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  1. Yes especially cause of the keeper situation
  2. I really like what you've done so far. I don't love any of the options on the wire except maybe Edwards. especially with who has gone. I may also consider snagging a QB if there's anyone available cause Rodgers is an injury risk. Anyone like Mattison available?
  3. Thanks all. Still trying to decide
  4. On the one hand I feel like McCaffrey is gonna explode this year. On the other I’d hate to lose out on what Barkley could obviously bring
  5. I’d deal from that WR depth and move Woods first if I was gonna make a move. That said, you may not find a ton of teams who wanna make big trades just yet. You may have to wait a week or two, but by that time we might have more news on Gordon anyway.
  6. TE is only a potential hole cause Hockebson is unproven. You are a little light on WR depth, but there should be some good options that come up throughout the year on the WW. Super solid team for a 2 QB league. Only thing that concerns me is the potential for Wentz to get hurt again. With you not carrying a 3rd QB and I am sure the wire is bare on that position, it could become an issue.
  7. I like your team a lot, I just don’t trust your QBs
  8. Have the first overall pick in my last draft before the season starts. Would I be crazy to take McCaffrey over Barkley?
  9. Bellinger JDM Chapman Suarez Bogaerts Mondesi Kershaw I'm stuck on these seven. To me it probably comes down to who you like more between Chapman and Suarez
  10. Devers, Story, Alonso, Harper/Ramirez Throwing back Devers would be insane
  11. I would keep Betts, Tatis, Soto and Judge I think. Tough!