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  1. BIG keeper trade. good deal? 100% WHIR

    Sucks to give up Betts, but I like this return for you. Think it fits your team needs well and provides more value overall. I'd do it.
  2. Drop Torres? WHIR

    I'd drop Marco before Gleyber, at least Gleyber holds value as a potential trade chip, if he doesn't turn it around. Have to think he'll pull through the slump, though. Peraza has been consistently good, although quiet at times, but seems like he's got a much higher floor than Rosario, who likely won't hold this pace for long. I'd pick up Peraza until Torres heats back up and roll with 1 less SP.
  3. Do I make this trade?

    Think I'm inclined to keep Baez here since you don't seem to have a vast amount of steals or a backup at SS. Don't think it benefits you to give him up in this deal.
  4. Which SP to bench?? whir

    Bench Marco and I would definitely drop him for Glasnow and take the added start. Could potentially land you a W, as well.
  5. 8/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Fiers! Keep rolin'.
  6. Glasnow v. Kopech ROS?

    Agree with Kopech, but it's hard to gauge. Both ceilings are high.
  7. Do I make this deal?

    I'd do it. Maeda doesnt provide much value out of the pen, and you get an offensive upgrade.
  8. Middle Relievers 2018 Outlook

    Am wondering the same. Struggling with whether to hold or let go with Rodney and Familia in the mix.
  9. Use #1 Waiver on Tommy Pham??

    I'd drop Desmond, yes.
  10. 8/17 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Nola, Buehler, and Boyd!!!
  11. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    I'm starting. Don't feel overly confident about it, but he has good career #s vs ATL and has been pitching well, don't see how I can sit.
  12. Max for G Cole?

    Stick with Scherzer. Better to have someone you know is elite for at least a few more years than Cole, who is probably pitching, right now, better than what will be his norm.
  13. Lowrie or Cano to fill in at 2B?

    His last few games have been tremendous, really coming out of his slump. I'd go Lowrie - in the midst of a great season and Cano hasn't played the majority of the year, will likely take him a bit to find his stroke.