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  1. Right, Randle would definitely have a 20 game win-pace swing like Lebron Magic is dumb but that is a wild take
  2. Gets Wiz under the tax edit: Kane beat me to it
  3. Yeah Demps has about as much say at this point as ETwaun Moore.
  4. Seems pretty obvious they’re going to rest him through the break. Came back too soon last time.
  5. Gallo definitely benefits if he’s healthy and I seriously doubt they’re moving that contract.
  6. Wut. That Miami pick is likely a top 7 pick. Sixers gave up a lot. /whispers: and also position themselves in AD bidding
  7. This has zero to do with the AD trade. They are fighting for a playoff spot and need floor spacing desperately. This deal makes them more likely to win games and make the playoffs. The only relation to possible AD trade is, as @Patrick Bateman mentions, trading away picks isn’t exactly a good sign for an AD trade.
  8. Lol Grizzlies going to f--- up a second trade
  9. Makes perfect sense...they are desperate for shooters. He immediately becomes one of the best floor spacers on the team.
  10. You can’t be serious...Klutch has made this the most leaked, most public trade request ever lol
  11. acting like we know this is craziness lol...
  12. agree or not Tatum's value is many orders of magnatude higher than any of these Lakers players. That's the bottom line...if the Lakers had a single young player with higher upside they'd have a deal.
  13. If the Knicks get the #1 and are willing to deal it, that and filler gets it done. Zion is gonna print money. No way they include all those other picks.
  14. I'm not saying they will. I'm saying the Pels position is, if you want this deal now, you gotta give up some extra picks.