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  1. I bet Tyus Jones and FVV will be on a lot of championship teams, specially if Lowry misses multiple games (and he should, they need him for IRL playoffs. Not sure why they felt the need to play him vs Knicks).
  2. Commish peace'd out when he didn't make the playoffs.
  3. Nothing worse than sore losers colluding with their friends not once but twice. A guy in my let traded with one friend to get 2 top 20 players a few weeks before the playoffs. Now I'm facing him in the finals and he was the underdog bc LBJ and Embiid missing games, so he had his other friend drop Simmons and another guy. ******** homo. How's that even fun? He had to cheat to even be a contender but to cheat on the finals is much worse. Way to ruin it for everyone else.
  4. Second good game in a row and Garris is struggling. What do you guys think, worth the add? Or nothing doing?
  5. Numbers have been down since the all-star break. What gives?
  6. He's definitely lived up to the hype these past few games. Hopefully he continues playing like this RoS
  7. Ok Nostradamus. So what happened? I think he had at most like 2 points and 3 rebs after the half.
  8. Inquiring minds need to know. Neto can put up numbers, as can Exum when he returns.
  9. He's stinking it up this game for sure. He's been almost as irritating as Barton.
  10. That's what I was thinking. Weird that OPJ affected more than Selden or RoLo.
  11. Is this dude really that trash? He's available in my 18-team league and from the looks of the box scores, he was doing pretty well like 5 games ago.
  12. Not watching, but please post your findings after the game.
  13. Traded him + Kyrie a while back for Drummond. I regretted it a little for a couple of weeks after bc Kyrie was healthy and beasting while Ross really began to take off, although Drummond was also killing it. Then Kyrie started to miss games again and Ross started to regress to the mean, so I guess it was for the better. I missed him but glad I sold pretty high on Ross.
  14. Yep. It's the list of guys you tell yourself you're not gonna draft no matter what, but you somehow end up drafting them anyways, so you end up hating them and yourself all year for it.