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  1. You better hope for a Cam return to stream against the Panthers. But after Allen elevated their passing game, which inaccurate Cam couldn't do in the first 2 weeks, you have to think they keep out Cam regardless.
  2. 0.5 PPR. Got offered Dorsett for Mike Williams when AB was still a Patriot. Since we are a peers league I asked him if the offer still stands and he said yes. Sell Williams on name value for the more productive Dorsett through 3 weeks, or will things even out between them? WHIR!
  3. This. The more playmakers, the better. I remember last year when Gordon and Ekeler where on the field together in some situations. Bottom line, they aren't getting it done and need to turn around their fortunes ASAP. Gordon can only help. Their window is open right now. They are wasting one of the few years Rivers has remaining and having a loaded defense when healthy. Just to save a few millions. By the time Gordon has to report, they might already be too far behind in the tight ACF Wildcard race. Division is basically out of reach already.
  4. Actually I think Tannehill would help AJ Brown. Mariota has never been able to produce a fantasy-relevant WR with any consistency. Tannehill peppered Jarvis Landry with targets and made him a PPR WR1. AJ Brown is very similar to Landry. Not as twitchy but even more physical. Like Landry he is lethal after the catch, strong hands in traffic and an advanced route runner in the short and intermediate passing game.
  5. That's true. Ekeler was lights out in weeks 1+2. However, he faded in week 3. What matters is they lost 2 pretty close games that were for the taking, and even their only win was thanks to a drunken old kicker faltering lol. A playmaker of MG's caliber, no matter if you rank him top 6 or top 12 at the position, would have certainly helped. That's the difference between 3-0/2-1 and 1-2. In a divison with the Chiefs, every win counts in the Wildcard race.
  6. Amazing how he has been able to return from a torn ACL. Was all over him last year when he was ranked as WR1 at the time he went down. Unfortunately I passed entirely on him this season because history has shown us that WRs don't perform at their peak in the following season after ACL surgery. Granted it's not the injury it once was, but still a tough recovery road with many setbacks, especially when you need to be on top of your game. Kudos to those who took the gamble on Kupp!
  7. Shapes up to be a PPR monster. Their passing pace/volume is insane. They can't run the ball or pass protect more than a second with their lackluster OL. Fitz and Kirk will eat all season long. However, when Murray had time once and hit Kirk perfectly on a deep bomb, Kirk had an ugly drop. He had one easy drop in every game thus far and another ugly one in preseason. Doesn't matter when so many targets come your way and you drop a slant once in a while, but it really hurts when you get behind the defense and the QB finally has time to hit you in stride... Still his PPR floor is amazing. If they manage to fix their OL through draft and FA, Kirk's value will only rise.
  8. I have Darrel too and think he is 3rd in the pecking order. Darwin isn't trusted by Andy Reid in pass protection. Given how much they air it out and that they have to protect Mahomes at all costs with their OL banged up already, Darrel gets the nod over Darwin. Also Darwin went out of bounds late in the game when they had a one score lead. You could see the positional coach being angry about it. Damien already banged up and seemingly week to week, Shady already nicked up and injury prone anyway. Darrel could be a decent RB2 down the stretch. In years past I wouldn't have bothered much about Darrel. But there so many teams are using RBBC and the Chiefs offense is superior to all of them.
  9. I'm still not overly worried about Woods. Took him before Cooks because I needed a high floor WR more than a volatile one. Didn't want to take Kupp because I always stay clear of players returning from torn ACL, no matter what the preseason reports are. Woods still gets the targets in the intermediate part of the field and some rushes in between. In fact, he was stopped just short of a TD on a reverse that was designed for him to score. Had a designed RZ TD called back last week on a bogus penalty. Got unlucky with penalties in general from what I've seen. TD is coming his way soon enough, don't worry. We've seen Woods at his floor. Goff isn't clicking right now as well. Given the past there is still hope he lights it up at some point. At the end I think Woods will finish the season equally with Cooks. Kupp will finish first thanks to his special RZ connection with Goff. I'm not regretting passing on Kupp everywhere though, since more often than not WRs aren't the same in year 1 after a torn ACL.
  10. Hope the Chargers FO recognizes this too. Standing at 1-2 with their only win being at home against the Colts thanks to Viniateri being on drugs. Now they travel to Miami and if it isn't a convincing blowout win or if there are any struggles running the ball, I expect them to give MG's agent a call. I know Telesco tried to play it hard, but they should really try again to find some middle ground. MG must have realized by now that he isn't in great demand as well given the lack of serious trade calls. Chargers must realize that their ground game lacks a physical dimension. Give MG more guarantees, maybe a more front loaded deal, and he will accept.
  11. Pure handcuff and will be dropped a lot this week. However, should Kamara go down he could be a solid RB2. Depends on your roster/bench if you can afford to carry him.
  12. True, can't read too much into the numbers given the opponent. BUT it's pretty clear now that Pollard would be a high floor high upside RB2 should Zeke go down. Maybe even sneak into RB1 territory. All things considered, Pollard might be the clearest and highest upside handcuff among all of them. I know Zeke has never missed a game to injury, but all it takes is one hit or a false step... 😬
  13. He is a blessing for Tyreek owners. Put up a dud week 1 and therefore was among the cheapest of all the young WRs. The floor isn't comparable to Tyreek but the ceiling certainly is. With Mahomes airing it out in this great offense, I'm willing to bet Hardman has a long TD more often than not until Tyreek returns. If you have space and aren't deep at WR, I'd even recommend keeping Hardman as a handcuff.
  14. The 9ers look better than last year, which hurts Kittle's value. They have a good defense now, strong run game and finally a decent WR group as well. There's no doubt Kittle is a surefire TE1, but not the magic elite fantasy force from last season anymore. Imo he isn't a top 3 option at TE anymore. At least he isn't a total bust, just temper expectations.
  15. Their OL really sucks. They can neither run block nor pass protect longer than a second. So they are forced to call dumpoffs and screens which the defense is already lurking on. When Murray had time once, he unleashed a beatiful deep bomb that was dropped by Kirk. Murray didn't look good on some of the sacks, but there were free rushers coming at him from everywhere. I hope the Cards draft 1 or 2 OL high and go after a high priced OL FA as well. They have to protect their 1st overall QB. Murray has shown to me that he's accurate, can deliver a deep ball and this week finally used his legs. Reminds me really of Russell Wilson the way he runs the ball, great slider who avoids hits and protects the ball. With the volume and pace in that offense, I'm buying Murray, Kirk, Fitz and DJ everywhere. Remember it's a new scheme and a rookie QB. Expecting better production in the 2nd half of the season.