage ... putting MGIII in position to score more TDs - so what is lost in volume is made up for in that most important magick foosball metric: TOUCHDOWNS a rising tide lifts all boats, amirite?
  3. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

  4. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    no, it was "probable" for half their roster for years ... hell, Brady was "P - Shoulder" for 60 straight games
  5. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    more like 99.9% ... Vegas don't play like that
  6. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    13/53/1 7/44/1 28 spot ppr? si.
  7. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    yes, but .... that being said, yeah, Sproles out opens up huge avenues for CC in the passing gig, moreso than Ajayi sitting, agreed - and for those of us in PPR, that's Gold, Jerry - GOLD! but DP will rotate. simple enough. no knock on CC, it's just the way the Iggles operate. definite RB1 this week in ppr, that is a definite, imo ... but a kid like Slats Murray is gonna feast even more.
  8. Corey Clement 2018 Outlook

    no, not over a true bellcow vs the Bison and their rookie qb vs that Minny D. no way. i love Cement, but Murray is looking at an easy 20+ touch, multi TD game if Cook sits.
  9. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    plus he has that damn hippie mentality ... plays well up 'round those parts
  10. Lamar Miller 2018 Outlook

  11. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Crow and Hyde, which makes it even worse, 'cause i despise that punk Crow
  12. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    biggest $$$$$ leeeeg ... facing an 0-2 shim, who barely cracked 100 pts in both weeks 1 & 2 (PPR, avg score per team is roughly 125) due to holdout (Bell) and injury (Ajayi), guess who his two starting RBs are for this week - combining for 43 pts thus far?
  13. Latavius Murray 2018 Outlook

    plus Minny has to turn around and pull a Thursday nighter in week 4 ... can't see trotting Cookie out there against the Bison given that circumstance. no sense in pushing the kid ... Minny has legit SB aspirations, and Cook is a yuuuuuuge oart of that. tl;dr Cookie sits, fire up yer Slats