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  1. 10 team, H2H league.. For hitting standard cats minus k's plus singles, doubles, triples and OBP.. for pitching, standard cats plus CG's, QS,s and holds... c - Sandy Leon 1b - Edwin Encarnacion 2b - Ian Kinsler 3b - Eduardo Suarez ss - Jose Peraza lf - Michael Conforto cf - Mitch Haniger rf - Nelson Cruz util - Aaron Judge util - Dj LeMahieu bench - Starling Marte, Albert Pujols DL - Jean Segura, Gary Sanchez, Josh Donaldson, Wilson Ramos starters - Danny Duffy, John lackey, Max Schrezer, Sean Manaea, Dylan Bundy relievers - Dellen Betances, Chris Devinski,Nate Jones DL - Rich Hill, David Price I punted saves and have also been hit by so many injuries and my 3rd round pick Marte is suspended for 80 games.. Really appreciate some input..
  2. Wow, that's some dumb stuff.
  3. Guarantee DL and when Cespe comes back he will reagrivate it. That's just what he does and is why he never really has monster numbers at season's end. Misses to much time and plays hurt too often.
  4. The good times are great but when this guy gets hurt it lingers... for weeks... and weeks...
  5. So Chris gave up his first run to someone named Trout, moving on.
  6. Well he has been the most dominant rp in the game the first three weeks so maybe not.
  7. This guy is the only one producing on my squad so far this year. Everyone else is injured or sucks. Thanks Mitch.
  8. People have to be naive to think this is not the case. All of the previous cheaters are still doing what they did when they were on the drugs. Obviously there are better drugs. Usually the only guys getting caught are the dumb ones.
  9. No Headley..
  10. Its cool. I'm running out complete trash right now so you weren't wrong on that end.
  11. Um Josh Donaldson, do u not see all my injured guys?? Hmmm
  12. Na the wire is dry and yea my OF sucks. This is the first year where I feel like I'm trapped on what I can do to improve my team. Sigh.