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  1. Similar situation for me. I've been trying to get rid of miller, but everyone is pretty much taken of the waiver wire, and he is at least the starting rb and getting work. Unless youre upgrading at rb id stay put.
  2. Yeah id keep evans. I think youll be ok with your Rbs.
  3. I think i would keep Hopkins, he's getting the targets and just hope luck comes back soon.
  4. Id pass on this deal. Id rather have Benjamin long term.
  5. I give Lynch and Parker or Pryor. I get Cooper and Mixon? OR I get AJ Green and Mixon? Also got offered; Carr for Ebron? Im starting Ertz. My other WR's: Nelson, Pryor, Moncrief. Other RBs: McCoy, Crowell, Carson. THanks!
  6. Crowder or TColeman at flex? PPR thanks!
  7. I did but the guy countered with Ajayi, however, i think i can convince him to get Gordon.
  8. Good point. Would this make a difference for you if it was Gordon instead of Ajayi or Kelce and cook instead?
  9. I think Mixon will take over eventually and is the better player it's just a matter of when. Cohen has a role now and will put up points now. But I'd rather have Mixon. In the meantime you can get by with shady and crow.
  10. I think team 2 has more upside. But team 1 is more balanced. So team 1.
  11. I give Gronk and Riddick. I get Ajayi and Ertz? PPR or should I stay put with gronk and try to get Cook for Miller type trade? I lost DJ. Other rbs are Jstew, CJ, Coleman, Thanks.
  12. Id do Cohen since its PPR first then Gilly second.
  13. Haha. I did it's not updated but I dropped him Saturday night and went with Bradford.
  14. I lost DJ and I'm left with Miller, CJ, JStew, Riddick, Coleman. PPR I give gronk I get Ertz and Ajayi or M.Gordon I get Kelce and Cook or Montgomery. Thanks.
  15. I lost DJ. and left with Miller, CJ, Riddick, Coleman, and JStew. I give Gronk. I get Cook and Kelce Do this trade? PPR
  16. I give Miller and Moncrief or Corey Coleman. I get prescott and Hyde? PPR league. Other rbs are DJ/CJ/Jstew/T.Coleman/Riddick WRs: Diggs/JBrown/M.Bryant Thanks.
  17. I own Bryant as well and I'd honestly keep him. Or look for something else. I stayed away from fournette don't like that offense.
  18. Currently have Bortles. Can pick up Bradford/Goff. Or trade for palmer or Big Ben? But what would you give up any of these rbs on my bench? Jstew/Coleman/Riddick my starting rbs are Miller/DJ/CJ. Also im down big, the guy had hunt last night and I had gronk play. 57-5. So don't know if I should just hold since I might be taking a loss this week already. Thanks!