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  1. I'm being serious here. Can someone please explain to me what those texts even mean or the intention behind them? Why are there comments saying this would be the final nail in him being suspended for games?
  2. I was going to say the same thing. It should be based on points per game not by the total. There is luck involved with kickers for sure. But getting a top 5 kicker increases the probability that you get a higher score. For instance last year I had Mahomes/Hill/Antonio Brown/George Kittle/Chicago Bears Defense/Zuerline/ Marlon Mack in a 4 team league. My probability of winning was high with those players. But I still lost and ended in 3rd place lol
  3. How is the passing attack looking for the Jets???
  4. I don't mind a little humor... it is fantasy football. I just prefer your player analysis, that's all.
  5. I think he will be number on in points for TE's after two weeks. Right ahead of Kelce. I lucked out with Kittle last year. It looks like I may have been lucky again this year.
  6. I really like Jacobs. It's fun having a rookie on your team and watching him kick a** when other people passed on him. In saying that... see Kareem Hunt's first game two seasons ago.
  7. So Evans is over whatever sickness he had? I only watched a bit of the game but I saw him with his head down twice with trainers on the sideline during the game. I presume it had to make an impact on his performance in the first game.
  8. He didn't on the surface. But a lot of the time he didn't have much space at all. On the catch he had with space he looked good for sure. In saying that with 2 offensive lineman coming back, more catches in future games, along with a few bad defenses at some point on the schedule I assume. He should have some monster games most likely.
  9. I remember I think reading about that preseason. So those guys are supposed to be their best two O-lineman?? If so sweet
  10. Thank you for the post. Out of everyone I drafted (im only on one team this year) I'm excited to see this guy. I had a choice of him or David Montgomery, let's see how this plays out.
  11. Odds are good that at least one of those running backs will not make it to the end of the season. May be good to keep them all until Gordon comes back in my opinion.
  12. Me too. I have played in up to 3 leagues (always with friends/not with people I don't know)in a season. This year I cut it back down to one. No reason to have have a game where you are playing with and against the same player. Plus school/kid/work I waste enough time on this crap haha