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  1. 8/12. 1.5hrs to go.
  2. 7/12, 3hours til draft, but prob need to join by 6-615pm est (45mins before).
  3. it's at 6. i've joined two others last 10 days, one of them didn't fill in time but they credited back my CC within 2 days. Frankly it's been a better experience than Y! cash leagues w strangers. Fair amount more nuance in how those "go" "don't go".
  4. subject says it. It's a Y! set up $50 buy in set to draft tonight 10/4. Skip those auct mocks and get some real warm up in before your private leagues draft. Should be able to find it through adding a team in your Y! hoops page (then select Pro, Roto, $50, and todays date). Msg me if you can't locate it. Id is 73901
  5. 2 payers needed. league full, but spots likely to open shortly
  6. we got 8 in this thing now. 2h40mins to go. gotta locate it by getting another team in your Y! fant bball page, then select the Y pro leagues, then select H2H, $50, Auction and in the calendar Sept 30 should show up as available, then finally there's just one league time with all that selected.
  7. is there a way to tell the current mgr count in a yahoo cash league before paying to join it?
  8. i think w season moves limits it still counts tho. i remember a league where the commish actually reset all season moves by team to 60 night before reg season kickoff to allow preseason streaming. If you only have the weekly limit without a season cap, i guess it doesn't matter.
  9. i have two espn's left, both with friends/fam but i told them at the end of last season i'd had enough... plenty of yahoo leagues any of them can join/play against me in, but im done w espn leagues. i will jump into their rolling 'raters' sometimes, but that's it.