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  1. Kareem Hunt 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't shove or push women, but ehhhh. Seems like a no story on Hunt's part.
  2. The only thing though is that once in a blue moon the Cowboys have some amazing successful season that tricks everyone (not true fans), including Jerry, that we're finally heading in the right direction and Garrett is finally hitting his stride and reaching his peak...and then bam. We disappoint, we suck for a few more years, and then rinse and repeat. In Jerry's mind, everything he has been doing is correct. It's sad.
  3. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Season Outlook

    I think he'll stick around one more year, maybe two. But I do see him being one to retire early and try a career in Hollywood. I don't think he makes it, but if he's smart with his $$$ somewhat, he should be set for life.
  4. Are we talking HC? I'm thinking teams will still hire him as an OC 5-10 years from now IMO...
  5. Josh McDaniels disagrees. In all seriousness, F that dude. Don't think he was going to be a good HC for Indy anyway. Maybe a blessing in disguise.
  6. Why would a Colts fan even think about opening their mouth when their season was over in August of 2017? Andrew...Luck's...shoulder.
  7. Antonio Brown 2018 Season Outlook

    Well with Ben sticking around for 3 more years, I would be looking at drafting Brown early in the first in each of these years. Of course things change. Should be interesting to see how this OC keeps or changes things, but I'm sure Brown getting a ton of looks and receptions won't really change.
  8. Kirk Cousins 2018 Season Outlook

    Why's Denver a bad fit? They still have a solid defense. I believe they plan on keeping Thomas and Sanders around. That offense would look pretty good with Cousins IMO.
  9. XFL IS BACK BABY!!!!!!

    Let me try this again... How would you run a fantasy football league if it's season was only 10 weeks? I can't be the only here that would be down to do fantasy football for the XFL!
  10. XFL IS BACK BABY!!!!!!

    Don't want to get into politics, but I thought it'd be pretty interesting if the XFL had a lighter stance on marijuana or allowed it. I'm guessing with the hard stance on a criminal record there will be no such thing. Some of the greatest athletes in football, which in turn brings fantasy football success, have smoked it. We want good quality football and fantasy football going on in the XFL. Kind of confused why the XFL would start during NFL playoffs?
  11. Weird Super Bowl. These teams looked a bit crappy heading down the stretch. Seems like the Patriots are still stuck in that rut a bit, and the Eagles are now hitting stride and soaring high. You probably throw that all away come next Sunday, but this has a Seattle/Denver SB vibe to me. Eagles could destroy the Patriots. Thinking that, probably means the opposite. It's been an unpredictable the NFC at least. Gronk should have a huge game. Brady tossed 3 straight passes to him to start the 2nd half before he got concussed. I expect a lot of that. Eagles may have a big first half before the Patriots make adjustments...shut 'em down and win it in the 2nd half. Half time 17-10 Eagles Final 27-26 Patriots
  12. Gawd..bro, do you have a life? Go celebrate...hug your b/f...gtfo the message board. You're going to another Super Bowl and probably winning it. Go drink! Party it up! Enjoy it. Can't be that fun on here. You all better beat Philly if that's the match. If not, hope y'all lose!
  13. Jag - GWAR like the band....I probably say Jagwires actually but who the F cares!?
  14. Your job as a corner is to drive the guy out of bounds. The contact happens on every play and Cooks basically ran himself out of bounds. The last replay showed more contact by Cooks than Bouye. Just a bad call. People acting like he grabbed him and physically pushed him out of bounds. He used his body and positioning like you're coached to.