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  1. i would be the Goldschmidt side and I don't think its close at all unless the guy added Villar on top of the other 3 players.
  2. My outfield is hurting and no one in my league is willing to trade a outfielder(at least ok one) for a pitcher.
  3. Would you pull the trigger on Goldschmidt, Addison reed, drew Pom for cepedes, either kinsler or Daniel Murphy and David price. I know price is hurt and could miss the whole year but worth the gamble? I'd also be on the giving up goldschmidt side.
  4. With J.D Martinez going for a second opinion with his injury, it might not be good news as most thought. If he were to miss 1-2 months, should I move a pitcher for a new outfielder or just roll with my backups(see below). thanks
  5. I don't plan on trading any of this pitchers. I see this guy post all the time and 99% of the time its not good advice.
  6. So you want me to trade the 3 good pitchers I have. LOL
  7. 12 teams, I believe its just regular yahoo scoring.
  8. Just finished drafting, team is below. Thanks
  9. So my draft is tonight, its a yahoo redraft league. Im drafting 9th out of 12th, so when is it best to draft your first pitcher. Ive done some mocks with taking batters for the first 6 rounds and just stacking my line up, then taking pitchers like Felix, Harvey, etc(pitchers who didn't have strong years last year). But then I was thinking if one of the top 8 hitters fall to me in the 9th spot, I was thinking of maybe taking a top SP with my second pick. What do you guys think? Also I plan on drafting no closers, don't care about saves. thanks
  10. Trust me I thought about looking for a new job because of this crap. The co-commissioner didn't like the first one. But thought the second was fine and left it up to the real commissioner who then vetoed it.
  11. Yep there is a co-commissioner also.. It wasn't a $ but one with co workers. So now they think I'm a baby for calling out this BS in fair trades being vetoed and unfair trades being allowed
  12. Also my trade above was rejected. Yet this trade was allowed three weeks ago even though half the league didn't like it. The commissioner approved it still  Danny Woodhead SD - RB IR Julian Edelman NE - WR Q Matt Ryan Atl - QB Jonathan Stewart Car - RB Q Tajae Sharpe Ten - WR Josh Gordon Cle - WR SUSP
  13. OBJ and Vance McDonald(was gonna drop him anyway) For Alston Jeffrey, Willie Snead and Sterling Shepard. The commissioner ended up vetoing the trade even though the day before he said our first trade offer of OBJ for Alshon and Sterling was fine until the co commissioner shoot it down. Then we made the above deal and it still was shoot down. So this is now two fair trades that have been vetoed in my league(first one being Shepard for Kielce). So I decided to help other teams out by dropping all my cut able players and quit. Its BS when fair trades are vetoed but the commissioner has allowed BS trades thru
  14. I sat the Vikings Defense 26 points (but had pats who put up 18). Then I sat Doug Baldwin who had 26 points, then sat Jeremy Hill with 25 points and my back QB Kirk Cousins put up 23.34 compares to Cams 16 I also started Ryan Mathews who got me -.05 points. But I still won this week.. lol
  15. Would you start Whittaker, Mathews or Hill as my second RB today.