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  1. I'll turn it around. texasvenom73@yahoo.com
  2. Is the team still open? I've been waiting 16 hours for my invite.
  3. Flex position please help

    On second look. I expected Collins to be more of a pass catching threat, but he only had 1 reception last week while AP had 2. I go AP against an Indy D that let Mixon look like an All Pro.
  4. Flex position please help

    Freeman is a game time decision so I wouldn't count on him. Collins looks like a good bet for a heavy workload against the Bengals, but I would go with the old man in a standard scoring. Collins in a PPR scoring league.
  5. Orphan Team in 2nd year of League

    I can take over the team if it's 25 this year and full next season. kvincent1973@gmail.com What site do you use?
  6. I'll take over that team. kvincent1973@gmail.com
  7. 16 Man PPR 2 Openings

    team 2 sounds good. kvincent1973@gmail.com
  8. I can be the Underdog. kvincent1973@gmail.com
  9. kvincent1973@gmail.com Is FAAB limited to your teams players as well? Rams
  10. New league via Sleeper app

    I would like to try it. kvincent1973@gmail.com
  11. Guy just bailed on my league... HELP!

    I will, but remember A bird in the hand.
  12. Guy just bailed on my league... HELP!

    kvincent1973@gmail.com In case he doesn't join.