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  1. Saints penalties are super frustrating for MT owners....two weeks in a row multiple plays called back due to boneheaded line play.
  2. In my screwed up ESPN league you get a 4 point bonus for TD pass over 50 yards. There in lies the rub my friend! CMC got 22 points today....MT less than 5.
  3. God this is therapeutic.....I'll continue to rant. I run to the waiver wire and pick up Spencer Ware when the news first breaks about Hunt. God damn I was smug as hell to grab him from the free agent pool. Spencer Ware then basically immediately gets opponent picks up D. Williams this week and slots him in as a flex. Argh.
  4. I know the feeling....I never lose these match ups as the underdog....I'm always favored and always s--- the bed. Going into last night's game I am up by 13 with my Ertz/MT against his CMC. You know the deal...I'm already deciding who I'm going to play as my WR2 next week...which defense to play, etc. I should know better. I'm 33 ******** years old with a baby sleeping in the room down the hall...WTF am I doing!!!! Is there some sort of fantasy financial investment game? Fantasy learn another language? ******** pathetic.
  5. YES I don't even know what to do with myself....I just want others to wallow in my misery. At first you want to punch something. Then you think maybe I'll just get drunk.... Then you just decide to stare at the wall. I keep thinking my dumbass league mate probably has the biggest most smug smile ever right now. That pisses me off. Couldn't have just been a ******** blowout...of course it comes down to the last possession of the MNF game...of course I lose. That pisses me off.
  6. There are just too many mouths to feed in this's almost like the OC gets overwhelmed with all the options and never really gets anybody in a rhythm. Like a kid in a candy store that literally can't make up his mind what he wants.....all over the place. Saints lack of a second receiver also seems to make it tough for MT to get open down field.
  7. Michael Thomas had a couple of decent catches get over turned because of strange penalties also....any one of those stick and I move on to the championship. Okay...this is not good for my health. Good night and good luck I guess.
  8. It's stupid I's some weird quirk about the Espn standard league I'm in. Seems odd to grant another 2 pts for just 10 more yards. Of course you never really worry about it until the RB you are playing against throws a pass for exactly 50 yards. 10 point play just like that.
  9. And I started Aaron Rodgers over Russell Wilson for some god damn reason.... Started ARob over Golladay....
  10. It ******** sucks doesn't it? It's this weird feeling of what the f--- did I just waste my time on for the last 3 months? We are ******** sadists man.....all this time invested to watch some f***ers flip a coin.
  11. I should also mention the guy I played against had his kicker put up 22 ******** points. Every year this kind of thing happens...and every year I say never again. LOL
  12. Up by 15 with my Michael Thomas against his CMC (standard league). In our ESPN league you get 2 pt bonus for 40 yard TD pass and another 2 pt bonus for a 50 yard TD pass. Of course CMC throws a 50 yard TD pass...of course he does. I lost by 1.5 points. Season over. Awful. *side note: Ertz getting me 2.2 points last night didn't help..... Just brutal man....just ******** brutal
  13. Watching your fantasy playoffs go down the drain is bad enough. But at the same time listening to Booger and Cam's stupid ******** cadence elicits wall-punching level of rage.
  14. Who ******** cares where players get drafted next year. Fantasy football sucks
  15. As a Thomas owner I'm super annoyed right now so every little thing he does is starting to piss me off. The shoulder flinch/lick finger routine is real ******** cool when you can only complete a pass to your RBs. The jogging in place on the sidelines to warm up before every series is also super intimidating broseph!