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  1. Golladay @ Bears---he didnt do much last week and faces a better Dthan vikings last week or Lockett @Rams-- had 98 yards and a td last game in Seattle with no Baldwin, baldwin came up with a groin injury today .. who to go with???
  2. Im thinking of dropping him so i can pick up another defense for he dropable with Fitz starting or 1 bad game from him it goes back to Winston? let me know thanks fellas
  3. Who to roll with? Patriots or Rams or Redskins?
  4. What you guys think? I start 2 rbs,2 wr's and flex in ppr..I usually put juju or chubb in my flex position. Not sure whats going to happen with Connor he is in concussion protocol and Bell should be back,,,what a coincedence huh??? lol but anyways what ya think?? Connor is the big what if... My rb's now are Hunt,Connor,Miller, Chubb My wr's are Tyreek,Beckham , Juju, Dj Moore if I do the trade it would be Hunt, Connor, Gurley, Miller Tyreek,Beckham, Jeffries, Dj Moore Is that 2 for 2 player fair? would it benefit me? I know Gurley ti a #1 but with Rams in command , they also can rest him down stretch , Im a top 3 team in my league it would hurt if i trade for him and ends up resting down playoffs...
  5. JuJu or Chubb as flex in ppr? whir

    yeah i went against the majority lol..gut feeling
  6. JuJu or Chubb as flex in ppr? whir

    any more? almost game time
  7. Gronk @ Titans 1 good game week 1 other than that hes been a bust and hurt Doyle vs Jags coming back after injury and also has Ebron to share touches What you guys think?
  8. should i go Juju vs Panthers or Chubb vs Falcons?? thanks
  9. what you guys think? Gano or Viniitieri
  10. Who to go with Packers or Rams, both home games...
  11. Who would you rather have? Cook or Doyle?