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  1. Start Mack or Ronald Jones?

    Anybody else?
  2. WR Help. WHIR 100%

    Boys and Coutee
  3. R Freeman for Geronimo?? whir

    Keep Royce for now
  4. Who u like better this week?
  5. Drop bell? Whir

    Pick up Len short term
  6. Godwin or Enunwa?

    Who you like better in a PPR league ROS?
  7. Trade for Bell- 100% WHIR

    Yea get Bell. Trade Cooper and Drake
  8. I give up Devonta Freeman and Landry to get Michel and Golladay. What you guys think in a PPR league?
  9. It’s a ppr league. Should I accept?
  10. My Freeman/Landry for his Michel/Hilton?

    Sorry I was talking about Devonta