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  1. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    samuels at TE is bush league.
  2. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    So great that all the guys who lucked into this guy can’t enjoy him when it matters most.
  3. Jaylen Samuels 2018 Outlook

    Of course it’s cheap.
  4. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Well. It sounds like every soul in your standard fantasy league will be very happy.
  5. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    What movie is this?
  6. James White 2018 Outlook

    Did you lose by 7?
  7. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Kapri Bibbs (yes) to score less than 9 points.
  8. Matt Lacosse 2018 Outlook

    Epic fail!
  9. Week 13 Weather

    Are the Packers and Cardinals playing in NYC? 🤪
  10. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    Same boat. Sort of. Had Fournette in both leagues and the suspension really threw me for a loop. Had Ware stashed and this could not have been better timing.
  11. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    This is definitely the week he goes off...
  12. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    You have Gurley and Barkley?
  13. Spencer Ware 2018 Outlook

    On the first drive.
  14. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    I can’t like this enough. It’s literally so obvious how It was possible for him to have all of those players.