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  1. Pick up Odebel Herrera? If so, who to drop? WHIR

    Why do you want Herrera? You don’t need him
  2. Ian Happ or Polanco?

    Who would you rather have this year in a redraft if you had to pick one?
  3. I need pitching badly. Which one of those would you drop?
  4. Senzel or Jiménez?

    Who comes to majors first?
  5. My Jose Martinez for his Polanco?

    Anyone else?
  6. I already have two 1b’s.. do it?
  7. Do it in redraft league?
  8. Do it in a redraft league? Or should I get Soto and Rendon?
  9. Drop Kingery for Nimmo?

    Need an OF
  10. Trade help on pitchers WHIR

    Yes do it
  11. Drop Clippard for Nimmo?

    I need an OF