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  1. It's close, but I do think you come out on top here. Thanks for mine.
  2. I'd play the hot hand. Could justify any of those options for Newman.
  3. I think I take Schwarber--agree that his floor is higher.
  4. I'd hold with Navarez. Help here?
  5. I'm 1.5 games back (still) and am wondering if I need to make a trade for a source of SVs before this Sunday's deadline. Do I move Mondesi for Hand? Batting cats are R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS // Pitching cats are W, K, ERA, WHIP, NSVH. C - J. McCann 1B - Muncy 2B - McNeil 3B - J Ram SS - Tatis LF - Yelich CF - Marte RF - JD Martinez UTL - JD Davis DL - Mondesi SP: Sale, Verlander, Morton, Flaherty, Stripling, Lamet RP - Diaz, Vasquez, Hendriks, Kahnle, Oberg DL - Stripling, Loaisiga WHIR 100%
  6. Morton owner seems willing to talk. Would you sell Abreu for him?
  7. Bieber owner said he's not interested in selling. Morton owner is willing to listen, so I might try that without breaking the bank. Odorizzi could provide some depth, but not sure if he continues what he's been up to or turns into a pumpkin.
  8. Beni, he's got age on his side, even though this year has been rough. help here?
  9. I'd probably make that trade. Help here?
  10. Morton is on a struggling team--he might be the first one I ask after. Bieber, Odorizzi, Strasburg, and Thor are also on bad teams (though Thor owner way overvalues his players).
  11. Flip a coin. Either is fine. I tend to prefer Liberatore, but he's prob a 2021 debut. Singer should debut next season. Both are solid prospects. Help with mine?
  12. I would not veto that trade. Vetoes should be used sparingly and only for something egregious. This is not that.