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  1. that spot is full for now. will re-open later if something changes
  2. Hey guys, we have a great group for basketball, but we are short one member, and are needing you! we have a draft on espn Saturday, the 13th 6pm pst. heres our basic settings, heres our team available, let me know if you are interested, first come, first serve.
  3. invite is still out, haven't gotten a response yet. still have those 2 teams available, first come, first serve, draft tomorrow
  4. thanks for your interest, i just sent it out to you!
  5. Hey guys, need 2 owners as of now, we've been going for a few years, and have a pretty good group, just need you! our settings: teams available: hold the b birds with teeth draft on saturday! woops, title is wrong, we have 3 keepers, not 2