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  1. Do i go with DJ Moore vs Saints, Jared Cook @ Bengals or Connor which I doubt he plays ve Pats? This is for my flex I already have Gronk in at TE so i Have DJ ,Cook and Connors left...What you guys think? thanks!
  2. Williams vs Chargers Miller @ Jets What you guys think???
  3. Who would you rather start out the 3, assuming Ware is out? Hasnt practiced and game is tom... Williams vs Chargers Miller @ Jets Wilson vs Seattle thanks
  4. guys I need someone else to start besides Chubb hes most likely my starter need one more between Ware, Wilson and Lmar Miller I can also pickup Damien and drop Wilson, Ware hasnt practiced yet
  5. What you guys think in ppr? Ware vs Chargers.....was hurt last week and Damien vultured 2 tds from him last week Chubb @ Broncos Miller @ Jets Wilson vs Seahawks ..did great against them 1st time , but Seahawks shut down Vikings and their running game, and if Breida still is Out Im leaning towards Chubb for sure and toss up on the other let me know..thanks! I also have Connor but I doubt he plays this week,
  6. what uguys think?? Lions @ Arizona Rams @ Bears Texans vs Colts
  7. Who can fill in my flex in this ppr league? Jeff Wilson vs Denver Ware vs Ravens J.Cook vs Steelers DJ Moore @ Browns let me know I been the #3 team all season and now on brink of elimination with my top 3 guys out week 14!
  8. I keep thinking Gronk is going to breakout and nothing, I started him last week nothing few points shouldve put Cook this week what you guys think?? Gronk @ Dolphins JCook vs Steelers
  9. Rams @ Bears..looks like trubisky should play..if he doesnt than it a no brainer to go with Rams otherwise tossup? Texans vs Colts..Jags shut them down but Colts can put up points .. let me know thanks!
  10. My 2 starting RB's are OUT!! Hunt and Connor loosing about 50+ points between them smh! ..I'm down to my bench who gets the start this week , they all have home games. S.Ware vs Ravens LMiller vs Colts Chubb vs Panthers J.Wilson vs Broncos