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  1. Big Ben for sure, could be a shootout. Help with mine please:
  2. Baldwin in what should be a shootout game! Help with mine please:
  3. If you are looking for upside Golladay is he play. He will be shadowed by X Rhodes but is the most talented of this bunch. If you need a safe floor go with A Rob - with Gurley playing you can't trust CJA or Kelly. Good luck! Help with mine:
  4. Watson now that Nuk is confirmed playing. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738761-rb-help-pick-2-dj-michel-cja-mccoy-p-barber/
  5. Hot off press: Gurley is expected to play and you gotta start him if he does:
  6. Start Mayfield with confidence, he is playing a ton better with Chubb thriving in run game.
  7. Since you are looking for upside I would say Golladay is the play, good luck! Help with mine:
  8. D Williams in what maybe a shootout game! Help with mine:
  9. I like McGuire over Williams since Rodgere is playing and I suspect this will impact Williams touches. I would pickup Indy D at home in a must win game. Good luck! Help with mine:
  10. Cook against a broken lions where Vikings may take a lead. please help with mine:
  11. +1 on Anderson, can’t trust the other 2. help with mine please:
  12. Play Alston and McGuire, Lockett isn’t Baldwin and the upside is limited,
  13. Ingram given Breida is playing chicago. help with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738761-rb-help-pick-2-dj-michel-cja-mccoy-p-barber/
  14. Stick with McGuire, anybody’s guess if CJA will start or not. If Julio sits play Baldwin in what should be a shootout game. yes, I like Baldwin over McGuire as Flex. Mayfield for sure. help with mine:
  15. So the Gurley decision won’t come until 4 pm and I can’t wait till that time. Leaning DJ and Michel now (given Michel has home game vs Barber playing a Dallas defense) - anybody think Barber is a better play over Michel?
  16. Worried about Barber going against the stout Cowboys Defense that is 5th against the rush. That makes me nervous.
  17. You gotta go with Michel and hope he breaks through a few long ones and/or scores! Please help with mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738761-rb-help-pick-2-dj-michel-cja-mccoy-p-barber/
  18. Breida and Ballage, AP is boom or bust! Please help with mine:
  19. Jeffrey no question, Gurley is trending a sit and I won't risk championship game on him because the Rams are not going to risk Gurley at all! Please help with mine:
  20. Sony, Ballage and Foster!! Hear your concerns on Michel, but he still is a better play than others you got here. Hoping for a early Pats lead. Please help with mine:
  21. Leaning McGuire, can't be sure if Rodgers will hand-off the ball or go for the pass heavy game play, Williams may get fewer touches. Please help with mine: