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  1. Did I just hose myself by trading Rondon for Britton?

    Rondon is a more sure bet to be closing games than Britton is. Britton is going to be on the move, and there's a decent shot he ends up in the bullpen with an established closer. Even if Houston makes a play for Hand, Rondon probably still closes. He's been nothing short of great this year. They have no reason to remove him from the closer role. He may have a shorter leash with a big acquisition, but they were supposed to do the same thing last year and didn't.
  2. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    You're missing the point. This coudl very well have less to do with home ballpark and have everything to do with familiarity. Jose Ramirez 2018 splits Home: 49 games 182 AB .330/.435/.692 17 hr Away: 45 games 176 AB .273/.365/.563 12 hr Mookie Betts 2018 splits Home: 33 games 122 AB .410/.497/.787 9 hr Away: 44 games 179 AB .324/.413/.626 14 hr Mike Trout 2018 splits Home: 46 games 150 AB .287/.451/.540 10 hr Away: 50 games 185 AB .330/.457/.659 15 hr Jose Altuve 2018 splits Home: 53 games 200 AB .300/.369/.430 Away: 46 games 189 AB .365/.421/.513 Those are some giant gaps. This is the crutch of small samples. Altuve was better on the road last year too, yet Houston has the crawford boxes. Mike Trout was better at home last year, but better on the road this year. Betts had a higher BA at home last year but higher slugging on the road. Jose Ramirez was better on the road last year but has been far better at home this year. Stop reading too far into small samples. Yeah, it's happening now, and it's completely irrelevant. The road parks he's playing at include NYY and Boston. He's a CAREER hitting of .214 in Philly, oh no! Wait, just 4 games... Houston .238 (20 games), US Cellular .286 (17 games), .240 in Toronto (49 games). You think he's a scrub if he goes those places? A lot of guys have big home road splits. They may change year to year and completely reverse. Yeah, Camden is good for home runs. There is no denying it, but I'll take that trade off for a much, much better lineup where he'll see more pitches to hit and have more R/RBI opportunity. FWIW : Dodger stadium is 7th overall in park factor for homers this year. Not the worst landing place. They were 15th last year.
  3. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    You're kidding, right? Pretty much every hitter in baseball has home/road splits that are pronounced. Mike Trout has hit .287 at home this year with a .540 SLG versus a .330 BA on the road with a .660 SLG. IT. IS. A. SMALL. SAMPLE. Corey Seager, a Dodger where it appears Machado is going, is actually better at home vs on the road for his career. Bellinger is the opposite. He will be fine when he moves. Or he won't. Who knows. But if he's not, it won't be because he's not at Camden.
  4. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    He should not be cut in a dynasty/keeper format, but I would have no problem cutting him in a 10/12 team redraft league.
  5. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    I think teams think it will give them a leg up if they are going to make an offer anyway. Let's say he's offered $350 million dollars over the same years/same incentives/same everything by NYY and Philly. There's a decent chance he'd stick with where he was at if he feels his chances at winning are the same and he liked the city/clubhouse/teammates. I think that's the line of thinking, at least.
  6. not only do you have a chance you win, I think you get some better arms. I'd drop Teheran, Velasquez, Anderson for Hendricks, Marquez, Kingham. I would consider Rodriguez or Richards over Marquez. You could add Marquez for the 7/20 game, when the game starts drop him for DeScalfani, when DeScalfani starts drop him for Richards.
  7. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    Whether or not squatting all day long is bad for your knees (and it is), Ward has immediately shown a better running game too. Well, a running game at all. From 2016-2017, Taylor Ward stole exactly zero bases. Since moving to 3rd base, a rejuvenated, spry Ward has stolen 16 bases (he stole one today) and has been caught only once. That is a better success rate than Trout has had this season (I tried pressing all of the regular Twitter minor leaguer gurus for his sprint times, but turned up nothing). He has also been legging out some infield hits. Sounds a lot like an underrated Goldschmidt-type to me. So if we are seeing a high-OBP baserunning threat, then what better position for him than leadoff? I know Eckstei— excuse me, Fletcher— seems like the best candidate for that role because of the ever-present similarities between him and the 2002 fan favorite, and I’m not saying to remove him from the team. Nonetheless, the leadoff role should go to a player who can get on base at an amazing clip for Mike Trout to bat in. It should go to someone who can take the extra base when necessary and get themselves into scoring position. It should go to someone who is a joy to watch and who you will spend 40 dollars to see. Taylor Ward isn’t just the 3rd baseman of the future, he’s your new fan-favorite leadoff man. Feel free to include the source next time.
  8. Austin Meadows 2018 Outlook

    A link to paid content. Yay...
  9. Accepted trade. Dynasty league! Thoughts? WHIR

    Sounds like your LM is an idiot with a ton of personal bias. This is perfectly fine. Rizzo was a more valuable asset coming into the year, half a season doesn't over write what he's done for years and he is only 28. Sounds like he isn't the right guy to lm a league.
  10. Zack Godley 2018 Outlook

    He will drive you mad watching him. It's like he's just throwing and praying it goes where he wants. [Removed Cool Story]
  11. Dynasty Trade - Big names/Huge Talent

    this is a no brainer. jump on this fast.
  12. I think Team B wins by a landslide. I greatly prefer Torres to Mazara, and I actually prefer Kieboom to Robles. I like Luzardo and Sanchez both, and would go back on forth on which I prefer, but the other 2 guys in the trade seal it for me.
  13. Get Scherzer? WHIR

    I would stand pat, definitely. That seems extremely steep for Scherzer at that cost. There's no surplus value there for him. What happens with Noah once he expires? Back to auction? What price do you think he locks in at next? I'd stand pat tho.
  14. Myers, and Anderson or Cain? WHIR

    Not sure how it impacts your keepers, but I'd rather have Cain now and for next year. Myers has been beasting though. I'd sit with Cain still.
  15. I am going to have a long term need at 2B. I have Soto in the OF (we play LF/CF/RF), and there is no IF spot and only 1 UTIL spot. As of now, next year I'll have 2 3B, Bregman and Jose Ramirez. I have the following LF - Marcel Ozuna, Kyle Schwarber, Starling Marte, Austin Meadows, Adam Eaton, and Soto CF - Sarling Marte, Adam Eaton, Lorenzo Cain, Austin Meadows RF - Mookie Betts, Yasiel Puig, Jorge Bonifacio, Juan Soto So I have a ton of bats vying for 3 spots. Really, 2 spots, because Betts doesn't leave the lineup. It's an 18 team h2h points league. We keep 24. I have nothing for 2B next year as of now (Jeff McNeil on my bench as a prospect. Hardly a bankable solution). Who do you prefer in general, Soto or Torres? Then who do you prefer based on circumstances, Soto or Torres? I think I should do the swap, but I think Soto is the better dynasty asset. However, it fills a need with another young stud.