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  1. The deep balls will be there. New England is notorious for causing matchup problems for opposing defenses. This also means Cooks will be moved around plenty on offense and be used a little everywhere on the field. Screens. Short. Mid. Deep.
  2. That offense was built around Kaep's strengths though and utilized the read option. I don't know many teams that will be willing to go back to that just to try and mimic that offense that Kaep played well in. And Texans lose a 2nd round pick in next year's draft. And it was the Vikings that beat the Cowboys. That D-line was tearing up the Cowboys offense. Romo never stood a chance.
  3. In 2013 Nelson got 123 targets. That's doable for Cooks. 7-8 targets a game.
  4. I feel like Brandin Cooks is going to put up 2013-2014 Nelson type numbers... 70-80 catches 1200-1300 yds and 8-12TDs... "It's friggin Tom Brady!" You know he's going to take plenty of deep shots at Cooks throughout the season. Cooks is probably going to get a handful of deep targets every game. Brady is bound to hit those from time to time. They're going to love those WR screens to Cooks too. I think the deep routes are what's intriguing tho. If white boy Hogans can catch all these deep passes and look good doing it, imagine Cooks?
  5. Kaep is garbage. He had the amazing run. That defense was great. Comparing his playoff teams to Dallas's playoff teams is like comparing night and day. San Fran succeeded on every front on offense and defense. I think Romo can be a two year stop gap, while Texans look to draft or groom their future QB when Romo is done. It's not like Romo's back bothers him on a weekly basis to the point where it affects his play. I guess this remains to be seen with his latest back injury, but all reports say the back has been fine since week 12 of last season. His other two injuries were fluke collar bone injuries...Dude has won 15 of his last 19 regular season games. I think he has a shot to get the Texans a #2 seed. It's kind of funny, but Romo's playoff stats are decent 62% completion 8TD 2INT...the chokes are a bit overblown...especially blaming the Giants game on him, but in Romo's last 4 playoff games he's 2-2 79/120 66% 6TD 1INT....I just think the situation makes sense in order to win now and buy some time to find the future QB.
  6. No way. It's Prescott's job. Even if he struggles they'll stick with him. Only chance Romo would play is due to injury. Either way, Romo is gone.
  7. Yes, two straight years of finishing with a 4.0 average. He looks really good in the games I've seen him play in. Weird. He is a GL stud tho.
  8. The San Francisco Chronicle's Vic Tafur expects the Raiders to move on from free agent Latavius Murray. The Raiders have tried replacing Murray in each of the last two offseasons, courting DeMarco Murray in 2015 before flirting with Matt Forte and the idea of drafting Ezekiel Elliott last year, only to whiff on all three. They also kept Latavius in frustrating three- and four-man committees for most of the 2016 season. Look for the Raiders to add a power back in the draft. Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington will return as change-of-pace options. Source: Vic Tafur on Twitter Will this dude succeed somewhere else? And if so, where are his best options for some solid FF production? If Peterson goes, does he end up in Minnesota? Detroit? Green Bay? Baltimore? Philly? Carolina if Stewart is gone?
  9. Romo isn't as shifty as he once was, but two years ago he was still able to evade pressure coming from the side. It was all that pressure up the middle that gets him killed. I think he would do really solid with Thomas and Sanders. I'm sure Denver would look to draft OL in the draft and depending on cap $$$ maybe pick up another lineman. Think Romo could go for about 28TD 12INT 4,000 yds and most importantly give you 65+ completion % and at least 7.5 yards per pass.
  10. They traded Graham. So anything can happen.
  11. Bro just stop arguing. If you really think this week 17 game is meaningless then you're clueless. Any team would play for and prefer a home playoff game. Not to mention the higher seed would avoid the one seed.
  12. Well the thousand dollar pot says different. I'm not league manager and I hate week 17s, but the last two years have actually been fine. This year sucks having to play fantasy this week. But thanks for your worthless opinion
  13. No Thielen today? Cool story. One of those last seconds subs for a questionable Ware is gonna cost me.
  14. He already does have a ring!
  15. Is he bringing home a championship to us in week 17 championships? I can see him getting 25 touches if he IS healthy...but can he still produce without Ben and Brown against the Browns? This is intriguing for me and maybe some Bell owners..