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  1. what you guys think??? Henry not doing nothing...
  2. Eli @ texans Rivers @ Rams What you guys think?? or Pickup Bortles vs Titans.......And i have Rams defense if I start Rivers im bumping points
  3. Who do you roll with? Rams vs Chargers Browns vs Jets
  4. I have Gronk and have Kittle on my bench , they both have same bye week would you trade for Allison ? He is like 3/4th option on packers but hes been doing pretty good past 2 weeks has 5/6 catches a wr's are a bit weak.. or just hol don to kittle and try to pickup Djax, Cole or JBrown off waivers?
  5. he's been stinking it up and Dion looks like the back to own, what are owners doing with him in ppr leagues?
  6. So im going to drop RAnderson my weakest link in which order would you put these 3 available wr's to pick up? D.Jackson K.Cole J.Brown Crazy thing is I dropped Cole last week to pick up baldwin off waivers and Cole blows up, was between him and Anderson..smh..but Anderson gets dropped this week! thanks
  7. I was offered a trade I have Kittle and Anderson on my 10 teamer ppr league. I have Gronk and wr's RAnderson,Fitzgerald, Lockett,Hogan,CGodwin,Baldwin, I start 3...Will trading for Stills and Allison improve my team? I would loose my te backup plus they both have same bye week which Im stuck anyway week 11...let me know i'll repsond back to yours..
  8. So Rodgers hasnt practiced yet, but will you play him if he starts even when hes not 100% and on the road against Vikings? Or I can get Taylor or Keenum off waivers who both might have it a bit easier day? I know Rodgers is a beast but Vikings have a great defense and he wont be able to get out the pocket since his mobility not there because of his injury. Stick with Rosgers or pick up one of these qb's? Taylor @ Saints Keenum vs raiders
  9. I have these rb's would you drop any to pickup Michels or just pass?? Zeke Connor Brieda Ekeler D.Henry thanks, i'll respond to yours