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  1. @smeeze @handyandy86 do you still believe in Clement or the running game? It's neither Smallwood nor Clement... not even Sproles. It's now Josh Adams as flavor of London...
  2. Relax and Enjoy... All this talk about limited usage is dumbfounding and without any evidence.
  3. It's ok. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten Barber/Mack/Ito all for zero faab in one week. I just shaved the entire waiver wire because of them and still has 100% faab left.
  4. Ito isn't his real name. His moniker came when he was presumed to have looked like the Judge Lance Ito when he was a baby... Hence it stuck around
  5. If he gets to point 1.) eventually... You'd see why Freeman was drafted in rd2... Close to a league winner... If we get a 50:50, or status quo like right now... Bah dad gum, a flex/rb2 at a pinch
  6. That's 3 points... I'd get a shelling for promising only 2 points
  7. The sneaky 0 faab add, he's still in his IR spot, so not taking up any bench space for me haha
  8. 2 ways to look at it: 1.) Ito is a similar runner like Freeman... Freeman being out will give the coaches more opportunities to put him in the Freeman role full time. 2.) Coleman is in his contract year, they will run him to ground, 50:50 barring injuries. My thoughts to why Ito is relevant. Imagine if the draft begins today... Ito would not have been a free waiver add.
  9. You would enjoy the ride to the stars then... Barring injuries
  10. 1 great rookie year... And he disappeared to nowhere land... Wonder if he shares the same conditioning coach with Eddie Lacy or something
  11. The context was: DMC and Mike Goodson was both out, hence pushing Reece into relevance... Gruden's man love for Dougie Fresh is real... Based on what? Only Gruden knows... But it's certainly plausible for Martin to actually take on the Lynch part of this offense
  12. Gruden has a fetish for old vets... Look at his squaddies
  13. Makes Greg the Leg a valuable add over the busts so far