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  1. It’s auction. And ideally, I want him back on my team
  2. Draft day is a week away! A lot has changed since this was originally posted. I’ve had multiple owners say they will do “whatever it takes” to get Zeke. Would you still throw him back into the free agent pool if there was a good chance you’d lose him for good?
  3. I have the 3rd pick and I struggle with this decision. I love Zeke, but I’m starting to come around to Kamara over Zeke. This is mainly due to QB play. Brees will keep drives alive and Kamara is the WR2 on that team. PPR Gold
  4. +$2 for now. It’s only our second year, so we are still trying to iron out the rules. Open to suggestions and ideas for that as well.....
  5. Currently leaning towards Mahomes ($3), Zeke ($106), Conner ($2), Michel ($3). Those 4 will cost $114 to keep, leaving me with $176 for the draft
  6. 10 team, .5 PPR, double QB, Auction draft. Budget is $300. Pick 4 keepers. Value is next to each players name. Mahomes - $3 Zeke - $106 Conner - $2 Bell - $72 Michel - $3 Chubb - $2 Hunt - $2 Mack - $2 The only player I’m keeping without doubt is Mahomes. Just not sure on the other 3 RBs
  7. Welp, it came down to that final drive.... i hate fantasy.
  8. I’ve had him stashed in my IR spot as a long shot loto ticket. I understand the injury concern, just surprised there hasn’t been any update or any chatter on Foreman’s progress. If he’s healthy and ready to roll, I can’t see why they won’t unleash him. Especially with the production they are currently getting from Miller and Blue
  9. Any update on the return of Foreman? I can’t seem to find any recent update other than he was placed on the PUP list. Week 6 is around the corner.... Any chance he will return and pose a threat to Miller?
  10. Sounds like a Monday night butt-clencher
  11. I need 12.6 out of Case Keenum or else I’m gonna be 0-4
  12. I agree with this 100% Its a good problem to have. I’d start Howard... help
  13. 14 team, half point PPR Should I trade Cam and Cooper for Rodgers and Gore? Current Roster QB: Cam Newton RB: David Johnson RB: Sony Michel WR: Antonio Brown WR: Golden Tate TE: Jimmy Graham FLEX: Amari Cooper D/ST: Dallas (Streaming) K: Tucker Bench: Enunwa, Cobb, M.Williams, NE D/ST, Blue, Edmonds