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  1. El Gary, the catcher that can’t catch
  2. And after the way his seasons keep ending, you have to wonder about Brees too lol
  3. Garcia Nats Edwards Valera Mesa Garcia Phillies Thomas Lavigne Luciano Pardinho
  4. Ya, just ask the Saints. Oh.
  5. I wouldn’t trade Snell for that, tbh. Obviously Bichette is a great piece but he’s only minor league proven. Newcomb and Gore likely won’t be as good as Snell and Dahl has a lot of uncertainty, imo, although I do like him
  6. You didn’t watch the ALCS where they mentioned it 10,000 times?
  7. I think I like what you’re getting. There’s a lot of love in this thread for Severino over Thor and I’m not really sure why. Judge and Harper are a potential wipe out, I like Thor over Severino and where Whitley and Hiura are similarly ranked prospects I’d take the hitter. Hiura is close to a sure thing imo
  8. I think I would keep Olson Mondesi Polanco Chapman Haniger Nimmo Castillo Gray Bieber/Leclerc/Dominguez its really hard for me to justify keeping Kluber at 1/6 of the cap. Could you trade him to upgrade your pool options though?
  9. For me it would either be Harrison or May whom I’d toss back
  10. Trade now will be Jon Gray and Dee Gordon. I wanted to keep Pivetta.
  11. I would make this deal as well if you get a yes
  12. Ottavino and Voit http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/740513-acquire-inciarte/
  13. I’d take the pitcher in both. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/740513-acquire-inciarte/