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  1. James Johnson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I took him 6th round as a slight reach (I'm 1st pick so it was my 6th - 7th - if I don't take him there he doesn't drop back). He's been my most disappointing pick so far in my top 10 picks (everyone has panned out above and beyond where I picked them in these rounds with his exception). I think what hurts him this year have been various factors: a few missed games due to injury, Dion Waiters hogging the ball for most of the season prior to going down, the emergence of Josh Richardson, Winslow being back in the lineup and logging heavy minutes before succumbing to injury, and Olynyk / Adebayo becoming a regular part of the rotation. He was used prominently in a high usage point forward role last year, and this year his shot has been off compared to last season and he's not handling as much as he did. He's sort of like a poor man's Ben Simmons/Batum now, he brings goodies from time to time and boards / assists, but he's hurting as much as he's helping. I hope he gets it turned around in the second half, I'll hang onto him because he still gives me good assists from that position.. just don't expect miracles.
  2. Aaron Gordon 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He's a massive buy-low right now. He was sustaining top 20 value for a long time before his calf pull... Vucevic is out a while still but I still think AG will get it turned around, there is no way he'll keep shooting 35% - 40% every game.
  3. Kelly Olynyk outlook 2017-2018

    still had 27 minutes (granted JJ was out). Adebayo is a very nice young talent, but Olynyk got paid and his 3 point stretch shooting and high post passing is a valuable asset. This line is really not that bad at all, he has a high floor as far as I'm concerned and PF / C's are scarce, as a third or fourth Center he's pretty damn valuable and rank friendly. I'm still hanging on unless its 2-3-4 duds in a row. So far he hasn't given me any reason to drop yet. I'm also not convinced about Whiteside's long term health and overall effectiveness - Whiteside struggles when the other team gets stretch shooting on the floor and they nullify his defensive ability, and they win with small ball lineups as of late.
  4. The Spurs are slowly integrating a lot of their young guys this year like Murray, Bertans, Forbes, Anderson, etc. Green / Kawhi / Gay have been injured which has opened up minutes for these young talents. There's really a chance Bertans can carve out a sizeable role for himself regardless of Gay / Green, the Spurs need to develop their youth a bit because their core is getting up there with the exception of Kawhi, and it seems like it might be a mandate (you see other top teams also developing and winning at the same time now). Pops said his minutes are growing, so hopefully he stays true to his word. This guy can pass the heck out of the ball too.
  5. ha wow I was about to come here and post about him.. he was my secret stream for tomorrow but I kept it under wraps 'cause some guys in my league read this space. If you missed out on Lyles.. Bertans is a close second, he's VERY talented. Show me another SF / PF sitting on the wire who can do this (and it's not a fluke, he does this every time he gets minutes):
  6. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    D-lo also has a great clutch ability, but Dinwiddie is their emotional leader and he seems like the captain of the team. D-lo for all his clutch gifts usually seems more concerned with putting up shots and stats rather than winning games. Dinwiddie carries the team, you see the way he pushes the ball and goes at the other team and the types of passes he makes - he's just a natural point guard and a great mix between a scoring and passing point guard. He has the ability to facilitate at an extremely high level, but also take over games when he needs to if the team is slacking and needs a lift.
  7. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    There are no set rules or definitions for waiver wire pick ups, there are drafted players who are dropped and turn it around - that's a waiver wire pick up, there are guys who used to get drafted and turn it around (Jackson / Evans) - those are waiver wire pick ups, and then guys who went undrafted and get picked up.. All I was saying that if we're to set a standard for why he should be the winner it's because he was the biggest underdog and his ranking/production versus his perceptive value coming into the season is probably the biggest disparity ever.
  8. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Tyreke was also drafted by some people, and Tyreke also has a history of doing this. You're talking about a third string point guard who's putting up top 60 ranking and is about to jump into top 40-50. Comparatively speaking there is no one in Dinwiddie's situation, this is akin to Dwight Buycks suddenly becoming a top 50 player for the rest of the season, put that into perspective!
  9. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    WW pick up of the year thus far.... Mitchell is right up there with him, but at least some people drafted Mitchell, I'm not sure anyone drafted this guy! The only reason I've killed it in my league with Conley missing so much time is simply due to Dinwiddie stepping up as my 1A point guard. Love this guy.
  10. Will Barton 2017-18 Season Outlook

    His shooting has gone down ever since his back problems started.. hopefully with rest over the ASG he comes out firing again because he was unstoppable offensively prior to his injury.
  11. Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Apparently 2 months wasn't enough time to heal it.........
  12. Dewayne Dedmon Season Outlook 2017-2018

    It honestly just seems like misinformation. The truth is somewhere in the middle, players are always way more optimistic they can return sooner than team doctors and trainers/coaches allow for, and on the other hand Jeff Siegel is likely just playing it safe so he doesn't get crucified if Dedmon doesn't return on time.
  13. Dewayne Dedmon Season Outlook 2017-2018

    Get used to it, it's the new NBA, players are insanely coddled. I think a lot of guys from the 90's would laugh at what babies these guys are and how teams are handling them with kid gloves. Guys back then got paid a quarter of what guys get today and played with worse injuries. I'm not speaking about Dedmon in particular, I understand there are varying degrees of injuries and a tibia injury is very serious, but take Mike Conley for example... at this point he's been out 2 months with "soreness".. he's getting paid a pretty $150+ million.. I imagine there are guys playing right now with worse injuries than what he's going through.. I can understand a few weeks to rest up the achilles and get back.. but were now sitting at almost 30 games missed and no return date.. and he's saying "it's a long season".. for what? We're already 40+ games in, you're already going to miss more than half the season at this point and your team is out of the playoffs.. then you have on any given day dozens of game time decisions from different players..
  14. Jordan Bell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    What sways me toward Bell is the huge block / steals / assists explosions. I still feel if he can just get those consistent minutes without getting punished there'll be some scary games where he turns a whole week... Kerr is frustrating as heck right now.. Bell has a friendly fast-pace small ball matchup coming up against Denver Monday, he makes a lot more sense there than Pachulia does, so I'm going to give him that game to see if he can bust out of this mini slump.