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  1. Keeper Advice Por Favor

    It's a keep forever league and K's are a cat. Keuchel is an ERA machine but both are going to be fairly close in wins I'd imagine, McCullers has huge K upside. This is more a choice of who can really help you in 2019 and beyond vs who is the better value for 2018. McCullers could anchor a fantasy staff, I don't think Keuchel can. Plus, you have Kershaw and Nola, swing for the fences with Lance. If I threw him back for a hitter, it'd be EE.
  2. Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

    Blah... Anthony Rendon if he figures it out? Just spewing a name. Could be a bat that hits for a high average, solid power, not a K liability?
  3. Off-season buy low/sell high

    That's not the case in my dynasty. Depends on the league, obviously. Nice move.
  4. I get that, but 5 bench spots, 1 utility spot, no IF spot and only 3 OF spots? We're talking 108 starting hitters. He's also 1B/OF eligible? So, worst case, 24 1B are starting in lineups (if every util spot is a 1B) or 48 OF spots (if every util is a OF). He's not a top 25 1B for me, and he's, maybe, a top 40 OF. We're talking a guy who is a virtual ceiling of 20/20 with a .270 BA to boot. Not awful #'s, some upside in Colorado, but he's 32 and not really produced enough in the last 3 years for me to warrant clinging on. He's also a bench bat. I'd use my bench bat for some real upside swings, and I think Desmond is lacking in that regard. Some bats with an ADP over 200 include Greg Bird, Michael Brantley, Mazara, DeJong, Tomas, etc who could all be as good or better. 250 players are rostered, ADP over 250 includes Brinson, J Polanco, Fowler all of whom I'd rather roster than Desmond today. Just saying he's cuttable if something better is available. He's also rosterable for someone who believes, but as a guy with eligibility at the two deepest spots, he's not a must keep for me. I can see why someone would disagree.
  5. Off-season buy low/sell high

    In respect for what they go for. Upton had an average of a 4th round pick among 4 drafts of experts on fangraphs. He was the 42nd pick in a 12 team league with 5 OF on here (that I was a part of). I think what he did is legit and is worth draft over guys who went earlier, like Ozuna, Benintendi, Hoskins etc. You are making my argument for me. Yes, I like both guys. That's why they are buy lows. Their perceived value is lower than what they bring to the table, which makes them a buy low. Donaldson was also a stud, he went 24th in our 12 team draft on here. He went 20th on the expert draft on fangraphs. He's a top 10 talent falling to the end of the second/early third rounds. Yes, and that K/9 skyrocketing makes Tanaka a buy low for me. He was the 120th average pick on fangraphs, 97th on here. He was the leader in K/9 among pitchers with 20+ starts, he's youthful, and his ERA/WHIP were both career worsts by a decent margin. An elite k/9 + the potential for a 3.3 or better ERA and 1.10 WHIP or better and 16+ wins? That's better than a 10th round pick.
  6. Baseball America 2018 Top 100

    Am I the only one who hates these lists? I mean, I love them, but I hate that they are a consolidated list for my leaguemates to look at and blindly pick from, haha.
  7. Off-season buy low/sell high

    Buy low (This is for 2018 only, no keeper or dynasty factors). Buy Low Pitchers Masahiro Tanaka Gerrit Cole Yu Darvish Drew Pomeranz Garrett Richards Lance McCullers Michael Wacha Jameson Taillon Charlie Morton (there's a lot of buy low pitchers, in my eyes, more can be listed, but these are my favorites). Hitters Daniel Murphy Anthony Rendon Welington Castillo Justin Upton Adam Eaton Josh Donaldson Justin Turner Yoenis Cespedes Sell High Pitchers Justin Verlander (ended season on a tear, but pretty pedestrian for a while before it. He could just as easily be on the other list though) Jimmy Nelson (again, hurt, but if you can get people biting on 2017 performance) Sonny Gray Luis Castillo Dinelson Lamet Hitters Aaron Judge Cody Bellinger JD Martinez Charlie Blackmon Eric Hosmer Off the top of my head.
  8. Mookie or Harper for keeper?

    You have plenty of steals in Turner and Lindor, Betts and Harper will porbably hit for similar averages, but Harper will dominate in HR and OBP. RBI has been Mookie historically but mostly due to games played. If Harper played 160 games last year he's at like 120 RBI and 40 HR. With a BA over .300. Go Harper no question about it. Not that it needs mentioning, but Harper is in a walk year and he's the kind of guy who seems like he would be very motivated by that.
  9. Kyle Seager or Gerrit Cole in Dynasty?

    Please ignore Rush. He's our best representation of the village idiot. I say that because he will blindly support the hitting aspect over pitchers in any scenerio. That said, it depends on a few things. What format do you play? How many teams? What hitter will Seager be replacing in your lineup? What other arms do you have? Gerrit Cole just got traded to the team that's likely to lead the league in wins. He's coming off a career worst year in terms of ERA, but the K/9 was still healthy. He could very well put up a 3.50 ERA with a k per inning and 16 wins. That's tough. Seager is very pedestrian at third. He's not elite. He's far from elite, really. If you take the best year for each of these stats, Kyle Seager would have put up a career best of 89 runs, 30 HR, 99 RBI, and a .278 BA. Those are his best of each stat from various years. That's solid, but that's not elite. Never had 100 RBI's. Never hit over 30 HR. Never batted over .280. Never scored 90 runs. And he's 30. I can't say I buy that there's room for growth, he's pretty well shown what he is. Given how pedestrian Seager is, I do not move Cole for him. Seager is a good bet to give you a .270 BA with 28 hr and 90 RBI, but that's more a ceiling than a floor. Baseball reference has him projected at a .260 BA with 25 HR 78 RBI and 72 runs. I do not make the deal.
  10. Do lineups lock weekly? If not, you'll want RP's who are SP eligible, especially those who end up closing, unless there is some kind of max innings deal. They are just free points in your lineup. I am not crazy about miller, in a 12 team with 2 RP's you should have been able to grab another really good closing option. I like a lot of the bats, but I'd try to pair up Lamb or Odor with Cargo or Desmond for a more solid OF. Honestly, I'd feel OK cutting Desmond or Cargo even. I bet there are some good options on your waiver wire. If I were you, I'd post screens of the top available hitters and pitchers (sort by % owned if you can).
  11. Should I make this trade?

    Not even close. No way. You have a stud 3B already, why trade away the #1 1B and the top prospect?
  12. Dynasty league trade offer

    You aren't any safer there with Wood. Who knows what you get out of him next season, and I own him in a dynasty. I'd sell him for JoRam and feel bad i ripped the guy off. I would take Stroman over Wood. So you move Odor for Stroman AND Rodon, then Wood for JoRam. You give up Odor and Wood for JoRam, Stroman, Rodon. HUGE win.