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  1. No need to go bashing about Ekeler in every single thread. If you need a reminder on how nobody knows a jack s--- about fantasy foosball. Do you need a reminder on how you were all up drooling over Trent Richardson?
  2. Great news on our favorite merman and SpongeBob
  3. Yep, plus djax will never be the same without a sports hernia surgery... Core muscle injuries do not go away with time (Marshawn Lynch played without a surgery for a game, before having one later)... Sneaky wr2 with wr1 upside.... Health is a huge question for him tho
  4. You assumed I have Adams. Look, if a regular Joe without Adams is tracking the situation closely... You'd have to be in a family hobby league to not see how serious this is
  5. Mike Evans after his breakout game??? You'd be lucky to get a fringe top wr like lockett with so many unknown factor atm
  6. He got smacked hard. Chances of concussion looks high
  7. 0-60 speed doesn't matter as much as the torque (burst)... This cat definitely has the burst.
  8. Ekeler. Please spell the stud correctly. He's just waiting for you... Don't give up. Szn is still young
  9. Everyone seemed to forget the year Jordy Nelson went down... Devante Adams was a sophomore learning the offense... Man, that year did not go very well for the new WR1.. Adams being out downgrades every single packers...
  10. Antonio Brown - Make as you will. Personally, stashing him. (I did not draft him, traded a kicker for him)