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  1. C.J. Anderson 2018 Outlook

    Just shows you the importrance of scheme, coaching and a strong roster. While Gurley is a great talent, possibly a generational talent, put him on the 2018 Cardinals and he would suck just as DJ sucked. Remember Gurley went through it with Jeff Fisher as well. McVay comes into town and suddenly Gurley looks like a HOFer. Just to put it into perspective: In comes big fat plodding CJA who couldn't stick with multiple teams during the season and suddenly looks like a generational runner as well despite not being in game shape. This just shows you that talent is one thing, but if you don't get the right opportunity nobody will remember you or you will be labeled a bust.
  2. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Their OC will just provide Kingsbury with valuable information and helpful hints about the pro game. I wouldn't worry even if they hire an OC who has failed. Just because you can't call plays, it doesn't mean you don't understand the game or can't teach it. Their OC will basically be a glorified offensive consultant. Kingsbury is the main QB coach for Rosen and OC of the Cardinals.
  3. Ian Thomas 2018 Outlook

    They must get him some of those vintage Olsen down-the-seam looks in the RZ! Ian Thomas is fast and can slip past their underneath coverage that will be locked into CMC.
  4. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Ian Thomas of all people defending my 6 point lead against CMC...
  5. 2018 Rookie QB Class

    Weapons are an issue. But DJ + Fitzgerald aren't exactly the worst supporting cast. Along with what was a decent rookie season from Kirk. Their by far biggest issue is OL. This unit was projected to be among the worst, and then lost all 5 starters to IR. Starting OL the last couple weeks: 7th round rookie - UDFA rookie - 3rd round rookie - street FA (singed 3 weeks ago) - street FA (signed 2 weeks ago).
  6. Ian Thomas 2018 Outlook

    Get outta here! I need Ian Thomas to defend my 6 point lead against CMC...
  7. 2018 Rookie QB Class

    Cardinals are in total shambles. Rosen reminds me of 2016 Goff. With a legit HC/OC and a NFL worthy OL, he will do just fine. This guy gets hit on each and every throw. And they have to throw a lot since their defense can't stop anybody. Kinda impressive how he stands in there and tries to go through his reads, gets smacked down and gets back up. Confidence won't ever be an issue with Rosen. He has the talent and grit to be a good one. Horrible situation for now.
  8. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    Over 100 yards at halftime against the toughest defense against WR, especially against WR1 types. Unfortunately didn't do much in the 2nd half, but this shows again why you trust your studs regardless of matchup.
  9. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Hopeful he finishes the season on a low note, so we can buy low in next year's draft. Don't forget that their OL is in shambles. Even though Fournette is powerful, he can't overcome abysmal OL play. Norwell, Robinson and Linder, 3 great run blockers on IR, will be back next year. And Fournette hopefully eager to prove his worth to a new staff after a down season.
  10. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    Not only do they face CMC in practice and are well prepared for an elite dual threat RB like Kamara, but they have the best LB group in the NFL. This and a solid run stopping DL. Kamara hasn't done much in recent weeks. I don't see him getting a monster game. Have to hope he busts a big play or that he finally gets a successful goal line opportunity.
  11. Christian McCaffrey 2018 Outlook

    The Saints are very good against RBs. They are among the best - if not the best - run stopping D. If CMC has a big day it will have to come through the air.
  12. Adam Thielen 2018 Outlook

    Consistent all year. Sh** bed when it mattered most. FF in a nutshell!
  13. Zach Ertz 2018 Outlook

    Consistent all year. Sh** bed when it mattered most. FF in a nutshell...
  14. Kenneth Dixon 2018 Outlook

    Rode the Gus train ever since it left the station but finally went with Dixon. Planned to stick with Gus all week despite the Dixon hype, but after the TyMont inactive news broke I was fooled into Dixon. Always remember: Touches are the hard currency of FF!