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  1. Chris has a major case of the fumble fingers!
  2. Didn’t Kenbrell Thompkins have a decent rookie year?
  3. I think he finishes on the IR this year.
  4. This guy is waiver wire fodder. Nothing more.
  5. lol... I thought this guy was supposed to take over the Lions backfield?
  6. No faster way to get benched or lose your job than fumbling the ball. Very concerning for Carson owners.
  7. Not damning news, but pretty crappy. Hopefully we see this guy back in 4 weeks. He appears to be a physical freak, so hopefully he heals freakishly fast. Will suck to waste a roster spot on him for 4+ weeks. At least he should be back before the bye weeks kick in.
  8. I didn’t see many moves. He took the lanes that were given to him. He got what was blocked for and little more. Not particularly shifty or dynamic. Workman like. But again, doesn’t matter. He’s a bell cow.
  9. Hyde looked great last night. Shocked at how explosive he looked.
  10. He didn’t seem explosive. More of a typical Alabama plodder. He sure got the touches though.
  11. Even if he’s running the ball? What if it’s a designed QB run?