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  1. In a dynasty, yes. I'm a big fan of both Brantley and, although less, Donaldson, but considering their age, I'd side with Snell in a dynasty.
  2. I'd go Devers, Story, Alonso, Joram. Good blend of stats across all cats.
  3. I moved him in a QS keeper league. I'm competing and seems like hell be limited or shut down soon. Hes been going 80-90 pitches a start, doesnt bode well in a QS league.
  4. Bill welke has legitimately blown 3 or 4 strike calls to prolong Stromans 1st inning. Brutal.
  5. Dynasty league, who do you list most - least? Meadows, Benintendi, Conforto, Haniger Whir, leave a link.
  6. To be honest, I'd probably hang on to Villar. Upton has battled injuries all year and once you get a couple of guys back your OF is set. Steals come at a premium. Villar seems like a better depth guy to me than Upton, given your team. Chance he gets traded to a contending team and can be kept for basically nothing. I'd stick with Villar.
  7. Have to think Galvis is moved sometime in July and Bichette fills his spot. Barring injury, he should be spending all of August and September in the big leagues. They need to him to grow with the likes to Vlad, Biggio, Gurriel etc...
  8. Doubtful he bites at that. Even if you add one of your starting OF, I probably still wouldn't bite. If for some reason he does, take it and run.
  9. Depends on rest of your team...but I'd probably take this. Conforto is much more easily replaced than Kershaw and you need SP help.
  10. I'd take it. Muncy is underrated. ANy concerns re; playing time are gone. Good hitter vs lefties. MI/CI are harder to fill than OF. Wish you didn't have to give up Meadows, but I like the return.
  11. Do it. Very reasonable price for a top 5 player.
  12. I'd do it. Riley will come down to earth as pitchers adjust. Look at Chavis, as a reference point. Snell >>>>>> Syndergaard. Joram has to turn it around, and even if he only does so a little bit, he'll still contribute above average steals.