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  1. You're right. Missed Ben. I play in a keeper league and he's one of the keepers that I forgot to add back into the list. Same goes for Siakam and Fox. Having said that, Simmons will likely be drafted well before I'm interested. I suppose I'd take him in the mid 30s, though I wouldn't be thrilled about it. Love him as a real life player though.
  2. Forgot JJJ. I'd take him over Ja and maybe a few others if summer reports are promising.
  3. I'll need to do more research over the summer, but my board is beginning to look like: 1. James Harden 2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3. Anthony Davis 4. Karl-Anthony Towns 5. Steph Curry 6. Kevin Durant 7. Nikola Jokic 8. Paul George 9. Damian Lillard 10. Joel Embiid 11. Bradley Beal 12. Andre Drummond 13. Rudy Gobert 14. Kyrie Irving 15. Kawhi Leonard 16. LeBron James 17. Nikola Vucevic 18. Trae Young 19. Kemba Walker 20. Jrue Holiday 21. Jimmy Butler 22. Devin Booker 23. Russell Westbrook 24. Mitchell Robinson 25. Luka Doncic 26. DeMarcus Cousins 27. Zion Williamson 28. DeAndre Ayton 29. Clint Capela 30. Myles Turner 30. Klay Thompson 31. Zach LaVine 32. D'Angelo Russell 33. John Collins 34. Chris Paul 35. Kevin Love 36. Robert Covington 37. Kristaps Porzingis 38. Lauri Markkanen 39. Blake Griffin 40. Ja Morant
  4. He's hit 178 of 205 free throws (86.8%) since the start of his Sophomore year and has a quicker release on three point attempts than Klay Thompson (0.73 seconds vs. 0.79 seconds). If he can maintain the high steal rate and find a way to see the court for about 28 minutes per game, we may have ourselves a top 50 player.
  5. I think he's implying the 3 point shooter would have the chance to set and shoot with no defenders. For comparison's sake, Steph hit 47/50 in practice one time in 2017. 2018 Randle taking a practice 3 vs 2018 Shaq in his TNT getup may be a coin flip. Still a strange analogy.
  6. Bell can choose to hold out until the Tuesday following Week 10 (Nov. 13) and still accrue the year toward free agency. The Steelers play the Panthers on Thursday Night Football in Week 10 (Nov. 8). Given the circumstances, the logical date to sign may be the day before (Nov. 7). The Steelers would likely hold him out of the following day's game and hope to have him ready for Week 11 in Jacksonville. This would likely cut his touches from approximately 400 (16 games) to approximately 175 (7 games). It's also possible James Conner proves good enough to also eat into that workload as well. Though, Bell would need to be willing to leave $7.695 million on the table to do this. If he does, Bell secures $6.840 million guaranteed for this season (not substantially far off from the $10 million guaranteed in the contract offer he was given this summer) and enters 2019 free agency with less than half the mileage he would have likely accumulated otherwise. In the absence of the possibility of injury during the final 7 weeks, the decision to hold out until November 7 appears to be a no brainer. Given the nature of the league and the fact that injury IS a possibility, this is certainly a gamble. I hope he holds out, kills it in the final 7 weeks, remains healthy, and lands a megadeal in the offseason.
  7. For what it's worth, in the Dennis Smith Jr thread, Trade Monster stated he dropped DSJ for Donovan Mitchell. I couldn't figure out what SSH stood for, but it appears to be a typo.