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  1. Theo Riddick 2018 Outlook

    Anyone starting? Im thinking about it in PPR if Kerryon doesnt play. ESPN has him at 6.9 right now which seems low to me? Maybe im just optimistic
  2. [WHIR] Flex help against the #1 seed

    thanks guys

    This seems like an even trade for me. Just learn from it and make sure settings are up to date next year so people can't exploit them
  4. Giants or Broncos D/ST - WHIR

    Giants should be able to force some turnovers from Sanchize. They performed great against Chicagos backup. But the broncos probably have more talent and a higher ceiling. Broncos > giants for me mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736923-whir-flex-help-against-the-1-seed/
  5. Kittle, Samuel, Humpries, Godwin. If samuel replaces connors workload, you have to love that. mines? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736923-whir-flex-help-against-the-1-seed/
  6. 6 RBs to choose from, start 3 WHIR

    If Samuels gets the start, you have to start him. That opportunity is too good. Him, Jones and Michel are what i would do. mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736923-whir-flex-help-against-the-1-seed/
  7. Help with my line-up? WHIR!!

    Lineup looks good so far. Only one I could argue is Ware vs Michel. Ware has a higher floor than michel imo but they have similar ceilings. mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736923-whir-flex-help-against-the-1-seed/
  8. Dan Arnold or Trey Burton? WHIR

    tbh I had to look up who the hell dan arnold is. Why are you considering him? If you're worried that the bears spread the ball, NO does that times 10. Arnolds floor is extremely low (2-3pts) and his ceiling is not nearly as high as burtons. The rams do not have a good linebacker core (compared to their DEs and CBs) which is who would be covering burton. Burton is also gonna be in a good game script seeing how chicago will likely be playing from behind and throwing. I say all this favoring burton but watch arnold score 10 and burton 2. Thats just part of fantasy.
  9. Agree with what people have said about Goff vs Ryan. Bears are a tough match up. Id also consider Mccoy a worthy start for Cohen. Mccoy vs jets should be a favorable game script (as is cohen vs rams), but mccoy has a safer floor imo in that matchup, cant risk any duds in your starting lineup. Mccoy vs cohen is a tough call and could see either being the right decision. Everything else I'd agree with. You could argue golladay over miller, but golladay is gonna get a lot of attention vs the cards cbs since he's the only one that is a real threat.
  10. [WHIR] Flex help against the #1 seed

    why the panthers? Giants just ripped apart chicago and now face mark sanchez leading the skins, seems like a great match up.
  11. QB: Mahomes, Cousins RB: DJ, Ingram, D Lewis, Yeldon, Riddick WR: Diggs, Keenan Allen, Boyd, Humphries TE: Kelce, Rudolph D: Giants (@WSH), Panthers (@CLE) K: Badgley Starters in BOLD. If Kerryon is a no-go, I think that favors riddick. If kerryon plays, im thinking of starting Humphries (vs NO) in a high scoring affair hopefully.
  12. Kendrick Bourne 2018 Outlook

    ugh, was gonna start goodwin but now it looks like it'll be Bourne. Please just get like 5-8 points and ill be happy
  13. Davante Parker or David Moore this week?

    Probably parker. Moore has been on the up but the panthers just dont get a lot of receiving TDs. Help with mine please?
  14. Pick up and start DJax? WHIR!

    Drop baldwin or moore. Def start djax, as long as fitz plays djax should start. Mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/732282-100-whir-my-julio-cohen-for-his-kamara/