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  1. Thought it was looking good that Williams and Hill would cancel out Mahomes enough, and keep it within striking distance for Lindsay, until about the last 5 minutes of the game.
  2. Had the chip locked up, then Carson happened. Hill and Williams weren't able to cancel out Mahomes enough for me. Need Lindsay to hit 19 tomorrow in PPR. I hate this goddamn game
  3. Down 5 with Hill, Williams, and Lindsay left. He has Mahomes and Carson. What are my chances?
  4. Would've had the Chip locked up already if he played, damn. Cant get mad though, what a cheat code this guy was all year. Hes the reason why were all here in the first place
  5. Only ones that can stop Henry is his own coaching staff lol
  6. Going against Henry. Not expecting to win my championship tbh
  7. That's good enough for 20 points at least. I'm fine with that.
  8. I mean, maybe the week of rest is what he needed. Fingers crossed. This is depressing
  9. I'm convinced he sent nudes to McVay's girl
  10. McVay hates Kelly for some I guess CJA is the handcuff here? Smfh
  11. The guys over at the Fantasy Footballers podcast think that Ware will be out this week. This isnt news, but hey, got some experts on our side here lol