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  1. Recieving : Aaron Judge, JA Happ Giving : Kris Bryant, German Marquez Team is in the sig. Would you accept this trade offer?
  2. Do you have any pitchers on your own team lol
  3. Quintana became relief pitcher? What's going on.
  4. I am in a 8 team keeper league. Since the Knicks only have 2 games in the next week. Do I just drop DAJ to pick up guys like Bagley, Lamb, Bridges to fill up the usage?
  5. I would keep Castillo instead of Osuna. Castillo had a solid second half I think he is a breakout candidate(again). Closers/Relievers are probably fine to let go cause there are always new closers and new roles as the season goes on. Just need to pay attention and grab them fast enough.