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  1. that’s about right, the fg tos steals and name value will weigh him down a bit.
  2. is the blurb a joke?... that might be the worst one I’ve seen
  3. He moved to the bench, he’s more of a deep league guy for now unless Wesley Matthews goes down. The point of the wait and see approach was to see if he could cede Matthews when Middleton returned, but now it’s a deep rotation. They blow out a lot of teams which is how he’s been retaining value. when I watch their games they don’t use him at all they just stick him in the corner.
  4. with pops reputation people in my leagues are very reluctant to touch SA players. He’s already been in and out of a starter role, had low minutes mixed with big minutes, so he’s a bit all over the map, I don’t think it’ll change much between now and then to warrant rushing out to get him, there are many serviceable centers out there right now providing similar current value (without as good a long term prospects as poeltl for the most part), so most teams are able to field different bigs without much worry there. Had this been a few years back he would’ve been picked up already, I play in two super competitive leagues and most don’t seem to care or trust the coach. I’ll let that play to my advantage.
  5. If they weren’t playing two games two weeks in a row I’d definitely roster him, blocks are even more scarce this year.
  6. The sell high window closed after the initial slump from the time he was averaging something crazy like 27 ppg, once that went away you weren’t going to get anything serious because people were starting to question whether it’s sustainable. as we can see with all rookies, consistency is always an issue. I have nunn in two leagues and Washington with another, I’m willing to live with the bad lines, because it averages out over the course of a week or two weeks with highs and lows, and the rank maintains.
  7. Definitely intrigued, very talented, but Pops is hard to trust.
  8. Casey is truly ridiculous.. they're up 29 points in the 3rd quarter and he hasn't given him a single minute in the 3rd.. Drummond is still out there with a 30 point lead, what the hell lol
  9. This guy is a legit, I'm very intrigued by him given that their SG/SF spots are crapshoots. Brooks and Crowder suck. Maybe this guy plays combo guard down the line next to Morant. Very fantasy friendly skill set.
  10. Another excellent article highlighting advanced stats of just how good he's been, and how much better the Pistons are when he's playing.
  11. Excellent read, highly recommend.
  12. I don't think I've seen this comparison before, but rebounding aside he actually reminds me a lot of Chris Bosh offensively.
  13. Since Nov 9th (13 games), Jaren has had 6 20+ point games, and 10 of those were 12+ points. In his last 4 he has 8 blocks, and he's hit 34 threes during that span. Baby steps.
  14. Yeah it's funny, I see loose balls go right next to him and he'll just stand there and wait for Solomon or which ever guard to grab it. He could easily get an extra 2-3 boards a game if he didn't just let the guards take it right next to him every time.
  15. If you're going to beat him up when he's bad, praise him when he's good. Heck of a line. He would've had 3 blocks but they called a crappy foul on Brogdon, it was a pretty clear as day block. If this guy can develop consistency moving forward look out. I'm watching games and he's learning how to defend on the perimeter better. One area where he struggles is when he gets switched onto guards, he can't catch up with his lateral mobility so he ends up using his hands to push them outward and it gets him into ticky tack fouls. Potential with this kid is tantalizing. 52% FG, 9/9 FT, 2 3's, 31 / 4 / 2 / 1 / 2 I don't care about the boards as much as others, I didn't draft him for that, I drafted him to be a 1/1/1 beast.
  16. This is a strawman, I said he has millsap like skills, not that he’ll get the and steals and blocks, or that he’s the next Millsap. he can flat out score for a rookie, 17 ppg on 50 percent fg, so that hasn’t changed. This thread is quite tiresome, he has three bad games the trolls come out, he has three good games we defend him, it’s all pointless. He is who he is, an inconsistent rookie who’s still putting top 70 rank on the season with good averages. you don’t like him drop him you believe in him and find his stats useful keep him Who cares anymore
  17. The process of elimination isn’t clear cut because we don’t have enough behind the scenes information. you have to factor in front office incompetence as well, many NBA teams have done stupid trades, drafted horribly for years, and let go of great players because they lacked patience to develop them (Jeremy lamb). the idea that it’s solely on wood for bouncing around is currently unmerited. It could also be on teams lacking foresight and good development programs, or pressure to improve quickly internally therefore letting go of projects. we don’t know the real answer, but what we do know is, the talent and stats are there, now there is external pressure on the Pistons to unleash him, all we can do is salivate.
