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  1. so seems Connor will likely be out..go with Jared Cook or DJ Moore?
  2. Do i go with DJ Moore vs Saints, Jared Cook @ Bengals or Connor which I doubt he plays ve Pats? This is for my flex I already have Gronk in at TE so i Have DJ ,Cook and Connors left...What you guys think? thanks!
  3. Williams vs Chargers Miller @ Jets What you guys think???
  4. Who would you rather start out the 3, assuming Ware is out? Hasnt practiced and game is tom... Williams vs Chargers Miller @ Jets Wilson vs Seattle thanks
  5. guys I need someone else to start besides Chubb hes most likely my starter need one more between Ware, Wilson and Lmar Miller I can also pickup Damien and drop Wilson, Ware hasnt practiced yet
  6. What you guys think in ppr? Ware vs Chargers.....was hurt last week and Damien vultured 2 tds from him last week Chubb @ Broncos Miller @ Jets Wilson vs Seahawks ..did great against them 1st time , but Seahawks shut down Vikings and their running game, and if Breida still is Out Im leaning towards Chubb for sure and toss up on the other let me know..thanks! I also have Connor but I doubt he plays this week,
  7. what uguys think?? Lions @ Arizona Rams @ Bears Texans vs Colts
  8. Gronk or JCook in ppr? WHIR

    thanks anymore
  9. Who can fill in my flex in this ppr league? Jeff Wilson vs Denver Ware vs Ravens J.Cook vs Steelers DJ Moore @ Browns let me know I been the #3 team all season and now on brink of elimination with my top 3 guys out week 14!
  10. I keep thinking Gronk is going to breakout and nothing, I started him last week nothing few points shouldve put Cook this week what you guys think?? Gronk @ Dolphins JCook vs Steelers
  11. Rams @ Bears..looks like trubisky should play..if he doesnt than it a no brainer to go with Rams otherwise tossup? Texans vs Colts..Jags shut them down but Colts can put up points .. let me know thanks!
  12. My 2 starting RB's are OUT!! Hunt and Connor loosing about 50+ points between them smh! ..I'm down to my bench who gets the start this week , they all have home games. S.Ware vs Ravens LMiller vs Colts Chubb vs Panthers J.Wilson vs Broncos