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  1. This guy is in danger of getting cut, gotta see who clears waivers before rage dropping. Guys don't usually many chances to drop 7 balls but then again Steelers were hot garbage yesterday.
  2. Not the fines per se, but I think he was fined for conduct detrimental to the team, which voids any and all guarantees, even for coaches (I know bc that's how Al Davis got out of paying Lane Kiffin).
  3. I think Gruden overruled Mayock on the original fine/suspension but then Mark Davis overruled Gruden and told Mayock get rid of him. No, the fines voided his guarantees
  4. If he was washed up, it'd be one thing. AB is still possibly the best WR the game (and maybe my team). Someone's gotta bite.
  5. How deep is your league that you're excited for Jalen Richard? They can still get him, he's on the Jags PS not active roster.
  6. Justin Fargas kept the job for 2-3 years after breaking out.
  7. That dude who backed up LaDanian Tomlinson on the chargers and then went to the falcons and killed it until he got old. I forgot his name tho. Edit: Michael Turner
  8. Good post. I didn't watch last year so idk Nagy, but it feels like he just lost himself in the moment. It's as if the more things didn't work, the more Nagy felt the need to zig when they expected him to zag instead of sticking to the game plan. The game was before he knew it. It's as if the play calling itself was rusty
  9. Dropping AB from your FF team bc you're tired of his antics and want to straighten him out is stupider than burning your Nikes over the Kaepernick ad campaign.
  10. There are no take backsies in fantasy football. This is serious business! I'm not even in your league and this made me upset.
  11. Ok but if he didn't feed Howard enough, did he give touches to another RB that was mediocre?
  12. Honestly, I think the game got away from him. How were there 33 passes in a row? Even if he called RPOs... If Trubisky is not executing the calls correctly bc he's misdiagnosing the plays, stop calling RPOs so he doesn't have that option.
  13. Davis didn't get those targets on purpose, he was primarily there to block and be a safety release. Cohen can't do that but if you're gonna pass it to Davis in that situation, you might as well take a shot deep with to Arod being covered. Davis didn't really help with the rush and Trubisky still got sacked. Either keep Davis in the entire play or they're it to an RB that can make something happen. He looked legit on those runs. Can't believe I got him and Godwin for Ingram after last night's game. You gotta be patient my dudes.