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  1. I'd stand pat as I don't think the gain of Gordon outweighs the loss of Mahomes due to your current strength at RB. Thanks for helping me.
  2. I gotta think Julio is worth the price. The Ryan/Julio stack could give you some monster weeks, but I know that;s really risky. Still that's the way I would go.
  3. On the chance Kamara is out this week, I need to grab someone off the wire. Latavius, Chris Thompson, or Drake? Thanks, I will help with yours. Editt: full ppr, I have a Patriots plus Cohen on my bench so nothing left to start if Alvin is out.
  4. At WR I have Amari, Julian, Gordon, and Scary Terry along with JuJu. We play two WR plus one flex. Trying to get Ertz. Is JuJu for Ertz a decent deal? Thanks.
  5. I would go Gordon and White. Gallman going to struggle against MN. Watkins questionable on Friday. Terry sounds hurt too and is up against the best D in the league with a sub par qb. I think White will feast against Wash. Good luck!
  6. Based on matchup I'm leaning toward benching Cooper from this group for week 5. Thoughts?
  7. Started Brady, White, and Dorsett along with NE dst. Feels like my best chance of scoring is when Pats are on defense.
  8. I'm sitting Michel and Edelman today so I would say Jones. Tough call though.