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  1. There is a conflation here about the hierarchy. There isn't a suggestion from my end about Russell not being the go-to guy - that is pretty obvious and non-arguable, but Paschall displayed he can be that or a secondary scorer with all the injuries they have. There should be more even spread to have him as a secondary scorer, most teams have multiple scorers, can you name me the other guys that are being developed here outside of Russell being green-lit to shoot to his heart's content? The Warriors are running sets entirely predicated on their main guard just coming of screens and shooting as much as he likes or pulling up. I'm fine with a hierarchy of him at #1, but there should be more sets being run for other guys as well, not sporadic shots within the offense. For the last sentence, no one is talking about that. He'll be 'rosterable' when this team is tanking, but with the skill he's shown he should be rostered right now, and its hard to make a case for it any longer as long as Russell is there - that tells you something. This team is figuratively so talent starved, they found something, and now you can no longer trust that thing because a single player re-appeared who doesn't even play the same position. Most teams have several guys on fantasy rosters (heck, my main league team I have almost 2 of each from various teams and some people have 3).
  2. We can argue semantics and what his ceiling is, but if you look at his skill set he's pretty much the same type of player, he likes floaters, he likes bad shots, his handle has improved slightly, but he's not making more than he did in his first few years, he simply upped his volume and with that his scoring has gone up. His efficiency is in line with his career. He's unathletic, he doesn't have a great build but his size allows him to post up, and he has a Nick Young mentality on offense. He has some great passing skills but he doesn't actually know how to run a team as a big guard. He plays like a combo guard, and he also disappears regularly with terrible shooting performances. He'd have to show a lot more consistency with his shooting throughout the course of an entire season, not just a hot stretch, and he would have to actually improve his offensive awareness/IQ. The argument isn't that he shouldn't get minutes at all, but he's getting the greenlight to shoot a thousand shots to the detriment of the rest of the team, and there are other young players that are worthy of developing here (Paschall). The team is terrible, it isn't going anywhere, but you also have to rein him in. His recent hot 3 game hot streak has bumped up his FG% on the year, but if you look prior to that he's just as bad as all the other years.
  3. No one is truly playoff team after 3 weeks (they have 'playoff level teams', that doesn't mean they are in the playoffs or will be). Standings change with one 7-2 or 8-1 loss and vice versa. You get the best talent you can, good luck replicating Lamb on the wire now or at the end of the season. He's an efficient Will Barton, that makes him truly an elite back-end asset for a roster. Also for the being last comment, again, it doesn't work like that. I'm 9th and I have one of the most stacked teams in the league, but if you have a few buy low guys or your opponents team played over their head well that can effect your positioning - I narrowly lost categories by 1-2 points but I was better than 90% of the league for that week, once the averages normalize over the course of a season then the great teams come up to the top. It's normal happenstance early in the season. The standings are fluid until about December, that's when you find out more or less who the good and bad teams are.
  4. it’s fine, but we know who russell is, you can argue he needs his development, but more or less even last year in his breakout campaign his numbers were all in line with the rest of his career, they were simply extrapolated based on more minutes and more volume, he’s highly overrated. Paschall can be a late bloomer, bigs also typically take longer to develop. Siakam was 24 years old in his mip campaign, a late pick, had a great collegiate career and was not thought to have a high ceiling.
  5. Since we have a vent & rant thread I thought the opposite would be nice as well.. this is to all those head scratching moves that either you or someone else in your league capitalized on. In my second 12 man money league, the last place team just three weeks into the season dropped Jeremy Lamb.. I had the 6th waiver, the 5 waivers above me are all active playoff level teams, and are rostering/stashing guys like Thybulle. I put in a claim and couldn’t believe when I got him just now.. unreal. How do people drop a top 70 player at a thin position providing amazing across the board value just 3 weeks in? Not only that, how do multiple waivers above me not go for such a player? I couldn’t help but fist pump
  6. Holy s---.. this guy's potential is through the roof, that little lob pass had a really soft touch on it, unbelievable athleticism, monster two handed dunk near the end with his head at rim level.
  7. Jesus, peep these per 36 numbers: 13.3 / 11.7 / 4.5 / 2.6 / 3.9 on 78% FG..
  8. This guy is a really good defender, he was making Harden look really bad in the first half and he hustles a lot. if Ingram wasn’t around and the return of zion wasn’t looming I’d be all over him. Ingram comes back in and he goes back to being a 16 to 20 min guy offering little value.
  9. not at 10 fga and off the bench, he doesn’t offer enough statistical/peripheral diversity to justify it. russell took away one of his main strengths, scoring.
  10. he did, at one point they were out there together with Russell
  11. not until they sit Russell down, which may not be for another two months as they handed him a pretty contract. Russell is an offense killer, he takes shots at the expense of the offense succeeding as a whole. Paschall has the skills to be their leading scorer this year, he’s a percentages and points big with threes, so he does present value as an end of the bench guy. But now he falls to bottom of the hierarchy because Russell and Burks are going to earn theirs. This pegs him down into that Damion lee Glenn Robinson range of inconsistency. I’d rather let someone else deal with it until they truly call it a night on their season.
  12. This guy feels like the new John Henson, just monster per-minute block numbers..
  13. Hey let’s just not start him and barely get him the ball even though he’s been our brightest young player this season, better let Russell and Draymond get theirs in a lost season. I’ll never for the life of me understand the need to appease veterans when your team looks like s---. Just tell them the truth about the situation.
  14. lol.. he’s a top 50 ranked player in limited minutes, that kind of floor and upside is not allowed to sit on the wire in almost any league arguably even in 10 teamers.
  15. It's early, but this is why you don't panic with top picks. I actually saw people drop him in leagues and he dropped almost 5% in ownership.. obviously it might be some shallower leagues, but still, zero excuse for a top 5 round pick to be dropped. Moreover, not trading him for a bag of pennies. He looked a lot more aggressive last game, and watching this game he's back to playing defense with his feet and not with his hands.