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  1. Seems Barkley will be back next week, Gallman already ruled out , drop him??
  2. I have Engram and not sure he'll play bu tI need to be covered just in case. Who would you pick up? Im thinking Hunter might be the best out that group but he might not play this week hasnt practiced yet and always hurt lol.. Everett still split with Higby and Herndon should play this week..What you guys think??? Need to use player this week and backup to Engram fro rest of year.... Henry Hunter vs Steelers Chris Herndon vs Cowgirls Gerald Everett vs 49ers
  3. What you guys think??? Barkley for Thielen,Brieda, and James White?
  4. thanks, looking now seems Juju will be game time decision.Anymore?
  5. What you guys think?? Juju hasnt done anything with Rudoplh guy cant even throw downfield!! James White @ Redskins Juju vs Ravens
  6. Tate is still on waivers should i drop Marvin Jones to pick him up? Or stay put?? Jones is what 2/3rd option on Lions, had only 1 good game so far where Tate is maybe 3rd/4th on Giants...But Danny Jones might use him in the short passing game up his receptions? thanks
  7. I have Mattison as a deep stash in case Cooks goes down. I have Connors and can see if get Samuels off waivers or I can go with Golden Tate or just stay put? We start 2wr/2rb and flex My wr's are JuJu,Thielen,Tyreek, Godwin Rb's are Connor, DJohnson, James White,Breida, and Mattison Thanks!
  8. Tate still on waivers and have the #2 spot should I hold on to Mattison or drop for Tate?
  9. Would you consider White since Godwin will be a lil banged up coming into todayand possible game time decision later at 4?Pats play at 1