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  1. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    Don't they have provide practice participation status on Monday for a TNF game, even if it's just an assumed walkthrough?
  2. Drake would be a great fit for any spread offense that is willing to make him their primary ball carrier. He would look good in Nagy's Bears offense, much better fit than Howard. Won't happen though.
  3. Kenneth Dixon 2018 Outlook

    Flacco starting would certainly favor Dixon over Edwards. Dixon has been there with Flacco before, while Edwards is a product of Lamar and the read option. I don't even think he has taken a handoff from Flacco before. If Flacco starts again, expect Dixon to see the bulk of carries, don't do much with it, while losing 3rd down work to TyMont and being vultured by Edwards. With Lamar + Edwards starting, Dixon is the TD vulture. That said, I don't think Harbaugh goes back to Flacco unless Lamar is seriously hurt. Right now Lamar just left the game during their final series to have his ankle examined. As I've already said, they have a good shot to upset contenders with Lamar/RGIII running the read option. They are one and done with Flacco airing it out. With Flacco the RB ypc drops from about 5 to 3, while Flacco airing it out 40 times has never been a recipe for success.
  4. Justin Jackson 2018 Outlook

    I would hold onto Jackson. Not much on the WW at this point of the season anyway. Melvin and Ekeler nursing injuries that could easily flame up again. If you don't have better options or are in a deep league, flexing Jackson isn't a bad option if either Melvon or Ekeler miss a game.
  5. Ian Thomas 2018 Outlook

    He was a very raw rookie with one year of TE experience and no NFL experience earlier in the year. He is a raw rookie with one and a half year of TE experience and a little bit NFL experience now. Honestly, there were multiple reports before his breakout game that he wasn't ready earlier in the season but that he has studied Olsen closely over recent weeks to elevate his game. His usage last week in the game in which Olsen got injured should've been a good indication of things to come. Nobody could expect 11 targets, but his output isn't that surprising at all.
  6. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    As I've already said multiple times in this thread during recent weeks, Burton doesn't seem right. My best guess is he plays through some sort of nagging injury. Yesterday he couldn't fight for the ball yet again in contested situations, just like in the last 3 or 4 games. He doesn't cut and jump. No seperation. In the first half of the season he was open all game long. Now he is jogging around. Nobody in this thread can say you haven't been warned, because I've been pointing at this issue ever since his first dud. And this was his 4th or 5th in a row!
  7. Kenneth Dixon 2018 Outlook

    Watched the RZ channel and Dixon was in the game everytime they switched to it. Looking at the snap count, Gus is still the leader and got twice as many touches. Although Dixon is getting more snaps each and every week. I'd still play Gus over him if Lamar is the QB. If you keep chasing Dixon's fantasy points, same can happen as this week to Ekeler owners that benched him for Jackson.
  8. Chris Conley 2018 Outlook

    Off and on to the Kelvin Benjamin thread!
  9. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    People in here mix things up. He hurt his shoulder right before halftime and returned to his usual snap count in the 2nd half. So this should be a non-issue. What's worrisome is that he didn't feature in OT because of a hammy injury suffered late in the game. That's the dangerous one, not the shoulder.
  10. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    How can you put the #1 ranked WR in fantasy into boom/bust tier? AB, OBJ or Julio have "down" games as well, just like Tyreek. They have amazing ceilings too, but Tyreek I feel has much better odds at reaching his weekly ceiling.
  11. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    Mahomes hasn't scored less than 20 pts all season long, while all the other top tier QBs have had multiple games below 10 pts. And that's not even taking into account Mahomes' insane ceiling. Even when I thought at halftime yesterday that this might be the game Mahomes puts up a clunker, in the end he turned it around. I'm a big believer in drafting QBs late. In fact, in recent years I had some drafts where I didn't even draft a QB in 10 or 12 team leagues, because playing weekly matchups gave me good results. After owning Mahomes this season and looking how most of the players I had circled in rounds 2 and 3 failed, I will consider Mahomes early. At least if I'm not 100% confident in the best skill position player on the board.
  12. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    If you bench Ware, he will rush for 100/2. If you start Ware, his hammy will flame up in the 1st quarter. Fantasy Law School 101
  13. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Winter has finally come!
  14. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Kudos for fighting through it and saving my week 14! Short week sucks though. They probably wrapped his foot up as tight as they could, along with a heavy dose of painkillers and obviously adrenaline flowing through his body in a close game. I bet he is feeling like crap today and hobbling around on one leg...
  15. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    Lamar won 3 in a row and did a great job against the best team in the AFC. He almost beat the Chiefs on the road. This Ravens team isn't build to win with Flacco airing it out. They have to rely on their defense and specal teams, who are among the best and played very well against the most explosive offense in the league. With Flacco they are a bad rushing team and average passing team at best. With Lamar they are the best rushing offense in the league. Harbaugh coaching for his job and I expect Lamar remaining the starter if he's healthy. In fact, running a similar offense with RGIII would be the better choice for the Ravens than going back to Flacco. He had a nice stretch during their Superbowl run, but has been average to below average ever since and won't lead them to the playoffs.