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  1. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    That seems like way too much of an overhaul for a team that needs to just add some pieces. I think they should sign Harper, but if that money isn’t available then Brantley would be a great add. Signing Brantley and Kimbrel would be my first two steps. In terms of 3B, Donaldson would be the most ideal, but a previous post addressed something I agree with: he’ll probably sign a longer deal with an AL team than the Cardinals or another NL team are willing to match.
  2. It’s interesting. But I think this year finally gave me some clarity on the situation. I got Royce Freeman at pick TEN. And the reason that was because all of the QBs went before. Since I’ve been picking last the last four years and tenth today, I haven’t been able to get a QB. There is no free agents and nobody will trade any, which is how I got in my current situation. When people started demanding higher prices for their guys just because of my depth I said screw it. One year I won a championship starting 0 QBs, that’s how bad it was.
  3. My only team - rate it.

    I think a lot depends on Agholor but you have a real solid team. Love your RBs and obviously having Rodgers. I think you have a legit shot to compete.
  4. I think I’m going to try Foles and Juju. That’s a great idea too, though.
  5. I don't have a TON of interest keeping Foles longterm because it's not his job and I feel like he rode a seriously hot wave last year, so I was thinking of pairing him up with JuJu. Plus anyone I acquire a potential QB from will probably ask for one back and at least in the case of the Garoppolo and Goff owners (two guys I'm targeting), they'll need another QB with Winston out and depth uncertain. Folez + JuJu (maybe Hill if I HAD to)
  6. Draft starting in 25 minutes

    You can't go wrong with Gurley/Johnson/Bell/Zeke. Here's what I'd weigh: highest risk = Bell. 2nd highest risk = Johnson. Can Gurley repeat what he did or will they throw more with those WRs? Will Zeke hold up for a full season? I think Gurley is the safest pick, but if you want a chance to get the best production, it's probably DJ. Catches passes, uncertain QB situation, motivated off of injury, etc. All those things add up to a big year, IMO. If I were you I think about choosing between Gurley and Johnson. What's your preference?
  7. Rivers, Goff, Smith, Carr, Rosen Kamara, Bernard, Blount, Lat Murray, Vereen Baldwin, Robinson II, Sanders, Garcon, D.Jackson, Parker, Benjamin, J.Brown, D.Robinson, Pettis Burton Lutz AZ, NO
  8. I love drafting between 8-12 because you get two very good player vs. one great and one good player. Just my personal preference, but I feel like I get deeper and higher quality teams when I pick later in the 1st. PPR is tough to decide because I'd be happy with any of those guys. I think Gurley is the guy going 1st in almost every league I've seen, but I would look long and hard at David Johnson. If you feel he's going to be 100% he's probably the best RB in the league in terms of skill and size combo. I'd take who you like.
  9. need to drop 2 for D and K

    I think you need to keep Cole and Breida for sure. I agree though and think you could probably make a trade where you move the other two RBs
  10. It's possible. I would generally like to take WR-RB with my first two picks, unless something is too good to pass up. For example, in the league I referenced I got Fournette and Melvin Gordon, but I was left after the fact kind of wishing I took Hopkins and Fournette. If you could do something like get Watson in round 4, that would be huge cause you could take 2 RB and 2 WR and a QB. That might not happen, though. Watson/Hopkins are as good of a QB/WR combo to stack as any.
  11. This may help. I'm going to list the teams with multiple potential starting QB options: Brees, T.Taylor, Bradford, Mayfield Keenum, Tubisky, Wentz Mahomes, Manning, Flacco Stafford, Garoppolo, Winston, Darnold Rivers, Goff, Smith, Carr --------------------------> this may be my match Watson, Ryan. Bortles Rodgers, Newton, Tannehill
  12. I think you can certainly trade one of those TEs and I'd certainly look into doing it. So I would drop whichever you feel more comfortable dropping between Ben and Stafford
  13. Team rate/lineup help WHIR

    I think you need a WR, but the rest is real solid. A lot obviously depends on the performance of Henry, but I actually like him a lot this year. If Tyreek HIll has a down year, you could be in a tough spot at WR. A lot also rides on Josh Gordon. I'd play out a few weeks and see, but you might want to consider some realistic WR options. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/715488-should-i-finally-cave-in-and-trade-for-a-qb/
  14. Flex help for week 1

    I think Agholor is the pick with Alshon out. Carson has a tough matchup and Anderson has.....a Jets QB.