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  1. Which side wins?

    Yeah I have Eifert as my TE
  2. Which side wins?

    Thank you for the analysis, really helpful!
  3. Which 2 WR? WHIR

    Godwin Marshall
  4. Which side wins?

    Is it close?
  5. Which side wins?

    Non PPR A: K Stills and E Engram B: B Cooks
  6. Which side wins?

    A: K Stills and E Engram B: B Cooks
  7. Have 1 spot already drafted

    How does the payment work
  8. I'll join
  9. Can you send league settings
  10. I'll join if there's room
  11. Very active owner looking to join one last league before season. No more than $25 or 12 teams. PPR is fine