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  2. Send emails and ill send you the invite to the league and league safe. Similar to CBS scoring.
  3. Yeah if it’s redraft. It’s pretry much Morris for AP. In that case I think I’d rather have AP. As a DJ owner as much as I want him to play I don’t think it’s gonna happen... I’m not to familiar with dynasty if it’s that type of league.
  4. Not a bad deal. I’d probably take it. But something to consider is Wilson does have a tough playoff schedule. @Jax/ LAR/ first two weeks.
  5. I’d go Funchess. I would give the Dallas rbs a week to see how it will play out. Can’t trust Hundley so unfortunately can’t start any gb player right now.
  6. Give Mixon/Jordy for Mccaffrey? Mixon is a fourth option for me with McCoy/McKinnon/Hyde and my WR are Allen/Dez/Parker. PPR thanks! We start 3 WR and I’d only be left with those 3 but can pick up someone decent from the wire. (Crowder/Golladay/Doctson)
  7. If PPR I’d go drake. If not then Martin. Dont trust Morris yet.
  8. Trade Gronk And CJ for Bell? PPR I have Doyle as backup.
  9. Id go Lee and Martin. Im assuming to pick up both Lee and JuJu youd have to drop someone.
  10. Its tough since WR have been all over the place this year. Maybe targeting the Crabtree owner since hes on bye. Maybe the M.Thomas owner.
  11. Yeah i think id lean towards Murray as well. It seems like that team is finally getting healthy and they are playing for the division. The Buccs are a mess right now.
  12. Only one i'd consider switching is Benjamin for JuJu. Doubt he goes off like he did a few weeks ago and Bryant is suppose to be part of the game plan.
  13. If you are giving up Green you should be getting way more than Miller... Miller's value took a hit with Watson out. Green is your best player, plus Dez is banged up and hasn't practice this week yet.
  14. Make that trade? i would get Freeman Already have McCoy, McKinnon, Mixon. Hyde has been solid just worried about his playoff schedule. (@Hou/Ten/Jax) currently in 1st (7-2). Thanks!
  15. I’d swap Kroft for Clay. And pick up D Johnson.
  16. Not a bad deal. However you’d be thin at WR. And Tate has already been injured once this season. Maybe try to get a wr3 in return just for depth.
  17. PPR league give Doyle/McKinnon/Mixon get Green/Ingram Also Ertz or Gronk ROS? Thanks for the help!
  18. I think I’d do that deal. It’ll be just Sheppard/Engram splitting targets. Fuller has had big games but mainly due to TDs doubt he keeps it up and Watson won’t be throwing 5 every week either.