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  1. Commissioner Question

    If qualification for the last two seeds(5&6) is total points then they should be ranked based off of total points and the top four seeds of off w/l record. Otherwise simplify it and go back to the regular guidelines with points for coming in to play only for tie breakers
  2. Forgot to mention full point ppr super flex league. Got Corey Davis in my op 😩
  3. moved diggs to flex when I first heard the news but things aren’t looking to good. Who should I start at my flex with Reynolds moved up to my wr spot. Jordan Howard , John Brown, DougMartin, Sutton, njoku
  4. Bizarre Trade! I Need A QB for Week 10

    Anyway I like Mullen’s hahah. Baker if him and kitchens can start cookin
  5. In a 2 flex league one is a super flex but have been running one qb lineups. Starting gurley conner and Howard. Evans and John Brown at wr since diggs is potentially out. Who do I start in my second flex Davis, kerryon, callaway, Sutton?
  6. Bizarre Trade! I Need A QB for Week 10

    Baltimore and Minnesota have the same bye
  7. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    Drafted 6th in a 10 team 9cat ESPN league. Rankings in the draft server were all over the place. Kat and dipo dropped to me with my first two picks so had to go best available. Really wanted Mitchell in the second and he almost fell to me in the third. Got sniped one pick ahead of me so I went Middleton. Auto picked dragic in the 6th rd because I had no service. Right now I feel like Middleton and dragic fit my build the least while providing the most trade value outside of my top guys. 1 kat 2 dipo 3 Middleton 4 gobert 5 Lou will 6 dragic 7 bledsoe 8 Wendell carter jr 9 wcs 10 Sexton ( was in a panick after the dragic pick and lost all direction) 11 Josh Richardson 12 Jordan bell 13 bogbog
  8. Was drafting on my phone and lost service so I️ auto drafted dragic in the sixth rd. Had the 6th overall pick and was planning on going kd/Mitchell with my first two picks but kat and dipo dropped and Mitchell went a pick ahead of me in the third so I️ panicked and picked Middleton. Then Gobert was there in the fourth. Not quite sure what direction to take my team but I️ got boards and blocks.. so that’s how my draft went pg dragic, bledsoe, Sexton sg dipo, Lou will, sf Middleton, Josh Richardson, bogbog pf Wendell Carter Jr., Isaac c kat, Gobert, wcs, Bell I️ have bogbog in my ir right now
  9. Kirk Cousins 2018 Outlook

    Romo had a better feel on oncoming pressure. Still riding till I burn in flames... and even then he’s my only qb ??‍♂️
  10. 10 team ppr 1 flex 1 superflex Been holding onto to Conner while watching the bell owner’s team crumble. Want to move conner before I suffer the same fate. What’s a fair offer for gronk and a qb? My team cousins gurley,Howard, conner, k. Johnson, penny evans, diggs, stills, Davis, Goodwin, m. Williams, j. Brown, callaway Jared Cook her team rodgers, Brady, smith bell, lynch, Crowell, buck allen, Richard hogan, Allison, crowder, Benjamin, Amendola, Dorsett gronk, burton
  11. Soo I scooped up Conner a couple days ago. Was going to hold on but she offered me burton for conner. Right now my starter is Ricky Seals-Jones or Gesicki(haven’t picked him up yet). We have a super flex so it’s essentially a 2 qb league and she has Rodgers, Brady and A. Smith. Also gronk is her top te. Help me make a trade for Rodgers and burton my team Cousins, mariota gurley, Howard, Conner, k. Johnson, penny evans, diggs, Goodwin, Davis, stills, m. Williams, a. Miller ricky seals-jones her team rodgers,Brady, smith bell, lynch, duke johnson, Crowell, Murray hogan, crowder, Benjamin, Cole, Amendola gronk, burton
  12. Showed up late to my draft, couldn’t find anyone to trade spots with me, ended up with the number 1 pick in a ten team keeper league. We can keep one player at a two round penalty. In an attempt to speed things up I️ made my pick over the phone and decided to keep diggs for the second year in a row. Also two flex ones a super flex so essentially a 2 qb league my team cousins, mariota gurley, Howard, k. Johnson, penny, John kelly evans, diggs, Goodwin, Davis, stills, mike Williams, Anthony miller ricky seales jones trying to swing a deal with this team watson, wilson zeke, hunt, Cohen, Carson, Chubb funchess, kupp, garçon, agholor, doctson, lockett graham, oj Howard He’s considering Evans and stills for hunt and kupp. I’m thinking about moving Howard+1 instead and try to get zeke