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  1. Announcer also commented that his route running was not very sharp.....
  2. Going to burn my #1 waiver pick to get him and I currently have Evan Engram.... Guy looked great
  3. Prioritized: Hunter Henry: Guy has talent, Chargers D is absolute trash, and the receiving options for LA continue to diminish Chase Edmonds: DJ continues to power on, but if he were to go down Edmonds looks like a 3 down back... Benny Snell Jr.: This guy can play and if Connor misses any time another potential 3 down back... Darrell Henderson Jr.: Appears to be the better back b/n he and Brown. Rams look like trash, but if Gurley misses some time this guy could settle in as a RB2/RB3 type.
  4. This will be an interesting waiver wire week....guys possibly available: Hunter Henry Benny Snell Chase Edmonds Darrell Henderson Jr.
  5. He was busting off a nice 9 yard gain or so and a DB came in full speed and went low.....up ended Connor. Connor got up on his own and did a run/limp off the field....that was that
  6. As a Ekeler/Gordon owner....this sucks Gordon looks like s---
  7. Watching this makes you wonder.....are the Chargers this god awful at defense or are coaches just getting too cute these days and not relying more on the run in lieu of slinging the rock around He looks awe struck.....completely helpless. It's as if the Chargers didn't practice all week expecting a massive run attack
  8. Seriously? The Chargers KNOW the Steelers are going to run and they still can't stop it....these line backers are awful.
  9. Chargers are such a god Seriously hope they lose against a 3rd string QB
  10. Yahoo penalized the Chargers defense for those points scored.....will that be corrected or is that how Yahoo rolls?
  11. As a Gallup owner....loved that Darnold bomb! Let's get into a shootout!
  12. Kansas City needs Darrell Williams! Obviously!
  13. Opportunity to buy he still top 3 RB ROS? Dallas D looks like trash.