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  1. True, haven’t read the previous pages, so that’s understandable. I for one ended up keeping Waller over this guy. Like a few are saying, it’s a decent bet to say Hunter won’t stay healthy.
  2. Weird take. He’s got a pretty decent floor when healthy. Sure he won’t go off like this again, but great FF TE’s average around 8ppg. The best are in double digits. I’m sure most would take that 8ppg.
  3. Should probably move on, especially when Watkins returns.
  4. Thank you Diggs!!! He's back baby!! Schedule is pretty nice ROS. Teams without great defenses that can compete, so Minny will have to throw.
  5. Noooo, just found this out. That's terrible news. Poor Dissley...
  6. Who knows. Maybe Hill is what Hardman will need. Houston without Joseph will probably keep a safety over top which should open things up for Hardman and Robinson.
  7. WTH is Winston doing today? Loving having the Panther's DST today. Feeling like we may get a pick 6 DST TD in the 2nd half...
  8. I might be wrong, but I thought there was a trend with Hardman's snaps going down and Robinson's snaps going up? I also see a lot of useless routes by Hardman. He does that thing presnap where he motions behind the QB and then doesn't do anything from that play other than job off to the side. Hopefully it pays off and they actually give it to him this week on that play. Had a few plays where he was running a slow 5 yard curl. Just wish they'd utilize his speed a little more.
  9. LMAO, no crap huh? I was more pointing out how my friend is an idiot. CMC should've gone 1 in that league, even with points per pass completion. You guys love creating your own narrative.
  10. Yooo, just realized my opponent started Rojo, c'mon man!!!
  11. Yea he's a weird guy and it's a weird league. PPR and points per completion. QB's going a little earlier..