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  1. I'd probably stick with Smoak. Has had a good spring and expect another season similar to the last 2.
  2. Kang has looked real good. Kang or Lamb for me.
  3. I don't think you'll land Thor, Bauer, or Nola and I don't think there's much in the way of savings with Taillon or Weaver at what their price tags would be. $40ish for a late 1st rounder or early 2nd rounder isn't astronomical in a $260 league. I can think of many I'd prefer to spend that on other than Machado, but I'd still probably hang on to him and, if anything, trade him mid season to a contender if you're out of it.
  4. Think he has a good shot of outperforming most of those projections. ERA, WHIP, SV especially. They seem modest.
  5. Not a bad team at all. Pitching is weak, like you said, but you have some pieces to move towards an SP1 or SP2, if you can find someone willing to deal.You're loaded at SS, can potentially dangle Machado for an SP1 and slot Bregman in at 3B.
  6. I'd probably go Vlad. Think you'll have a solid enough base to still compete this year and justify the risk in taking him over Puig.
  7. I'd do it. Alonso doesn't have a clear path and Luzardo hasn't even made the rotation yet. If he does, he'll be on an innings limit. Snell is a top 5 SP and is young, there are likely still some bumps to come from Luzardo and Alonso as they transition. Snell has already transitioned. I do this and get the proven commodity.
  8. Agree with what's been said...think it's right on track. Vlad and Clevinger would be my two choices.
  9. At this point, no. I'd consider dropping one of Gray, Eovaldi, or Newcomb for Luzardo if he cracks the OD roster. If Carlos Martinez is able to find his health, he's a definite add...but that's pretty uncertain right now.