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  1. Analysts left and right are recommending Fant for this week. I would highly proceed with Caution here. Hes not quite there yet as a viable streaming option
  2. Please take it easy on me tonight please
  3. Hes been in and out of my lineup all week lol I'm so torn. I'm not going to go into a CSB type of thing, but there are one or 2 WR2s that have been putting up great numbers so far that I'm highly considering over him. Might just flip a quarter
  4. Is Rivers now just a streamer? Also, how are we feeling about him this week against Pittsburgh? This could be a potential bounceback game for him.
  5. Think I'm starting Gallup over him. I just dont trust it this week. Very hard to feel good about a historically bad matchup after laying an egg. Many dont have a choice, but dont feel dumb for benching him. He's obviously not a matchup proof WR1, like he was drafted to be. He'll have more boom weeks than busts, but this probably wont be one of them.
  6. Same here. Hoping to get one more RB1 performance out of Ekeler, and hope Coleman can do enough afterward
  7. Not sure how low, but definitely buy low. Some people are panicking. Definitely better days ahead.
  8. I'm not brave enough to roll him out this week, but I have a good feeling ROS. I'll go as far as to say he'll be a solid RB2.
  9. Didnt really want to drop him, but I dropped him for Crowder over the weekend. I'm liking the upside there more. I will be targeting Westbrook again near Foles' return, if he goes unclaimed. Chark is the guy to own until then, obviously.
  10. 7.95 PPR points from Boyd. Should be safe but theres absolutely nothing safe about Primetime Dalton
  11. Drafted both OJ and Andrews. I scooped Waller off Waivers after Week 1 regardless, because I had a bad feeling about OJ. I dropped him last week, and it felt great lol
  12. [...] How are we feeling about him with Darnold back soon?
  13. Only worth a bench spot in deep leagues. What a bust.