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  1. I say Yeldon because Fournette is injury prone, therefore I think Yeldon has the better potential ROS. Freeman is coming back for Atlanta, and he isn't as injury prone as Fournette is. Also Ito Smith gets some touches in the Falcons offense, so therefore Yeldon is the better pick. Please help with mine, thanks.
  2. I would not accept that offer. Barkley and Woods are better now and for ROS. Please help with mine, thanks.
  3. I would trade Michael Thomas for Kareem Hunt, because I believe it would balance your team nicely. You would have two elite RBs, and your WRs would still be very good with Hopkins, Cooks, and Boyd. I like the first trade option you suggested, Thomas and Dion Lewis for Kareem Hunt and Corey Davis. If he will accept that trade then pull the trigger. Please help with mine, thanks.
  4. I agree that you should job Gio Bernard. He is looking shaky for this week, and Mixon is most likely returning anyway. I would drop Gio and pick up Olsen. And if you do put Olsen on IR and pick up a QB, I would pick up Alex Smith. Please help with mine.
  5. I would pick him up. He will most likely be back week 6. Njoku has been a disappointment at TE this year, and since TE is such a weak fantasy position this year, I would scoop up Olsen. WR is such a deep position, you will be able to grab a WR off waivers more often than you will be able to get a good TE off waivers. Pick up Olsen. Please help with mine:
  6. This is my fantasy team in a Yahoo 0.5 PPR 10 user league. I am currently 2-2. One of the members in the league put Saquon Barkley on the block. He said he will take Stefon Diggs for Barkley straight up. Should I pull the trigger and make this deal? WHIR, thanks. QB: Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson RB: Devonta Freeman, Kareem Hunt, Nyheim Hines, Alex Collins WR: Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley, Sterling Shepard, Nelson Agholor, Allen Robinson TE: Evan Engram, Vance McDonald