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  1. Trade for Mahomes in a heartbeat. He'll be alright come playoff time for you. Drop Landry for Anderson if you can't try to move Landry in a trade.
  2. Absolutely not. Keep Fournette. OBJ is too hit or miss and his quarterback is garbage. Please help in return...
  3. I have Josh Allen in a 1 QB league as well as Baker Manziel Couch. Mayfield is garbage. I need to pick up a kicker this week with Tucker on the bye. If Kerryon or Fuller do not go on the IR, I'm going to have to drop someone.... so do I drop Mayfield? I'm going to be 6-1 after tonight and have no plans to start him again. God forbid, if something happens to Allen (who had the bye last week) I can just grab someone off waivers. WHIR
  4. I wouldn’t take the chance with Adams and Rodgers both not at 100% with that Vikings D. You should be ok with Cooks and Agholar
  5. I would go Williams. Too many mouths to feed in JAX, Powell is going to be splitting carries with Crowell, Detroit running game is a train wreck. Williams should be getting more looks with Benjamin out too.
  6. Do it. They knew Mariota was questionable and should have addressed it earlier. Help with mine please.
  7. Funchess especially With Olsen out.. Houston is going to be way up so that will limit Fuller’s catches. Pls help with mine.
  8. Full point PPR. Phillip Lindsay vs Oak Robert Woods vs Arz Mike Williams vs BUF (Benjamin is out so that means more targets) will help in return. Thanks
  9. go with Hogan especially with Burkhead out. That’s one less option for them to throw to. Plus Ramsey is going to be on Gronk. I’m pwrsonally not a fan of starting 2 RB’s from the same team. That’s just me though. With Fournettes injury history it may be a good idea to get Yeldon.
  10. That was my concern and that his volume would be down not being 100%
  11. I would go with Allison if Rodgers plays. That game is either going to be a shootout or a blowout by the Vikings and Rodgers is going to be throwing all game. Plus Adams is banged up. Jacksonville has too many mouths to feed, Sheperd is the number four option in the giants offense. If Rodgers can’t go take a chance with Davis. Gabbart is a serviceable backup QB. The balls have to get thrown to someone and with Walker out, Davis is the guy. Help with mine please.
  12. Full point PPR. My lineup as of right now is: Wilson QB, Dion Lewis RB, Kamara RB, Enunwa WR, Stills WR, Cook TE, Fournette is penciled in as flex regardless if he starts or not is he a good play? Should I just start Phillip Lindsay in my flex instead ? Or mike Williams or Robert Woods? Austin Ekler is on the waiver wire too. I already have Freeman out at RB. What do you all think? will help in return. Thanks!!!
  13. No way. Mixon is going to miss time, he's having surgery. Even if he's healthy I wouldn't do it. Help with mine please
  14. With the news of Mixon missing time, should I drop Jamaal Williams for Gio Bernard? My RB's are a mess now. I have Kamara, Fournette, Freeman, Dion Lewis, Linsday from Denver and Williams. Full point PPR league...