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  1. Which Side

    With Harper and Bryant being fairly close ranked, to get Vlad included I think you need to pay an equal type of prospect or a major league guys that carries some risk since Vlad is still a prospect with no MLB track record. Maybe someone like Rendon and he adds a smaller piece? Thoughts? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/706227-quick-one/
  2. Cole for Sanchez?

    Having four aces put you in a great spot. I can’t knock the acquisition because it fixed your biggest hole. However it is a bit risky due to injuries and Sanchez’s slow start. But in that stadium he could carry your offense if he gets hot so I certainly don’t think it was a terrible deal by any means. Thoughts? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/706227-quick-one/

    Story and Kershaw is the better deal but I’d only make this if you really believe in Story’s rebound. If you made the deal and Altuve has a massive second half while Story struggles again and Kershaw gets injured it could turn into a disaster. That’s what you have to weigh. Thoughts?
  4. Quick one

    Was offered Paul DeJong for my Alex Wood. Just wanted some input. Thanks!
  5. Lindor for Correa/Stripling?

    Keep Lindor
  6. Yup, continuing to add pieces to Freeman doesn't make the deal better. If he's going to get impatient with you, then make a legit offer or more on.
  7. Mookie/pre-DL Richards for Freeman/Albies/Berrios is the lowest I’d go on your end. Don’t let this guy bully you out of one of the three best players in the league
  8. Kluber-Machado Trade

    I think Machado and Berrios is more than a fair ask for what you’re giving up. Machado is better than Torres but Kluber is probably >> greater than Berrios, so I even think he should be adding a smaller piece
  9. He has no concept of value. If I’m you I’m countering back with Freeman and Trea Turner for Mookie and another piece Otherwise he can go stick it. Even if you are rebuilding you’re not obligated to deal Betts. He’s who you should he building around
  10. Mookie Betts Trade

    I would hold off on all of them. I’m telling people in my league I’m asking for whatever they would offer for Trout if they’re going to make me an offer on Mookie. Trade 1 is the best offer but I think he even needs to add.
  11. Kluber-Machado Trade

    I’d go for Machado and Berrios. I might try to use Stripling or Morton since you’re not keeping them.
  12. What should I do???

    I think I would do trade 3 Scherzer for Judge could be interesting as well
  13. 2018 1st year draftee rankings

    We have a thread going for our own drafts: Not much yet in terms of actual rankings: https://razzball.com/2018-first-year-player-draft-rankings-edition-one/ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gd4ou_ha2e5Wvjbsh72AUebjjeP4vmNNvKJwhMb75QE/htmlview#gid=1267297079
  14. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    This was the year I thought I was going to be able to compete in my 20 team dynasty league. I over-performed expectations last season, some of my young guys looked to really be on the upswing, and some veterans I acquired looked like they were going to mesh well and I could push for the division. As you'll see in my sig, multiple players decided to f--- me over. Here is my list of underperformers, all on one roster: Miguel Sano Dee Gordon Orlando Arcia Jorge Polanco Michael Conforto Aaron Altherr Thank Christ for Mookie Betts edit: I'll add Wellington Castillo (since released) and Justin Turner