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  1. Bold? I'd take McLaurin over Hollywood AND Ross. Ravens will be a run first team sooner or later and in tougher games Brown might get lost. IMO the Ravens will run through Ingram and Andrews over the middle. Ross drops too many balls to be dependent. As someone else already mentioned, Dalton won't be throwing 50 times a game and Boyd is better suited to handle the #1 duties. Ross is the guy everyone will drool over about all the targets and deep bombs only to get burned in week 2. I'll take McLaurin who played 62 of 65 snaps, is clearly the #1 on a team who will likely be playing catch up all year long with an average QB. Oh, and he doesn't drop balls and has wheels faster than Ross.
  2. More importantly, are the Saints still looking to sign another vet or are they hung up in money over the loss of Dez.
  3. Stills is active but I don't think it means much. Assuming the field is still pretty crappy expect Drake and Gore to tear it up with Amendola getting the short stuff. Parker might have a 4 or 5 catch for 50 type of day.
  4. Definitely an Amendola day. Parker might get a screen pass but I'm not starting until he puts up another gem. Trusting a Dolphins receiver is like burning your toe just to find out what it feels like.
  5. I mean, Baltimore plays him pretty well and I didn't draft him to sit on the bench but I'm thinking of other options this week, talk me out of it.
  6. I'm sitting him this week for two reasons. Crow isn't bad and won't go away. Its McGuires first game so we don't know his usage yet. The major reason I don't see him being a huge fantasy contributor is the Jets offensive line holding them back. Lack of weapons and dumb penalties is the offenses biggest weakness. Crowell is actually pretty good when he has a hole to run through. Elijah has homerun speed but predicting his blow up games will be tough. Likely when the Jets are playing air raid teams they can't keep up with is his best script.
  7. Seriously tho, if hes anything more than a flex ROS I'll be surprised. He better sit this week.
  8. This week I don't know what to expect. I'm sure he's going to be full tilt with no restrictions it's not like hes a newly acquired player who needs time to learn the playbook. Especially against Miami, I wouldn't be surprised if he blew up but not expecting it.
  9. As a Jets fan, Cannon won't see the first team offense ROS as long as McGuire is healthy. Cannon was drafted specifically as a returner and the only reason he was in the lineup was Powell's injury/McGuire on IR. Wouldn't surprise me at all if McGuire took over this offense but as most pointed out it's likely a 60-40 split with passing duties to McGuire. Even a 60-40 split can make McGuire useful because to be perfectly honest, he's much better than Powell. I don't see him phasing out Crowell completely but he could split goal line work. Jets signed Crow to be their bellcow for the next 4 yrs on a relatively affordable contract, he's also very young still. Hoping for this guy to turn into the guy who will carry your season and put up 15+ points every week slim to none. Putting up a safe floor of 8-10 points every week with a shot at 15, very likely.
  10. Actually, they did try to run against the Rams and Cook got destroyed by negative yardage plays because the offensive line is horrible. Cook was healthy until he reaggrivated his injury otherwise they wouldnt have rushed him back. I feel like they will baby him ROS with goal line work. Short yardage, why have bodies pile up on a dude coming back from a hammy. Be willing to bet they take it easy for a while with him. I agree Cook is miles ahead of Murray in talent, but this offense isn't even centered around the run and I doubt they go back to anything near a 50/50 run pass split. Cook is a middling RB2 ROS. Next year with some offensive line upgrades sure but as a Cook owner myself, I wouldnt recommend anyone buying low on him.
  11. Be willing to bet he loses goal line work immediately until Murray shows hes ineffective. The week he came back they fed Cook all the touches until they got to the red zone. I'd be wary... Cooks ceiling is in his receptions IMO. I don't predict many TDs ROS with that garbage line.
  12. I hate people are so easy to dismiss Martin because he fell off in Tampa Bay. Two things in his favor... we are half way through the season and he has fresh legs. I love late season RBs that come on the scene out of no where. To assume the Raiders will be playing behind in every game is fair, but to keep things close they will definitely be running Martin often and early before it does. He can catch and Oaklands offensive line are decent run blockers. I dont think anything changes with Jalen TBH. They both looked great on Sunday but Martin looks rejuvenated. Ignore the fumble, hes ready to go. Jalen has a safer floor but I actually think Martin will be a low end RB1 strong RB2 ROS.
  13. I think he will have his usual boring 4-6 catch, 40-60 yds. But the likelihood of a TD slim. I think Cohen and Gabriel are the ones who feast here, especially after what we saw Hill's speed to do them.