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  1. Thanks for the help I am thinking of doing Carson patriots defense and Landry or Marvin Jones for kamara and ty Hilton or obj
  2. Thanks how about straight up for Melvin Gordon
  3. If I do this trade which one I could also try patriots defense straight up for Derrick Henry or mahomes
  4. I would try just doing one of Montgomery or white. allen has a solid schedule after this week was drew Brees dropped? help
  5. Both are risky plays any other options I would probably go with mvs just because with the chiefs you don’t know if it is going to be Pringle Robinson or hardman. help
  6. Does the patriots schedule get tougher after the jets game?
  7. I like the obj Carson and Hyde for cmc in ppr could you get him to throw in a bench wr or something help
  8. I would accept probably drop Desean jackson and Kenyan drake help
  9. I would stay Pat with what you have Godwin isn’t that much of an upgrade over Edelman especially in ppr help
  10. .5 ppr 12 team Qb: minshew rb: zeke, pollard, Carson, penny, Edmonds, Royce freeman wr: devante Adams, Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Tyler Lockett, Marvin Jones jr te: ertz kicker: tbd def: patriots trade: patriots and Carson recieve: kamara Or trade: patriots recieve: Josh Jacobs or joe mixon type rb
  11. Moore and Tevin Coleman (49ers look great and aren’t my leading the team in nfl rushing yards) I also believe Coleman will be the redzone rb baltimore defense nugent help
  12. On phone can’t see team but if you already have a good qb I say do this trade help