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  1. 30 team dynasty league - 10th year

    We have one team left. The Minnesota Twins.
  2. DYNASTY LOOKING FOR OWNERSExisting 30 team, salary cap League looking for 6 new managers. Teams are listed. ProBoards and Fantrax. Fantrax Fee only ($2.67) If you are interested provide us your email and we can forward you an onboarding package to get you set up. On Boarding Process First, WELCOME TO FULL COUNT! Second, make sure you register and log on Fantrax. See the attachment for our league. This will ask for the $2.67. This is the only fee associated yearly with the league. Fantrax is the main source for tracking our stats. Third, REGISTER FOR PROBOARDS! ProBoards is our main site for contract and communication. This is where you will maintenance your team and check in daily for things like TRADE BLOCK, FREE AGENCY, Draft and League News. Talk some smack and keep up with the master spread sheet. Rules are also posted here. Get familiar with the rules before going crazy with transactions. Just a hint. To get going you can “Create a New Thread” and Copy/Paste your team and contracts under the Team Name and 2018. Your page set up is for you to promote your squad… have fun with it. Use examples of other teams for ideas. Fourth, GROUPME. Get in on the up to date smack talk and some shout outs including trade and current event conversation. Lastly, Have Some FUN! Any questions just ask the Admin or post in GroupMe or ProBoards. We’re always here to help.
  3. The player database is far more comprehensive than Yahoo, CBS or ESPN. I have also had to email to get a player added. Provide them a player profile and it is done within a few days. It allows for 30 team leagues and is reasonably priced to use their Premium League fee. ($79.95) I definitely like it better than the others I have tried.