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  1. So did I. Think it could be as early as this week. This team is going to need to throw the ball and their run game is diminishing by the day.
  2. I keep seeing Miles and think it’s the Sanders thread... such a tease
  3. Let me get this straight... - 1st round draft pick - considered best tight end in college - touted as nfl ready and an exceptional blocker by many scouts (some even say best blocker for position out of college they’ve ever seen) - runs crisp routes that are 20+ yards and has great hands OHHHH and btw... -his coach was a coach for the team that arguably had the BEST TIGHT END OF ALL TIME. So he knows how to use him. Top 5 ROS really that crazy? Hock N’ Roll boys.
  4. Have you tried their Mac n cheese yet? I haven’t and I’m pretty mad about it.
  5. “Meats and Cleats. I’m a traveled man I’ll have you know sir”
  6. WHERE IS THE WEATHER THREAD THIS YEAR. Could’ve used that before starting players in this game lol.
  7. LOL. Only 10 RBs got 20+ touches week one. Thanks for the input bud.
  8. Hunter Hurry to the waiver wire. Wackkkkkkkk.
  9. Metcalf opens up the whole middle of the field for Lockett if he can establish himself as a threat. It is a positive my friends. Less double teams for Lockett (which Lockett beat on the TD catch anyway).