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  1. Wonder if he and the team negotiated something. Don't see why he leaves so much money on the table when he could have rode the IR.
  2. Fraley is up now. Just add to your major league roster.
  3. I think very highly of Rojas, but you the call for me is Bichette (fairly easily, too). Don't overthink it.
  4. Yeah, at least I didn't get any hate mail PM's from you this time. You always have an extremely condescending tone when responding to anyone who doesn't agree with you. You outline your bias with continuing to talk about Coors pitchers, and while I agree they should be discounted, they can't be entirely dismissed. In a league where 200 minor leaguers are owned, sure, this is a much harder sell. When the OP posted there was zero info about league set up or scoring, but you were quick to talk about which side this "easily" favored. If nothing else is known, I'm assuming it's a more casual dynasty format, something in the flavor of 12 teams and 30/40 players. In these cases, guys like Bieber, Paddack, German are snagged off the waiver wire. Prospects who explode in value (Deivi Garcia comes to mind this year, among others) can be found annually. Even if they never make a major league impact, you can find prospects who take huge leaps in value in season in this type of depth. I'm in a 12 team, 30 man dynasty with other guys on these very forums who are very active and knowledgeable (as well as moderators). Marquez is most definitely rostered. Marquez, even with his pretty vanilla full year stats, has a 3.52 road ERA, good K numbers, and not walking a lot. With his age, he's a guy that's so definitely worth keeping. I see where the discepency is, as I'd still take Marquez over Gore or Anderson, but again, it's going to depend on depth on what i can replace them with. If I can get guys like Tyler Ivey (I need to quit using that name so much) who look extremely promising then give me Marquez. If I'm replacing Gore and Anderson with some RK league guys who were later draft picks, not so much. I didn't drag you into anything. I simply offered my opinion also, but not along with snide comments about how laughable what you think is, which you do here and on other posts. You can respond all you want, I won't continue to engage on this matter, but this trade could go either way based on league dynamics and if you were competing or not. For me, I'll always go for the guys who are up and that I think can be well (and who happen to be young) over just potential nearly every time. Good luck to you this year.
  5. Man, silly me for not saying anything about how Vogelbach's value could vary greatly based on league settings (avg vs obp, points leagues, etc). Oh, wait, I actually did... But point out that .230 BA and ignore the .354 OBP. He's been a top 10 asset at 1B in OBP, HR, RBI, 13th in runs, but is 17th in AB's. He's also only 26. Marquez would have gotten your prospect of choice this past off-season. Do you actually not read what other people say or intentionally ignore parts of statements just to continue to be argumentative? Marquez was 23 and coming off of a 3.77 ERA (which isn't GREAT, but the 3.40 FIP was indicating there may be room for growth) but the 1.20 WHIP was good and the K rate and BB rates were both strong, and the HR/9 was reasonable. There was (and is) a lot of promise in that arm still. I love Gore. Anderson has to learn how to not put guys on base for free. The guys who tend the struggle the most in the majors on call up, IMO, are guys who struggle to work in the zone or who are able to locate well. Sean Newcomb was a pretty nice prospect for the Braves, but can't seem to stick in the rotation because of the walks. In 2k17 the pithcers listed as top 100 prospects (via ESPN) were Ohtani, Kopech, Buehler, Honeywell, Reyes, Greene, Keller, McKenzie, Allard, Gore, Wright, Soroka, Puk, Whitley, Quantrill, F Perez, Y Alvarez, Flaherty, Anderson, Adams, Pint, Cease, Manning, Gonsalves, Faedo, Morejon, L Ortiz, Romero, Espinoza, Bukauskas, Baz, Mahle, Sheffield, Woodruff, Gohara, De Leon, Burrows, Hansen, Baez, Wentz, Duplantier, Burnes. That looks like ~40/41 arms. How many of them are as valuable as Marquez is now, 2 years later? Ohtani, Buehler, Flaherty, Woodruff, Mahle are the only ones in the majors you can make arguments for. For prospects, I'd just as well have Marquez to any of them, but Gore/Whitley are close, it would depend on my needs. That leaves 7 of the 41 that would have worked out in the last 2 years. Meanwhile, guys like Shane Bieber, Domingo German, Caleb Smith, and Chris Paddack come from not being on a top 100 list to being real strong major league performers (Paddack was not ranked last year, and only was before this season started, which he didn't even go to the minors). In a 12 team with 12 ML spots, I"d have to strongly consider who I'm already rostering. If I am free to make ML moves to replace what I'm giving up, I'd definitely give up the prospects for the MLB talent and add guys like Tyler Ivey or whatever. With Bichette being up, I can understand the argument of someone preferring Bichette to Correa, but you can't act like Bichette has more upside than Correa does. Correa is only 3 years older but been in the major leagues for 5 years, so sorry if I don't really care about his career stats to date. For the last 3 years as a whole Correa is batting .282/.359/.502. Over that span he's averaging 102 R, 33 HR, and 116 RBI per 162 games played. That's some pretty immense upside. 31 guys hit .290 last year, 9 of them hit 30+ hr, 5 of them also scored 100 plus runs. We're talking guys like Trout, Arenado, Baez, JDM, Yelich. Yeah, Correa has been hurt. He's also only 24 and shown the ability to carry a fantasy team. He has an absolute ton of upside, but with the added bonus that his on the field performance comes with a pretty high floor. No way I'm taking Bichette over him. I will agree than Vogelbach isn't really much of a gain here, but he absolutely has value, is young, and can build on what he's done. I would take him over Ian Anderson, I would call Marquez/Gore a push depending on if I am trying to win this year or in 2021 (and what else my minor league guys look like), and I would take Correa to Bichette. So, yes, this is an easy call for me, I don't think it's all that close, but I can respect why someone would think differently. I am not one to constantly chase prospect upside. I'm the one who always sells on the upside for more proven guys. There have been some ones that really haven't worked out, but there have been a ton that have, too. That's just silly. You wouldn't trade away Gore or Anderson for Correa? If so, then yeah, the OP's trade would have been an easy decline for you. For everyone else living in this reality, Gore + Andereson isn't going to be enough to get Correa most likely.
