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  1. RB Help......WHIR

    I would wait. Hyde is injury prone too.
  2. Trade help

    Go with AJG!
  3. QB in order

    Yahoo default categories. Rank the three QBs in order and some input regarding your choice if you want to: M Ryan P Mahomes J Goff thanks, whir.
  4. Who to start?

    Tomorrow: Urena @ NYM or Valdez @ DET Thanks!
  5. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    Tossed 2 scoreless innings. He walked 2, struck out 2, hit a batter & allowed 0 hits. Threw 35 pitches. He last pitched on 7/5 (strained oblique). Just happy that he’s back.
  6. Keepers help ! WHIR

    Anyone else ?
  7. H2H - Yahoo default + 0.5 pt per reception QB - WR - WR - WR - RB - RB - TE - W/R/T - DEF 6 keepers + 1 rookie QB- Wilson WR - Beckham, Cooper, Landry, Evans RB - Hunt (rookie), Henry, Mckinnon TE - Ertz As for now I have 9 probable keepers but I need 7. (6 + 1 rookie) I'm really hesitating between Landry and Cooper. Also, I'm not that high on Mckinnon, but Shanahan seems in love with him.... What would be your keepers (6+1) ? WHIR
  8. Trade Hyde for this? (WHIR)

    I would move Hyde too..
  9. Jon Gray or Cody Bellinger dynasty

  10. -> Rank these SP's ROS + WHIR+

    Gausman, Castillo, Weaver, Bundy
  11. Robbie Ray or Miles Mikolas ROS?

    Mikolas = safer Ray = more upside but can be more inconsistent
  12. Who wins this trade? **WHIR**

    I wouldn't do it but still it's very close.
  13. R, HR, RBI, SB, E, Avg - M. Conforto (Showing signs of life but wouldn't be surprise to see him ice cold again soon) - J. Martinez (Playing time is not guarantee so is a trade..) - A. Eaton (Playing time is not guarantee) - A. Garcia (Hamstring made of glass) My moves are limited so hopefully I'll take the right guy for ROS. Thanks.
  14. Nick the Stick for MadBum. WHIR!

    I would stay with MadBum. He’ll get back on track sooner rather than later.
  15. Cut Conforto Moncada is droppable in a non keeper,Gsellman Keep Profar until Josh D returns!
  16. I like Torres but I’m not hesitating taking Turner/Correa side !
  17. Best RF for ROS / WHIR

    I « dont know » why but I’m leaning towards A Garcia even if doesn’t walk...
  18. Best RF for ROS / WHIR

    Anyone else?
  19. Trade Bellinger for Benintendi?

    I would keep Bellinger and maybe look for another move to make sure you win this year. Benny is playing in a dangerous lineup but I think as soon as next year Bellinger will figure things out with his swing. Also, LAD lineup is stack too. But either way, it's not a bad move.
  20. Bryant or Aguilar ROS

    Aguilar for this season. KB is battling a shoulder injury that don't seem to go away.
  21. Gregory Polanco or Marcel Ozuna?

    Ozuna for me.
  22. Best RF ROS / WHIR

    R,HR,RBI,SB,BB,E,AVG A. Garcia vs J. Winker ? ROS Considering Garcia’s hammy problem but coming back really soon and Winker in a crowded OF with Schebler on the DL but not for a long period. thanks!
  23. New Mookie Offer

    In a non keeper, it makes sense. But I would try to move another SP and not Berrios. Try with rodon...
  24. Bellinger or Hoskins ROS

    I'm going with Bellinger and I like the fact that he's 2 years younger. But it's veryyyyy close.
  25. Trade Acuna? Dynasty League. WHIR

    I think I would stay put. Acuna might not have a big 2nd half but he’s gonna be a beast sooner rather than later. Also, Rizzo is not having a « great » season. It’s not like their value is as their peak right now too.