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  1. Anthony rizzo trade

    I could also get Matt carpenter instead of Diaz.
  2. Double post

    Double post. Sorry
  3. Anthony rizzo trade

    Give : Rizzo, Evan Gattis, one lower piece Get: Starling marte, Aledmys Díaz, Matt Wieters i have Gary Sanchez but he's hurt, and it seems the astros don't want to play Gattis much. Plus I have Swanson as my SS and he's struggling had. But if I move Rizzo then I have no 1B besides some bum off free agency. Thoughts.
  4. Which group of players

    Which group of players would you rather have for your team. This is a standard redraft Yahoo league. Group A Paul Goldschmidt Carlos Correa Jacob Degrom Aaron Sanchez Albert Pujols Group B Anthony Rizzo George Springer Justin Verlander Odubel Herrera Aroldis Chapman Michael Pineda
  5. Josh Donaldson trade

    So a guy wants Donaldson. He started the offer of with A Chapman and Justin Verlsnder. But obviously that ain't good enough for Donaldson. Would either Wilson contreras or Hanley Ramirez be good. I would also include a lower bullpen arm.
  6. dansby swanson

    Thanks. I did a look for him but that didn't show up in my search.
  7. dansby swanson

    What type of numbers do you think he'll put up this year? Will he be good enough to give him the starting job at SS?
  8. Thoughts on this trade

    This trade was made in my league. Josh Donaldson and Koda Glover for Justin Verlander and Aroldis Chapman. To me I think the guy with donaldson aint getting enough back but what do you think?
  9. i would be the Goldschmidt side and I don't think its close at all unless the guy added Villar on top of the other 3 players.
  10. Paul GoldSchmidt trade

    My outfield is hurting and no one in my league is willing to trade a outfielder(at least ok one) for a pitcher.
  11. Paul GoldSchmidt trade

    Would you pull the trigger on Goldschmidt, Addison reed, drew Pom for cepedes, either kinsler or Daniel Murphy and David price. I know price is hurt and could miss the whole year but worth the gamble? I'd also be on the giving up goldschmidt side.
  12. JD Martinez Hurt

    With J.D Martinez going for a second opinion with his injury, it might not be good news as most thought. If he were to miss 1-2 months, should I move a pitcher for a new outfielder or just roll with my backups(see below). thanks
  13. Hows my team

    I don't plan on trading any of this pitchers. I see this guy post all the time and 99% of the time its not good advice.
  14. Hows my team

    So you want me to trade the 3 good pitchers I have. LOL