  6. They have far more upside? Correa is 24 and had some absolutely studly numbers, the problem is more injury risk than production. Define dynasty here, because in my 12x30 Marquez would have gotten you the prospect pitcher of your choice this off-season. This year hasn't been great but many solid or even great arms have scuffled. I Love Gore, but he hasn't advanced past AA yet and these juiced balls may hurt him too. I love Anderson too but he's still walking too many guys. Give me the guys who are young and good now, there will be more prospects.
  7. I'm not sure how this isn't even close. Settings going to matter a great deal here, as well as the other MiLB arms on the team trading away Gore/Anderson Correa is the most valuable player in the deal. Vogelbach's value varies greatly based on scoring settings. In a 5x5 league with OBP he's got a lot of value (26 hr, 66 RBI, 59 R in 103 games, with a .358 OBP is very nice). In a points league that counts K's, or a 5x5 with average, he's not as valuable. He's only 26 and what he's doing is sustainable IMO. I'm not a huge Marquez guy but his #'s aren't far off from last year as far as H9, BB/9, HR/9, K/9. Granted, all 3 except BB/9 have trended the wrong way, but not in an obscene amount. Marquez has been a stud on the road still (3.2 ERA, .87 WHIP). At home - you better pick your matchups and hope for the best. I would take side B, in a vac, and it's not even close. Gore/Anderson are nice, but prospect arms fly out of nowhere constantly (that's why I'd be curious who else is rostered or what MiLB arms are taken/available).
  8. In a league that deep I'm not sure why you'd cut ties with him. He has some value. Definitely wouldn't cut him, but if a crunch was coming i'd try to trade. I don't see any scenario in which I cut him.
  9. I didn't take it as an attack. I was simply saying I was making a high level comp to guys who were relatively unheralded the year they were called up (at the beginning of the season at least) but became solid fantasy contributors. Previous expectations really aren't a consideration for me, as those are fairly arbitrary. Yes, Grisham was, at one point, more highly regarded as a prospect than many of those guys. However, that star dimmed quickly. I was only mentioning guys who are pretty low key prospect adds who turn out to be highly valuable. That's all. It's a high level comp. I don't think it's fair to call him a post hype guy, either. Like you said, he's only 22. Too many guys expect too much of a linear progression with ballplayers, but that's just not how it works. I like Grisham, and I think he's gonna be a good ballplayer. Even when he was bad in the minors, there were some really positive signs still. He was still stealing bases, walking a ton, and not striking out a lot. The power showing back up is very encouraging.
  10. You must think really highly of Frazier if you think that. Wheeler - maybe, given he walks after this year. But Rays extra year of control through arbitration is a big boost to value. I saw they requested Fraizer, Schmidt, + 2 more, which I think is very reasonable. Admittedly, I'm not a big Frazier guy.
  11. You're really deep diving on the comp. These were non top 100 guys when called up, regardless of previous pedigree or hype. That's all I was shooting for here. Hoskins never cracked the top 100, neither did Alvarez, and any hype that came with them came during the years of their call up, not years leading up to it. I know this because I rostered both (I rostered all these guys in my dynasty, actually) and wasn't able to generate any kind of market for them. My point was, and is, that plenty of not top 100 guys get the call while playing good ball and continue to do so. And while, yes, he was ranked, it's not like he was ranked as a consensus top 50 guy (only cracked BA's top 50, 83 on MLB, 99 on BP) so it's not like he was that hyped. And Haniger was a comp pick, so he didn't miss the first round selection by much.
  12. the last few years guys like Mitch Haniger, Rhys Hoskins, Jeff McNeil, Yordan Alvarez, Oscar Mercado, Lourdes Gurriel off the top of my head. How a guy is actually playing vs some arbitrary rank is far more important to me.
  13. Maybe. I didn't think it's that hard on him, mentally. It's not like they have glaring needs and just don't think he's ready. I thought he'd get the call before Alvarez but it's not like it was unjustifiable. Curious to see if he doesn't really end up at 1B.