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  1. So I'm ducked up right meow and I came to the realization my team sucks. Yea
  2. I cut two days ago, had enough.
  3. Forced my hand and added this guy last night. Having a ridiculously underrated year and is tearing up the league this month. I don't know who I bench for him yet but that's a good Problem I guess because he has too be a fixture in my lu for yhe time being.
  4. It has nothing to do with Sanchez. Just stop it.
  5. Tanaka was great with Gary last season so i don't get it.. Girardi actually pointed this out after Tanaka's last start.. Im so confused right now...
  6. Ok so he is sitting again today after a rain out yesterday and got a day off 2 days before that... hmmmmm Could Girardi already be losing faith in Gary and will be sitting him more frequently now that hes slumping?? Or is it because Tanaka is starting??..
  7. What ?? lol I would much rather have Duffey. Peraza has been straight trash this year.
  8. Well after Hill killed my ratios last night I said **** it again, damn.. Went from elite ratios for the week to straight garbage in 2 starts..
  9. It was fun last year guys but there is no real silver lining here. He has looked decent in his other starts snd last night was pure trash regardless of the ump missing some calls. The blister is inevitably going to come back again and I thought I'd get an elite pitcher until than. 5 innings snd one run looks like the Max right now. He is just not worth it in my league at least that counts QS.
  10. I reluctantly dropped today for Samardaja. At Hills best it might be what Jeff has been doing yhe last month plus, no blister issues either.
  11. He's going to stay in my DL spot.
  12. Is he a must own in all formats at this point ?
  13. I smell a benching tomorrow.