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  1. got Jose 5th overall, I was laughing. Now I’m crying. Firmly on my bench going forward.
  2. Could Jesus be back, 3 run hr off a premium sp.
  3. Really odd the Brewers only gave Agular a little over 3 weeks to start hitting. I get they move on from guys quickly but come on now.
  4. 6 innings and 3 earned isn't exactly poor. Personally, I want Chirnos in both roles all year.
  5. I tried trading Jesus countless times this offseason in my dynasty league and couldn’t get anything done. I don’t understand how he hasn’t walked into a couple hrs already. Please get hot Jesus. If anyone remembers the deep slumps guys like Tex and V Mart had to begin seasons they should still have hope. The only diff is Agular has zero long track record to go back on. I’m hoping st this point something clicks soon.
  6. Sigh. What a stark contrast In starts 2 a season from last year.
  7. Nola not sharp at all again. Can not locate anything.
  8. I own zero shares but that's gross. I would be terrified if I was an owner. I don't think I can recall Carrassco ever throwing 91 on his fb in his career.
  9. Looks like another save opp. for Brasier.
  10. Well, its better off I didn't...
  11. Did any1 have any idea Chirinos was pitching relief today??
  12. All comes down to pitch selection. Cano is clearly pressing. He has been swinging at pitches in the dirt, towards his ankles etc. for a bit now. How many players can succeed chasing pitching like that on the reg.??
  13. Watched a lot of his ab's, Cano's pitch selection has been atrocious.
  14. Leaving off right with how he finished last season. It felt awesome getting Jose at 5th overall, now not so much. I keep telling myself it’s only been 11 games.
  15. Same. Nola snd Marquez blew up in like a half hour span.