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  1. Apparently you don’t know how Goodell runs things.
  2. 6 game suspension for sure. Sick of this crap. Zeke gets 6, looks innocent. Crazy g/f and no evidence. Video evidence on Hunt and another incident results in 8. This is should be 6 for at least.
  3. He still put up numbers without OBJ last year...
  4. Yep. Pretty boring. Glad I ended up not calling in. Maybe next Monday!
  5. Had gone CJ over Gurley in daily fantasy. McVay saying we will see a heavy does of Todd Gurley, is that just coach speak? How could you still not split them right now...? CJ seems to be more productive right now.
  6. Drop costs them 4 points. Must be nice having Brees at QB, nice passes.
  7. I’m guessing you said this just because he looks like a total different runner now. Probably had to do with the Dolphins more than anything
  8. Pretty sure he leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks and it’s not just handing it off to Zeke. I get it though, Dak needs to prove himself more against top tier defenses.
  9. Dont think anyone cares! Dak is pretty terrible at times, but that’s the reason he was drafted in the 4th round. When he’s good, he’s good though. And he’s been a lot better with Cooper. With a better OC, I think he’s a much better QB in the league. With all the hate, Dak is actually a really good 4th quarter QB and is clutch.
  10. Yea, it was surprising to see. Probably cuz he only had 1 or 2 blow up games. But I said he was on my DND list for next season, depending on the changes to this team... But man if he can put up those numbers, it can only get better next season right? Gosh I hope that team can somehow drastically improve.
  11. Just wait until he goes on some 30 catch 300 yards 5TD post season run, then what happens?
  12. FOCK off Patriots. Such try hards. Let Roberts return it a little would you!?!? Either kicking it short or kicking out of the end zone...ugh. I hate people who run week 17 leagues...
  13. He'd have to go to a good team that utilizes RB's like Dallas, the Rams, Chargers, and Panthers treat their RB's. I imagine he would have a lot more running room, still get a ton of receptions etc...
  14. What about guys like CMC and Barkley? Reduced workloads? I'd find a coaching staff foolish for giving these guys 30 touches in a meaningless week 17 game...
  15. I’d probably give Cook a look. Not trusting Fournette though. Even with Wilks gone, I won’t trust the personnel on that offense unless they make some good hires and offseason pick ups. Fournette and Cook probably still go in the 2nd no? DJ too? I’ll take a look at Cook in the 2nd and the other two if they are still there somehow in the 3rd. But Id rather take Mixon or Lindsay. Possibly Chubb and Carson at whatever ADP they’d be at. This is all way too early though. I’d love CMC/Johnson/BPA WR or CMC/BPA WR/Lindsay(10th overall PPR)