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  1. Trying to work a trade for him right now....but honestly I dont want to see him go. Pat's are gonna be handing out td like Halloween candy and josh has the munchies!!
  2. Benched this week. I'm keeping him and gio one week maybe two before I try to trade em off
  3. It looks good at first glance but you would be high n dry on wr. What is the rest of his lineup? You could maybe pull a solid counter offer
  4. In a 10team, qb is easily replaced. Wentz won't get you much in trade imo, too many ww options. I wouldn't worry about someone else grabbing him and drop him.
  5. Lost on who to flex Adams/goodwin/boyd seem locked in for wr The question is filling the 2 rb and w/r/t flex Options are: Mixon, Carson, S. Michel, J Gordon, D. Robinson I feel like there is so much boom/bust in those options. Right now I'm sitting gordon and Robinson but I'm interested if you think I'm missing something. App says I'm a 4 point underdog and I'm 1-1 so far.
  6. I'm so lost on this guy. No idea where he falls within my flex guys. Am I safe saying he is boom or bust? I feel like he is another Josh Gordon on my team.
  7. Vikes or cowboys. I've gone back n forth on these two. Better ros? Better these week? Went the wrong way week one now I'm lost in the sauce on my next move. Is cincy worth throwing in the mic?
  8. Alot of gamble in your WR but it could turn out great. I think you ride it out till maybe week 3 before trying any trades/moves
  9. 4th is fair. I certainly would not reCh up for him. The top 3 picks can be so valuable and change by year. 4-6 I would jump on it
  10. Keke for murray seems like a solid move for your lineup
  11. To the bench Gordon goes. Thanks folks.
  12. I like it. Streaming a Te is easy enough since that position is so light. Idp I have no idea on but you have enough offensive talent so I'd keep my eyes open for a idp trade?
  13. 10team ppr 3wr 2rb 1flex Yahoo is predicting me as a pretty big under dog butntahoo ratings can be trash I have Josh Gordon/ Sony Michel/ Tyler Boyd. Have to sit one. I'm really at a lost being the first week. Gamble on Gordon being that I'm the under dog? Play safe with an rb? Right now I feel like boyd is locked with the others fighting it. Rest of team if it helps.(bench is basically handcuffs like penny/gio/ty so not playable) Cam Mixon/Carson/sony Adams/godwin/boyd/gordon Leave a link
  14. No offer yet. They asked if I saw something I wanted. Ingram and kupp look like maybes? AP and Connor seem out of reach, I'm not in the best spot to do a 2v1
  15. I have gronk and Olsen. People want Olsen but I have no idea trade value. Werid spot