  18. I don't need anyone to tell me per 36 is an exaggerated stat, but it's a good measure of seeing what a guy is good at on a per-minute basis, especially when you have a large enough sample size like this. Imagine knowing that your waiver wire has a big with top 50 rank upside if he just got 23-25 minutes (not farfetched at all), imagine being one of the only people in your league who knows that, that is what you're looking at here. There's so much going in his favor: 1. Detroit playing better when he's getting meaningful minutes 2. Griffin being injury prone 3. Drummond trade rumors with several years of the team just being plain bad despite giving him ample opportunity to be the star of the team 4. Per minute upside, we know all he needs to hit is a certain mark and he's a lock to get big time stats, what other bigs on your wire outside of Wagner are capable of just coming into any game and putting up monster multi-cat lines? There are none. The only time I ever made a case this strong or vouched for a player without an ounce of doubt like this is when I spent the two years fighting with PuzzBeterson about Barton's potential and talent, and well we can see what he's capable of when healthy and getting minutes/usage. Casey for the love of god unleash him!
  19. Christian Wood has to be given a flier here just based on pure upside and the potential for a 20+ min role moving forward. If that happens, look out. There is no other big on the wire other than Wagner who possesses his per-minute upside, not even close.
  20. my god some of these dunks are eye popping..
  21. Markieff Morris is eating the majority of back up time behind Griffin, it looks like he's getting about 16 min as a sub and 22 min as a starter (this was mostly when Griffin was out). Griffin is catching up to speed with about 30+ min in his last 4 minus this blow out against the Spurs. So at two spots you're looking at around 14 minutes available behind Drummond, and roughly 2-4 minutes if Markieff is strictly the one backing up the 4. I just don't think Markieff is that important that he needs 16 sub minutes, and I think you can reduce Drummond a little bit from playing near 34 minutes given that at times he's ineffective on offense. It makes sense why Wood is constantly around that 15 min mark since supplanting Thon since Casey leans heavily on his two bigs. If we can get Wood to steal about half of Markieff's playing time that would be nice, or they reduce Griffin a little bit in general since he's been quite banged up. Either way, Wood needs to find his way to 20+ minutes, he's not only a stat machine, but he provides them with energy off the bench that they aren't getting from any one else other than maybe Rose.
  22. I'm giving him a whirl for Tuesday and Wednesday's matchup to see if he can sustain a 20+ mpg role moving forward. That is absolutely all he needs to be a deadly bench option for any team. Again, as I stated above, Casey is so hard to trusst because Wood unlike their vets will get punished for even just a mistake or two and sit the rest of the game, so here's to hoping this 28 point game and the pressure Casey is receiving from fans to play him more results in a 20+ minute role. If he's backing up two spots you're looking at a walking double double and 1/1/1 on high FG%. This is a very interesting read as well: This is a twitter beat writer who's answering a daily mail bag and on social media the team is receiving a lot of pressure about Wood playing more. He answers with some examples about why Wood hasn't received more minutes yet and why his minutes are growing. It mostly has to do with defense, he wasn't defending stretch bigs properly and often collapsing to the paint instead of sitting on stretch bigs outside, which resulted in the Pistons giving up open threes. Wood said he's recognized this problem and he's making adjustments.
  23. I agree. It sounds more like he's complimenting him than insulting him, because that tweet was misconstrued and didn't add that he said "because he's a very talented". He's saying if he carried himself correctly he would stick with a team because his talent alone warrants being on a team. This is where we're not privy to all the information. Maybe he's showing a bit of attitude, maybe he's not showing up to practice on time or early or staying late, maybe its being stubborn and lacking discipline when a coach is trying to give instructions and he's doing something else, so little things like that which are beyond the vision of fantasy enthusiasts are entirely possible.