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  1. No offer yet. They asked if I saw something I wanted. Ingram and kupp look like maybes? AP and Connor seem out of reach, I'm not in the best spot to do a 2v1
  2. I have gronk and Olsen. People want Olsen but I have no idea trade value. Werid spot
  3. Picked him up last week from wires. Either a gronk bye week fill in or trade bait
  4. Faith. Comparison between him and fmagic is lol bad. That injury will get better around time to win the playoffs (I also traded for him when he got hurt for Drake so maybe that's why I don't feel the let down y'all do)
  5. I tried trading away. I asked for a s--- tier te. Someone countered with the leftover brats from game day. I'd accept but I'm in a different country and don't think they'd ship well.
  6. I was dumb and did not plan for the time when gronk was gonna miss a game. I knew it was coming but the denial was strong.....
  7. He got dropped in my league. I don't really wanna him but the upside is high for ww. ******** Seattle man....
  8. The floor is amazing. The floor is enough. Consistent is not a word we get to use alot around here
  9. Rolling the pats out. Unsure how I feel about it
  10. I have some interesting trades where I can get Rodgers for cheap. It feels so right but this injury is scary. ROS would you trust he plays all games?
  11. Should be a perfect flex bro. Should be. But I'm normally wrong
  12. Matt....come on man. Don't do this to me again. We talked about this bro. I talked so much s--- Matt! So much!