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  1. Haha. Cho-Cho is amazing. “Choo-Choo”. This dude is going to ball ”Cho-Cho”. This dude is going to suck cho-cho!!!
  2. The Rams should take a look at this guy.
  3. Drop city. Teams will mimic what the Bucs did and stifle CMac all year.
  4. It’s all about weathering the storm until he returns. Get down low and turn your a** to the wind.
  5. Thats interesting. In both my leagues I had a high priority waiver pick and didn’t nab any of the flavors of the week (mainly WRs) with hopes someone would get dropped. Seemed like the best option in both leagues was Dede Westbrook. Meh. I had had to settle for the Rams in one league where waiver priorities change weekly CSB
  6. If my Aunt had balls she would be my Uncle
  7. I’m in the exact same boat as you. This year and last. And I REALLY hope you’re wrong.
  8. May sound silly but I think his fan base is the East Coast and for his brand he would never want to sever that. I understand bigger names have jumped ship. But Gronk is a different mold.
  9. Fitzgerald and fluke should never be used in the same sentence.