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  1. Is everyone going to expect the crazy Boise State type of plays this coming season?
  2. for sure. guy was an animal all year and loved having him. the last couple of games were not the same Gurley of course. not sure how the Rams don't get fined and trying to hide his injury but will probably say he got hurt during the game somehow.
  3. not sure if anyone's league/game relied on this news but his fumble was overturned. https://old.reddit.com/r/fantasyfootball/comments/a7qr87/ezekiel_elliott_turnover_by_fumble_will_be/?sort=new
  4. you serious Clark? stats show he had 1/0/0. You throwing him into your Championship game next week?
  5. knee injury for the Todd Father. Lord help us.
  6. alright - let's go guy. go play football!
  7. murdered. 11-2 season is now gone. 172 to my 82 right now. highest points scored all year from any team in our league and it had to happen during the playoffs against me. Gurley and Diggs with Legatron and CHI defense left but no way in hell it's happening.
  8. DHC walking to the computer to log onto Rotoworld. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/biDFHU0[/img]
  9. Best Draft Pick - Gurley Worst Draft Pick - Marvin Jones 5th rd (ertz, thielen, Cooks were available) Best WW Addition - CHI def Worst Drop Decision - none thankfully Best Trade - n/a Worst Trade - n/a didn't make any trades this year.
  10. I'm not a superstitious type of guy but Mike better chill with the voodoo talk.