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  1. I posted this in the waiver wire thread but even if something happens to Edelman or Gordon, the Patriots still have their 1st round rookie wr N'Keal Harry and another rookie they're very high on, Jakobi Meyers to throw to. Dorsett is decent but has flopped in the past when asked to be even a #2 wr.
  2. Dorsett is a good add if you need help at wr but I would still temper expectations. Right now he's the #3 wr at best and even if Gordon or Edelman get injured, the Patriots still have their 1st round rookie N'Keal Harry and another rookie that they're high on, Jakobi Meyers.
  3. That's because most rb's don't last past 31-32 let alone 36. Gore is ok if they give him 12-15 carries but he'll wear down very quickly if they give him 20+ at this stage of his career. Yeldon had his moments and had some decent games when he was with Jacksonville and he's still only 25.
  4. Had a spot open and got him as my 5th wr. Very worth it for the upside.
  5. I think it's safe to cut him in fantasy now. No team is going to risk the PR nightmare and give him yet another chance after everything that is coming out.
  6. Old man Gore is 36 which is ancient for a rb. He isn't going to be a workhorse and I expect Yeldon to get his share of snaps.
  7. Edmonds certainly wouldn't be used as much as Johnson is as a pass-catcher but he showed last year that he is capable and would likely see his share of passes, too, if Johnson misses time.
  8. I would stay put. Definitely wouldn't do the Newton deal and I don't see how the first deal makes you much better either, if at all.
  9. I would wait until Hill is healthy and then try to trade Cooks and Mack for him.
  10. PPR Raheem Mostert vs. Pit Chris Thompson vs. Chi T.J. Yeldon vs. Cin Will help you in return.
  11. Mariota ended up with over 300 yards passing but the Titans seem to spread the ball around to different receivers too much and there doesn't seem to be a true #1 wr. A couple weeks ago it was Brown leading the team in receiving, last week it was someone else and this week it was Adam Humphries.
  12. Well, I was strongly thinking of benching Fournette in my half PPR league next week but his second half made me change my mind. I will likely roll him out there again now.
  13. What a bust Corey Davis has been. Time to rage drop if you haven't already.
  14. Unless something drastically changes, I will be benching Fournette next week.