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  1. Best 1B ROS / WHIR

    J. Smoak or E Hosmer for ROS? Thanks
  2. Acuna or Benintendi in Dynasty?

    If you are all in now, Benintendi is not a bad choice. But I would go with Acuna. He's 4 years younger and by the time he's 24, I think he'll be a monster and the Braves lineup will be even better by then.
  3. Juan Soto dynasty deal

    Soto side. Soto + 1st pick + Pivetta >>>>>>>>>> Oz & Bum / in a dysnaty league.
  4. Juan Soto dynasty deal

    Wrong forum (Bench coach) and yes I would do it.
  5. MLB Futures Game Rosters

    Yes, no Kyle Tucker ! But as davidgoretiz said in Kyle's thread, maybe a call up is imminent.
  6. ERod <> Conforto. Keeper. good deal?

    Because of the 1st rounder I would say yes but try to do another trade for a SP since it's not the strength of your team.
  7. Keeper league - mikolas vs beuhler WHIR

    Keeper league, Buehler!
  8. Huge Deal on table for JO RAM... WHIR

    You're giving up too much!
  9. Keuchel or Carlos Martinez ROS WHIR

    Martinez >>>>>>>> Keuchel. Not even close IMO in all formats.
  10. Jake Bauers or Chris Taylor for ROS ? Position doesn't matter. Player will be in UTIL slot. Cats: R,HR,RBI,SB,BB,E --- WHIR
  11. Suzuki or Cervelli ROS? WHIR

    Suzuki because of his team. Help with mine ?
  12. Tough call but I think I would do it.
  13. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

    Name the one exception. Congrats on the most predictable post. Brilliant.
  14. JD Martinez Trade

    You can have better for JD...a lot.
  15. Paxton vs. Kershaw ROS **WHIR**

  16. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Join the club.. haha S. Perez, A Eaton/ drafted Murphy too, then Acuna, Buxton, Ohtani (SP), Ray, Cueto, Reyes.
  17. Yes I would do it.
  18. Title says it all ! Closers: F Vasquez or R Iglesias for ROS ?
  19. JD and Beni for Stanton and Altuve? WHIR

    This. But it's close
  20. Ohtani trade value in Dynasty?

    Exactly. Big no to both.
  21. Better add for saves?

    Britton easy. Even if he s getting trade, it will be to close.
  22. Correa or Goldschmidt ROS

    Without thinking of the position, Goldy no hesitation.
  23. Eaton vs Marte

  24. Greg Bird or Matt Olson?

    Olson for sure
  25. Acuna Dynasty League Value. WHIR

    Acuna side & Acuna > Albies