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  1. T.J. McBride Michael Malone said there is no update on Will Barton and that they will know more in the morning. Will Barton is able to stand under his own power. He’s moving gingerly, but he is moving. Considering how bad the injury looked, that is a big positive. I’m hearing that Will Barton will be getting an MRI tomorrow morning. Again, he is able to stand on his own even if he was moving gingerly.
  2. Don't like seeing hip at all.
  3. Hooefulky an overreaction.
  4. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    A lot of his makes tonight were real creative and tough drives to the rim. I think he only took 3 outside shots all night.
  5. Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

    The time of year where you see ridiculous proclamations about players positively or negatively. Guys with proven track records getting the drop question based off a whopping 2 games and guys with zero track records or not being fantasy relevant for years receiving waiver wire of the year talk based off a whopping 2games lol. The top 50 talk or waiver wire of the year talk should not be started until a damn decent sample size is established. (minimum 10 games imo) I just don't understand the overreactions yearly during week 1 of a fantasy season. Every year guys like Jamal Murray from last year will be cut after a bad first week or 2 and every year the good fantasy owners pick him up and keep winning.
  6. Jae Crowder 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Owned Otto for two years in my dynasty league which I won last year. I have zero idea of what projecting a players numbers has to do with owning a player or winning leagues but okay then. I’m allowed to disagree with your assessment on a below average fantasy asset like Crowder.
  7. Fournier has been great for 3 years now. Let’s cut him off of a bad first two games. Find someone else to cut for those guys.
  8. Jae Crowder 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    The guy said league winning pickup. I think Crowders ceiling this year is 13/4/2/1.2/.3. Like I said zero chance of him being a winning pickup. Your basing your argument off of 2 freakin games, come on now.
  9. Jae Crowder 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Being a good add and being a league winning waiver wire add are completely diff things. There is zero chance Crowder is the 2nd one, zero. I have doubts he even be a good add long term here. Brad Stevens made him in that system, I highly doubt he’s more than a top 100 guy this year. I’m not buying off of two games and no I wouldn’t drop Fournier for him.
  10. Que the it’s happening giphy.
  11. Man he was just dumped in my league and I’m tempted but my league favors points and his offensive game is so cringe.
  12. Ehh I just don’t see it. The only reason Boban got burn last night was because the 2nd unit played great. Heck Gallo didn’t even play the 4th quarter after lighting it up for the first 3. More times than not the second unit won’t dominate which will lead to Boban being hooked. Going into the 4th quarter I think he played a total of 5 min. Just watching Boban it just doesn’t work. It’s fun and yea i wish he played consistent but any realistic fans sees the writing on the wall. He is just to damn slow for today’s NBA.
  13. 5th was a real reach man with no chance for profit there unless injuries hit the Clip hard again which is not impossible. But I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of 13-19 point games and only playing around 24 min per until/if it happens. There is just no upside for him right now. If you owned him last year (I did) hopefully you didn’t have blinders on and realized his situation. But because you took him in the 5th I wouldn’t be selling this early. If Lou actually does go on a mini heater you sell ASAP.