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  1. Thompson. Toss up between him and Gallman but I'd like to wait a week on Gallman to see how he is used for a full game.
  2. I'd drop Latavius Murray for Coleman. Hyde and Peterson are bad but at least they are starting running backs.
  3. Who is your TE? I'm leaning towards a yes on this if your TE is in dire shape.
  4. That's way too many WRs to give away but id you fancy your chances staying injury free, getting hopkins could do bits.
  5. I like the 2nd trade way more. Ekeler will lose a lot of value when Gordon is back and Thomas is hurt from losing Brees. Keenan Allen is an absolute beast and there is way more to come from Mixon, especially when they get AJ Green back.
  6. Yeah that's the only thing that makes me question the trade. Chubb is a great value keeper. But I'm also worried that Hunt still has to come back into the mix and he could end up eating into Chubbs role down the line. Plus, the Cleaveland OL looks horrible.
  7. Trading away Michel makes no sense because you are so light at RB. If anything, I'd be trying to get some backup there. Breida will lose work when Coleman is back and Shady will too when D Will is back. I like Engram more than Waller but Waller has been amazing this season and the upgrade wouldn't be worth what it would probably take.
  8. Rodgers does not look elite anymore. I would not do this trade.
  9. Try and counter JuJu back. You don't want to be letting go of Jones in a PPR league
  10. Keep Michel. Breida loses value when Tevin Coleman is back
  11. Nay to this trade. Thomas is still too valuable even with Brees out.
  12. Try and get more but I don't mind this trade as long as there are serviceable QBs on the waiver wire. You need a TE badly and this helps you out big time