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  1. White all day. Although it's good to have Darnold back, I don't like anything about the Jets O against the Patriots D. Help?
  2. I would give Goff or Brissett and Sanders a shot as he needs WR help and already has Lamar Jackson. It favors you but he needs to think about his starting lineup strength and the fact that he can replace Cohen w/ Sanders. Help?
  3. 100%. You have plenty of RB depth and Brees could be a solid QB for you down the stretch. Help?
  4. I think this trade is 50/50 with Robby Anderson. If you need to include Robby then I'd at least see that the other person gives you a decent bench filler. I have Marlon higher by 1-2 slots in ROS ranking over Melvin due to the Colts OL and Ekeler is still going to get lots of plays. Help?
  5. To me, I'd say don't overthink this and role with Lamar. Seattle's defense isn't slaw but it also isn't the Seattle of old. It gets by on the name more than production lately. Also, I think you'll be kicking yourself if/when Lamar goes off and Allen has an ok game. Even though Miami is a ton easier to run on Lamar makes up the difference with being a more dynamic runner. Help?
  6. .5 PPR league. Need to start either Royce Freeman or Damien Williams tonight. Really going back and forth on this one. I think DW's touches could increase this week as he gets more settled after his injury but you never know who will get plays in KC's offense. Royce will get guaranteed reps in a timeshare with Lindsay but I'm not sure I can trust him. Thinking Royce has the lower floor but lower ceiling.
  7. WR: I would go Sutton even though Samuel is playing the weak TB defense. Sutton is getting more targets and I think he has a lower floor. FLEX: This one is somewhat close between Drake and Samuel, but I'd lean Drake. Help?
  8. I would go Freeman in both a standard and PPR format (have no clue what yours is since you didn't state it). In PPR format it's a little closer, but I'd still give the edge to Freeman. Help?
  9. Fitz against the porous Falcons defense. Help?
  10. .5 PPR league. Currently have Breida slated to start due to his explosiveness and the hope he will get the majority of touches after his big game last week. Matt Breida @ Rams Carlos Hyde @ Chiefs