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  1. definitely drop in 10 team leagues, might drop in 12 team depending on bench size. in 14 teamers probably hold
  2. how'd philip rivers do yesterday?
  3. with the amount of plays and passes the cardinals are running a game, there is literally no way this kid doesn't finish as a QB1 other than injury, and he is only going to improve, and and and he hasn't even really received the added boost in rushing yards that we all know is coming.
  4. yea it was a dumb offensive pass interference challenge that wasn't originally called but Green Bay challenged and actually won. It wasn't even OPI on Diggs, think the penalty was on Cook. These challenged interference calls are terrible.
  5. no it was like a 2 yarder actually.
  6. I'll be honest, he's not near as explosive a player as I thought he'd be in that scheme (yes he had a good postseason, but most of the time when I watch he seems to just get the yards and doesn't create anything on he is own), but he gets the nod as the primary rusher on a great team with a great defense so he still is very valuable as a fantasy asset
  7. Down 15.5 in standard with Mayfield, Beckham and Cleveland DST still left versus my opponents Chubb. Yahoo gives me a 71% chance of winning but I'm not nearly that confident.
  8. Mostert has looked really good when given opportunities. Problem is, he is slight of frame as well, and had a season ending injury last year, broken arm I know, also was put on IR in 2017 too, after just one game.. 5'11" 185, although for some reason to me he looks much bigger than that on the field, also looks pretty dang explosive.
  9. Honesty I have never seen an NFL QB miss that many throws that badly. Also, Cam can’t run anymore either, this is a big problem for this offense going forward if he doesnt snap out of it
  10. Is there anyone in the world worse at their job than Steve Smith is in his current role?